We will miss Mike Hosking at 7pm the way we miss cancer

By   /   December 15, 2017  /   31 Comments

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I think Mike appeals to those who already have and his quaint musings on working hard and not helping beneficiaries because that only enables them when you feed them slips effortlessly into the cultural norms rich people convince themselves of when they have to step over beggars to get into Louis Vuitton stores.

That moment Mike heard Labour had won and knew his days on TVNZ were numbered

I never liked Mike, and rarely watched him or listened to him to be honest.

I think it was his smug arrogance and sense of undeserved superiority mixed with terrifyingly simplistic right wing myths presented as pearls of wisdom that always left me intellectually vomiting when ever I had to tolerate him.

I only ever heard him on ZB when I was in a taxi. I only watched 5 episodes of Seven Sharp ever, watched his election debates and I read his columns from time to time and was always so terribly underwhelmed by everything he ever had to say.

How can this clown rate so well when all his has to offer is a $350 haircut wrapped up in a Parnell wardrobe shopping spree?

I think Mike appeals to those who already have and those who desperately want to have. His quaint musings on working hard and not helping beneficiaries because that only enables them when you feed them slips effortlessly into the cultural norms rich people convince themselves of when they have to step over beggars to get into Louis Vuitton stores.

His bias was always obvious, he was a Casino pimp who loved John Key in a manner that seemed to border on the erotic. He was less a voice of truth to power and more a purring lover who gently lapped at the National Party when ever he could.

TVNZ have done what TVNZ always do, moved with the political times. When the Left come to power, TVNZ suddenly becomes more public broadcasting focused, when the Right come to power it’s whatever right wing clown is dominating the ratings who leads their current affairs. You can see it best on Shortland Street. When Helen Clark was in power, Shortland Street was a public hospital, when National came to power it suddenly became a private enterprise.

If TVNZ really wanted to be smart, they would bring John Campbell back in at 7pm and totally smash The Project into tiny pieces and relegate it into being The Spinoff with pictures.

As for Hosking, rich white old men who hate the poor is a tired song that no one wants to hear anymore, he is a dinosaur who isn’t aware he’s extinct yet.

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  1. XRAY says:

    He just kind of morphed into a National Party bitch, subtly, did he not?

    I didn’t see it coming at first but was hit over the head by it when he was the Nat’s Master of Ceremony at the SkyCity Casino, back in the early days. From there on there was no hiding his lust for Key and his adulation for the other rich pricks of the National Party.

    He overtly reflected the Party’s base loathing of anyone they deemed not a success, more than any other of the Party and it would have been funny just how hateful his dismissive repertoire was, were it not so sad.

    And with his hatred of those not so well off went any chance of me buying another Herald, listening to ZB, ever turning on TVNZ or donating to the SPCA who he once fronted on appeal weeks.

    But for the man who replaced the popular Paul Holmes, who himself had replaced other well-liked TV personalities, Hosking stood alone in that he more or less equally admired and despised by the public.

    And for a man who is supposed to rake in the advertising revenue with his all-round magnetic aura appeal, the one horse Hosking failed miserably because of his polarising views.

    End of an era but only in the sense of the eradication of small pox, more than anything.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Didn’t he just XRAY,

      Mike Hoskings was the altime worst sellout we ever had and if he goes to radio I am switching off that channel too.

      What is it about these ‘sellouts’ we have all around us.

      How are they going to cope when all around them, is barren and infertile dessert or toxic dump?

      We ‘cant get blood out of a stone’.

  2. Mike the Lefty says:

    Odds on that Hosking already has another job lined up – at Crosby Textor.

  3. Bob says:

    Nice pictures and slogans are on the money. I would just like to add that there are rich old people of all colours and genders who hate the poor. Look at Tokoroa Councilor Wendy Cook.
    Anyway just saying can we leave race out of it and just celebrate the fact he’s gone.

  4. Kerry says:

    What a great year it has been…..Tory filth kicked out of government (thanks NZF) and now…joy of joys…no more Hosking on tv…squeezing his pustules at us….in the guise of “opinion”!

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Tory filth kicked out of government (thanks NZF) and now…joy of joys…no more Hosking on tv…squeezing his pustules at us….in the guise of “opinion”!



  5. Aaron says:

    Aside from the obvious stuff about Hosking I was always amazed by the staggering lack of insight that he bought to the job – I mean, you really learned nothing useful, and given that he was supposed to be fronting a current affairs who that’s pretty amazing.

    I also read somewhere that he wanted to resign a year ago (but TVNZ asked him to stay on) which lines up perfectly with John Key’s resignation. He really was in love with the guy 🙂

  6. WILD KATIPO says:

    The little shitter is leaving , is he?

    I wouldn’t have known as I don’t have a TV. Interesting that the National party’s prime media bitch up stakes and skedaddles just like his Daddy Key did.

    What is it about all these ball- lacking lying bastard far right wingers that instead of bowing out gracefully , – they instead make an unseemly rush for the nearest exit when they realize their cover is blown?

    Would you really want a bunch of fickle soft cock flowers like THAT in your combat unit when under fire ???!!!.

    WOULD YOU ??? , – So why have them anywhere near a position of mass political influence ?

    Do you hate us Kiwi’s that much TVNZ ??!!?? .

    And what of the decade he spent damaging our democracy with his far right wing diatribes and rants and propaganda – using OUR state owned media for his shitty little agenda?

    HIS shitty little agenda / Nationals shitty little agenda .

    They are / were synonymous.

    And part of that agenda was the dismantling of objective journalism to enable a virtual one party state . And they almost succeeded .That’s how dangerous bitch Hosking actually is .

    But the good news is bitch Hosking and bitch Henry ( now long gone , the little piece of crap ) are now off into obscurity where they belong.

    We are getting them , one by one. Purging them out, cleansing the temple. Cleansing the cancer. Things can only get better from here on in.

    But that still doesn’t excuse the fickle individuals @ TVNZ who employed the destructive little bitch in the first place for over a decade,-DOES IT !! So what of it , TVNZ , – what of it ??!!.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Yes WK,

      You dont have a TV?

      That’s why you write so well, as your mind isn’t clogged with toxic rubbish the Natz spout all the time, I must get rid of my old tube TV when it finally shits itself.

    • OnceWasTim says:

      “But that still doesn’t excuse the fickle individuals @ TVNZ who employed the destructive little bitch in the first place for over a decade,-DOES IT !! So what of it , TVNZ , – what of it ??!!”

      And therein lies the problem. They should take ‘personal responsibility’ of course – but they won’t.
      There are Ralstons, and Edwards, and Andy Pandy’s, and shit ….. the list goes on and on – who see themselves as the voices of experience and knowledge – often just based on longevity and their own perceived reputations and accolades from their peers, but who’ve long-forgotten their responsibilities as media participants and members of a 4th Estate.
      In the main, they’re usually WASP upper muddle class males who sometimes used to be progressive, but who’ve now settled into comfy little lifestyles and don’t like being challenged.
      Even the most ardent feminist women battling against the fear of turning out like the dutiful wife and mother that went before them often end up being little more than their husband’s bitch. (Hoskings gone, but Soper’s still desperately clinging on to relevance and both calling on all their ‘connected’ mates to keep them relevant in the bug fade).
      It’s actually quite fun to watch – I mean as in (over time) watch them disappear up their own arses. So full of shit you could start a viable garden manure business – in fact we could probably start a franchise.

  7. simonm says:

    I might have to watch Seven Sharp for the first time ever tonight to make sure it’s true. I’ll be sure to have a sick bucket to hand if necessary.

  8. Andy K says:

    To how many did his appearance on that show appeal to? That time slot on that channel would possibly have a captive audience to some degree. Elderly people like my parents, which I have found would be seated on the sofa sleeping, while engaged in the tradition of “watching” the almost equally substanceless six o’clock news bulletin on that channel—that activity spilling over into that following time slot.

    The only time I ever viewed that show was through second-hand exposure; found it loud, obnoxious and meaningless. Would be great if something more cerebral replaces it, but I doubt it. Probably an opportunity for another member of the TVNZ clique to lazily attempt to build-up some wannabe celebrity status. Television in general is in the company of dinosaurs.

    • OnceWasTim says:

      “Television in general is in the company of dinosaurs.”
      It didn’t have to be (if you mean both free-to-air, and even satellite/cable payTV).
      They did it to themselves, and some of them STILL don’t seem to see the bleeding obvious.
      Oh dear, how sad.
      And as it becomes more and more irrelevant to a growing number, there’ll be fewer and fewer positions for the “*stars*” with their bleached teeth and Max Headroom personas.

  9. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    I recorded this the other day:
    Quite possibly the first bit of good advice he’s ever stated.

  10. CLEANGREEN says:

    Grieving today, I am not.

  11. bert says:

    National, Paddy Gower and now Hosking, I may have to start up punting again because that is the perfect trifecta!

  12. bert says:

    I rated Mike,

    an F-

  13. Andrea says:

    “they would bring John Campbell back in at 7pm”


    You just leave him be on RNZ! In occasional cahoots with Kim Hill. To remind us of Geoff Robinson and wash That Taste of Espiner from the fangs and gums.

    A relief to the ears and fuel for the mind.

    Hands off!

    • Ne Oublie says:

      Absolutely with you on that. Don’t allow Campbell to be dumbed down to fit into TVNZ’s infotainment slot!!!!

  14. Dianne Ryan says:

    Thank God for that. Sniveling, arrogant, upstart of a little man

  15. Marc says:

    My greatest worry has always been, why has 7 Sharp been relatively ‘popular’ with so many Kiwis? The fact that hundreds of thousands tend to watch that dry and trivial show, with Hosking boasting about himself and his views, that is really scary to know.

    I am glad the presenters of the show are wrapping it up.

    The show itself appears to be continuing though:

    • Wensleydale says:

      I think a lot of people don’t actually have it on to watch. It’s simply part of the furniture. Hosking just sort of dribbled on in the background while people were eating their dinner. My Mum’s in her 70’s, and she’d have him on while she dozed in the armchair, which is appropriate when you acknowledge Hosking is pretty much a human soporific.

  16. Veritas says:

    I can’t believe anyone rational watches TVNZ or TV3. And of course no one does except those who insist on landlines, faxes and NZ Post. Who cares whether Hoskins or his co presenter (whatever she is called) are in or out. TVNZ is an irrelevant corpse. Let’s give MSM a decent memorial in a park somewhere. No one will show for the service.

    • Ne Oublie says:

      “Unbelievably” this “rational” person still has a landline, which was in full demand when the cell network fell over and the power went out in the 2011 eq in Otautahi. You must be a d’Aucklander?

  17. The Informer says:

    He only had one job, and that was to get National elected and he failed. Might see him again in three years time.

  18. Mike the Lefty says:

    The election of a new government hasn’t just seen the demise of an arrogant lazy National government, it has also seen the demise or hard times for their media cronies. Smith, Richardson, Garner, Gower and Hosking have all discovered that the easy living loud mouth antics of the last decade are now no longer fashionable. Hard times loom ahead now for them now that their National Party mentors no longer control the treasury benches or the national media.
    Am I grinning smugly right now?

  19. Dave says:

    Great news,the demise of Hosking and the void left will certainly improve journalism. There are a couple of others I’d love to see go the same way for instance Duncan Garner and please Mark Richardson have to go as well,surly they have young families or elderly parents to bond with.
    7 Sharpe and the Project are absolute dribble and need canning, where is real professional journalism to be found .

  20. Miles says:

    Will be sorely missed, the best thing since sliced bread, and the only rightie in our MSM!! So any balance will now be totally gone, and red radio, tv and press will rule the day. Labour owns all of it…no wonder they got to power against a high polling National party!! So very dangerous, our biased MSM, as Germany once found..

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