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  1. NOT the mainstream media current affairs…much more interesting and informative! ( less fibs and more truth)

    ‘Bullhorns: Russiagaters’

    “Michael Flynn admits lying to the FBI – the reaction of Russiagaters and the liberal media is jubilation. But why? Flynn’s admission in fact deflates the now popular conspiracy theory.

    CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Victor Olevich, and Dmitry Babich.”


    ‘Bitcoin fever!’

    “Bitcoin – for some it is the perfect marriage of technology and finance. For others it is a “get rich” scheme. Though no one can deny its market value is soaring and becoming an attractive alternative to the current global banking system. Is bitcoin revolutionizing the world?

    CrossTalking with Mitch Feierstein, Jeffrey Tucker, and Garrick Hileman.”

  2. So after years of delay, and following the involvement of the Ombudsmen, MSD (the Ministry of Social Development) have finally come up with the numbers, proving that the once so hailed new efforts to get mentally sick and disabled back into work, have largely failed. The numbers speak for themselves!

    Remember this:
    ‘ Govt will pay to shift mentally ill into work’

    There was also this program on RNZ a few years back:

    That and other media reports urged someone to seek more info from MSD on what the trials they conducted entailed, what they expected of participants and clients, and what the outcome was.

    Here is a post on one of a few OIA requests and the response(s) that the requester received:

    New, updated PDF version of the same:

    After the long delay, and involving the Ombudsman, only weeks ago did the requester get some further OIA responses:

    The original OIA request letter (redacted):
    Original request letter (anonymised):

    MSD’s initial response (incomplete, information refused and simply not provided on certain requests):

    I note that the MSM did not report on any like this in detail, perhaps they care to have a read?

  3. There should be a world-wide paywall around all serious news media. The only ones included must be those who commit to a strict standard of verification and accountability and a level of counter-view opportunity. Only by buying into that system can readers have access. A cheap price to pay, I would think, for those who are serious about knowing what is going on in the world. It would also give access to thousands of creditable and accredited outlets

    From them on, that payment can be divided in proportion to readership.

    Any news outlet which does not wish to submit to these constraints needs not be involved.

    But for those serious about wanting reliable information, as a base, it would be a great innovation, and it would be a dedicated income stream for serious journalism, serious on-line News Sites and a badge of honour worthy of celebration.

    It would also allow confident sharing of reporting between organs who observe an equal adherence to credible reportage.

  4. Few appear to read TDB these days, only oldish lefties, as few bother actually reading info offered here, e.g. by links. A sad state of affairs.

        • I’m surrounded my monkey chains…

          As an Internet user you the computer machine is the interface. And some people own there own servers that users interface with like Google. I shouldn’t have to mention that all that data is the traded with advertisers for cash, much like how some nomads use monkeys to find water…

          So what are you? Are you a monkey? Machine? Or a fucken man?

          “Hello darkness my old friend. Iv come to talk with you again. Because a vision softly creeping”…

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