EXCLUSIVE: Daily Blog Prisoner Rights Blogger in his own words being choked unconscious by Prison Staff

By   /   December 23, 2017  /   9 Comments

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…The Daily Blog is calling upon the Minister to investigate how our blogger came to be beaten unconscious and forced into a transfer while he is making valid complaints agains the staff who are abusing him. 


I didn’t remember anything after being in the PCO’s office at Pare until I awoke in the Waikeria At-Risk Unit maybe 3-4 hours later wearing only a heavy canvas straitjacket with the sweat pouring off his brow from the heat.

It should be noted that At-Risk Units are only to be used as a precaution for suicide or when someone is at risk of harm, otherwise they could just get away with abusing prisoners by stripping them of everything, therefore there are strict legal precautions around using At-Risk Units in order to protect prisoners’ rights.

I banged on the cell doors until someone came.

They told me I would be seen by Dave Alty in the morning.

Next morning Dave Alty said to me; “Okay Arthur we’re going to put you in high security or low security.”

I said “You might as well put me in low security otherwise I’d still be in the high security unit, wouldn’t I?

A reliable source told me later that after I became unconscious in the A block PCO’s office at Pare, they carried me down the stairs and out of the block to where medical was called.

They couldn’t really do much because I was unconscious, and they couldn’t get proper readings, but my blood pressure was high, and then I was physically carried out while UNCONSCIOUS and strapped to a seat in the prison van with 6 prison officers and a nurse .

I was driven to Waikeria unconscious, and lifted out into a wheelchair where he was then placed in the At-Risk Unit. It is unheard of transferring a LOW security prisoner to a LOW security prison by FORCE .

I remember the officers’ cameras were turned on and so there is a recording of all that happened. I have put in a request to have the video released to my lawyer and will be having it released to the media (obviously not the Herald ) so the world can see how New Zealand prisoners are treated & the horrific things that often go on behind prison walls where public servants think they are unaccountable.

Arthur was asked directly how he was made unconscious, this was is response…

I’m not sure how they did it . All I remember is backing away in the PCO’s office in A Block , then 6 SERT members pouncing on me , then waking up in a straitjacket in an At Risk cell at Waikeria , covered in sweat ., about 3 hours later . I’ve had inside information that Solomon Nui co ordinated it . He is one of the officers I will be cross examining in March at the Auckland High Court in my NZ BOR claim about the October 2016 blanket strip search at Auckland Prison . I’m also told I was just placed unconscious in the prison van and a doctor didn’t examine me . It’s possible they used a choker hold , or gave me a concussion on the floor are even used a chloroform soaked rag – who knows ? I’ve asked for all CCTV foootage at all points along the way . I’m appealing for anyone who has information to contact my lawyer Richard Francoise in confidence if they prefer. (09) 358 3108 (027) 358 3108 . Perversely , they aren’t allowing me free calls to Richard btw.. Thanks for al your help .

…The Daily Blog is calling upon the Minister to investigate how our blogger came to be choked unconscious and forced into a transfer while he is making valid complaints agains the staff who are abusing him.

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  1. jh says:

    You wont get anything from me as you ban me. Having said that blogging is a rich mans sport and that shouldn’t be.

    • Michal says:

      What are you talking about blogging is a rich mans sport….

      Minto works full time as a school teacher and then as frequently as he is able in between his campaigning on various issues he writes blogs for TDB.

    • Otto Mann says:

      JH, come back when you start making sense.

      If we can’t have justice for criminals, the lowest of the low on our capitalist hierarchy, then there’s no guarantee of justice for anyone.

    • Andrea says:

      What an inane comment. Makes not grammatical sense and isn’t even factual!

  2. This is outrageous. Are we, as a nation, becoming a Third World banana republic?

    The Minister for Corrections has to get to the bottom of this!

  3. Andrea says:

    Why does this report shift from first person to third person and back?

    And, could we have a ‘Story so far’ intro, please? I think I walked in half way.

    Has the new government/minister indicated any improvement in provision of rehab/education and life skills training for inmates? If they have -what’s the target, and how are we to measure progress?

    And improved training for Corrections personnel, too. If we MUST have a high prison roll (ha!) we must also have a highly trained workforce more focused on rehab than extra-judicial punishments.

    • Andrea says:

      Exactly! Why does it shift from 1st to 3rd person context – Had it been edited by someone (other than the writer)

  4. Denny Paoa says:

    Arthur should be given a QSM at least! He is literally at “Her Majesty’s Service!” Contributing enormously to the NZ public, Judiciary ….

  5. Andrea says:

    It is worth remembering that this all took place under a National Party govt., when the Nats were pushing to have SERCO introduced as ‘management’ for many of our public servant departments. If this (and other stories we have heard) is what has gone on ‘in secret’ – and thought of as standard practice, by this company – then only God knows what could have happened under SERCO, in future … especially if they had been contracted to run mental health facilities and our welfare portfolio!! (Because that was where Tolley, English and Bennett were heading!)
    SERCO appears to be a corporation that purposely employs thugs – and advocates the use of thuggery.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,