GUEST BLOG: Amanda Sorrenson – Veganuary; The best NY’s resolution you can make!


Hi there

I hope all’s well for the festive season?

I’m writing now, ahead of time, to get you inspired + prepared for the NY! 

Are you pondering the best New Year’s resolution that can help animals, the planet and your health?

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Well, round up your friends, family and colleagues and sign up for the Veganuary Challenge! There’s never been a better time!

Veganuary is a worldwide campaign that challenges people to try vegan in January…..Why not check it out for yourself?

By signing up, you’ll receive regular emails offering tips, menu plans, recipes, inspiration and more.

Some of the best restaurants across the country are participating in Veganuary too, making vegan options available all month.

Visit to see which ones. And If you’re wondering what kinds of food you’d be living on?

Check out some of our selected recipes here,

Please share this with friends + followers – that way we can help even more animals.


There are heaps of reasons to eat kind this January. Not only is it the best way to help animals, it can also improve your personal health and protect our environment. Sign up at ….We/I have!

Thanks again for all your support – and Happy Veganuary.


ps – Already vegan? Why not challenge a friend!


  1. I live off veges’ , fruits ,nuts ,- and fish ! Tons of fish.

    But I love lamb , hogget , mutton if I can get it,- which is usually once a year when the family has Christmas. So no vegan here …

    But to be honest ,.. I dont really miss red meat that much at all . And I never really liked beef – too tough and striated for me. And I can give poultry a pass as well. Used to hunt animals occasionally with a bow and arrow,.. these days I hate any animal suffering … I like them to live and be happy. But nature is a hard master… you only have to watch lions , wolves and crocodiles plying their trade.

    It aint pretty.

    I do have an ideal though, – only take what you need to survive from the wild stock and nothing else. And never kill for trophy hunting. Thats just garbage.

    Now ,.. vegetarianism before it was termed veganism is fine. You can pretty much live off a diet of that. But the fact remains that a males protein intake needs are far greater than a females – hence I observe more woman seem to advocate things like veganism. Despite the easy access today of plant based proteins.

    We are quite different in bodily requirements.

    My main concern is that New Zealanders consume FAR TOO MUCH red meat products from beef and pork. Its not healthy . For a start , domesticated cattle are a far cry from wild ones. They have a far greater fat content because that has been developed in them because thats what people like to taste. Its the fat that gives the taste.

    Contrast that with say ,… the former Plains Native Americans whereby when they could they would live off Bison. It was because it was lean .And they lived active , outdoor lifestyles . Which meant they rarely suffered the obesity related coronary diseases of today. But they didnt have freezers back then and fairly often the larder was empty of Bison meat. Despite drying and preserving for the winters.

    And that meant they didnt glutton down regular meals of fatty red meat. Unlike we of today.

    But still ,.. from a health point of view veganism cant be too bad . Ive noticed that those who are , – often looked very healthy.

    So it cant be too bad.

    Just sayin.

    • WK – an admirable shift over time. Indigenous North Americans lives mainly on vegetable matter including corn as a staple. Animal products were harder to get and less reliable but did provide more than occasional food. Hides were an important resource.

      Plants can provide more protein than you need but animal protein is not a good as liver and kidneys which pay the price of processing the waste.

      Animal protein feeds cancer and other immune system related diseases.

      The myths of need for a high animal protein diet carry on as the meat and dairy industries rely on them.

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