The Daily Blog Open Mic – Wednesday 6th December 2017


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  1. So here we go, madness, but real:

    So with that, ISIS and Al Nusra were just the harmless beginnings, Mr Trump and your hate filled supporters, prepare for something more:

    Do not misunderstand this, dear TDB readers, we are heading for WW3, not only Korea, but also an attack on Iran, by the US Imperialist Regime, and its few allies, there will be full blown WW3 soon, wake up and fight the US, Russia, China and ALL imperialists.

    Syria was just the beginning.

    • America Has one maybe two medium intensive wars in the and that’s it’s. The U.S military machine has gone backwards in a lot of ways. Most visually is the too, USD$2bln navy destroyers colliding with slow moving vessels. And most recently there USD$500mln U.S Navy rail gun project got caned. And the F35 had technically bankrupted the U.S Airforce. The only thing now is to clear out legacy platforms and await lesser capable platforms and numbers feed into the U.S military machines.

      Old Ironsides is rusty, in need of oil. In time she will learn what it is to lose.

      And we must be ready for a world the U.S can no longer police.

  2. Trump is an idiot a huge liability, he thinks his allies just beat IS, wait what is coming next, IS MEGA, ffzs, we must pull out of five eyes and ALL relationships with the US now.

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