What the 2017 Journalism, Media and Democracy (JMAD) report means for NZs media landscape


Another incredible Journalism, Media and Democracy (JMAD) report released by the AUT Communications School and created by Dr Marja Myllylahti and Dr Wayne Hope.

It paints a bleak picture of the current NZ media landscape and highlights the real threat that the majority of news media is now in private hands meaning we are ripe for political manipulation and exploitation by those commercial interests that own those media.

That NZME is 97% owned by financial interests helps explain why its economic and political narrative is always fixed in the neoliberal free market. Financial interests owning media means journalism becomes secondary to clicks and bottom lines.

While there are some improvements with new digital news sites appearing, the truth is that digital are being strangled for revenue…

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…and in a market as tiny as NZs, the behemoths still rule and dictate the debate.

There was praise for regulators who have made a stand against more corporate concentration of media power.

With online fracturing the media market, broadcast Television is going into terminal decline.

The reality is that all media, traditional and digital are all suffering from revenue slump caused by Facebook and Google.

The challenge for the new Government is to actually simply bite the bullet and buy up some existing media stables (like buying the NZ Herald) and get NZ on Air to allow far broader funding parameters with the xtra budget to do it.

Public investment in media is more necessary than ever. The narrow idealogical and cultural framework all political and economic debate must take place in robs us of true democratic vibrancy.

Our media landscape is terribly broken, without some genuine increase in public funding, it will continue to be broken.




  1. ha. this is the golden opportunity!!!!
    micropulse radio stations.
    no music royalties if no advertising.
    rennaissance music only.
    away you go.
    take a fucking chance!!!!!!!!

  2. I hold their isn’t nearly as big of an appetite for actual genuinely informative news and investigative journalism as there was in previous generations. People prefer fluff news, celebrity gossip, royal weddings, “reality” TV shows etc over actual news and current affairs. If The Project wasn’t also pitted against Shortland Street, it might seriously win the ratings war against Seven Sharp (which itself already largely focused on fluff of course, ..cough.. Tim Wilson). That said, it’s equally likely that crowd just watches “trending” videos on YouTube instead.

  3. Spot on Martyn,

    Labour coalition needs a neutral media it can use freely as of now we have a broken baised media against the new government policies, and it now needs to produce a stabble platform media that produces clear, balanced, fair, own mmedia similar to what the last Labour lead government produced called TVNZ 7.

    “Public investment in media is more necessary than ever. The narrow idealogical and cultural framework all political and economic debate must take place in robs us of true democratic vibrancy.
    Our media landscape is terribly broken, without some genuine increase in public funding, it will continue to be broken.”

  4. For the reader, listener, viewer and consumer it MUST mean, check your information, double check, go and get your information always from different sources, compare them, evaluate them carefully, and then consider, some bits may not even be known yet.

    Hence, NEVER simply trust the TV One News, TV Three, or what else they present to you, do go and DIG, research, and the least we need is some media to stay alive, yes, even MSM, the professional ones, as they may still be more reliable than what individuals post on ‘social media’, which tends to be very biased anyway.

    We live in difficult times, but as I, and a few friends, have always been highly careful and suspicious, do treat ALL information with some caution.

    The truth though tends to come out eventually. I am dismayed though, that some seem to not even dig into OIA revelations published on this blog, not an easy one to read, but worth researching, as they have authentic documents and info on their site:

    I really do NOT get it, when stuff is available, and people do not even bother reading it. So do they want to stay dumb, ignorant, and vote accordingly, I dread the damned future.

  5. With total dismay did I watch the stupid TV1 and TV3 stupid ‘news’ on television tonight, on the decision by US President Trump to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv (where almost ALL foreign embassies are based) to Jerusalem, a DISPUTED territory under UN rule.

    FFS, none of the NZ news channels explained well the status of Israel and Jerusalem, and that there is UN watch over part of it.

    FFS, are NZers so bloody dumb and ignorant to let this go pass, to have the great ‘ally’ US corp dictate to us, where they think they should have consulates and embassies, breaking UN conventions and rules?

    Do any imbecile NZers, sheep that are mostly two legged, still care to speak out and up about such a disgusting breach of ALL conventions and agreements>

    Are you too busy shopping, and do you also support Auschwitz like conditions for Rohinga, dear NZers, are you for real, you population of these isles, or have you totally sold your soul to the devil?

    If so, I will join the Jihad tomorrow and fight you bastards.

    • The vast majority of those trapped in ‘the Matrix’ do not even know ‘the Matrix’ exists and that they are fed a constant supply of lies by the Matrix to keep them trapped in ‘the Matrix’.

      A tiny portion of the populace is trapped in ;the Matrix’ but recognizes what ‘the Matrix’ is and how it operates.

      An even tinier portion of the populace has escaped from ‘the Matrix’.

      ‘The Matrix’ has very few narratives, and they are all completely disconnected from the reality of our collective predicament. ‘The Matrix’ feeds off the ignorance, stupidity and complacency of the masses, and ‘the Matrix’ will eventually destroy most life on Earth.

      During the period of destruction that the media still function every dire environmental aspect will be either be totally ignored or will be presented as a curious source of amusement.

      Bread and circuses at the end of empire and at the end of civilisatipn.

      December 5, 2017
      407.43 ppm

      December 5, 2016
      403.62 ppm


      (Normal is around 280 ppm, of course.)

  6. Serves New Zealanders right. Why do you think political parties fall over themselves every election to post out/hand deliver flyers explaining their policies? Because they see the value of hard print. Trouble is it gets lost in the sea of commercial advertising and gets tarred with the same ‘selling your grandmother for a dollar’ brush.

    Until an objective both sides point of view hard print is delivered locally on a regular basis, people won’t ‘see’ the truth. Even a short paragraph on a news board at the local post shop (oh closing down), or town hall, etc would see an involuntary taking in of facts not propaganda, if delivered by a trustworthy source. The population is still largely older/old and less interested in digital. (generalising a little…)

    I don’t understand why hard print of objective reporting is seen to have so little value to the parties of the left, when the current hard print sources are alway biased towards the right.

  7. There is the real world and the make believe world. Everyone is so dependent on the TV for information their critical thinking has been washed away. I find it hard to get real news here in New Zealand because the make believe world dominates everything. The polls in the last election are a tool to control the elections not to inform voters. Like him or hate him Kim.com was telling the truth about Key in 2014 but the media manipulated the information to make it look like Key was the good guy. There is a conspiracy to take over the minds and souls of all of us and the 4th estate has a big hand in it. Solution?? Don’t buy print media and turn off your TV’s because what I see is 1933 in Germany happening all over again except in a wider scale. Neoliberalism (Facism) is history repeating itself.

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