How dare National claim an ‘erosion of democracy’


I’m sorry, what the fuck?

National clashes with Labour: ‘erosion of democratic rights’

National has accused the new Government of an unprecedented and alarming erosion of democratic rights after disagreement over committees which play a crucial role in passing laws.

Labour has hit back – saying its plan to have 96 select committee places comes after National leader Bill English warned of his party’s size and the effect it will have on how Parliament operates.

National MP and shadow leader of the house Simon Bridges said it was normal for places on select committees to be roughly equivalent to the size of Parliament, or around 120 MPs.

…you sanctimonious arseholes!

An erosion of fucking democracy?


You being forced to work constructively in the Select Committee process after threatening to disrupt it is an erosion of democracy?

Are you fucking kidding me?

  • Remember when the fucking National Party robbed Environment Canterbury of their democratic right to allocate water so that the National Party Corporate Farmer mates could steal it all and continue to pollute it?
  • Remember when National rammed through under urgency the Hobbit Law to write employment law for a trans national?
  • Remember when National rammed through the TPPA legislation despite saying they wouldn’t until NZers saw the actual text of the deal?
  • Remember when National rammed through the Search and Surveillance powers for the Police to retrospectively clear them from the illegal spying conducted during the Urewera ‘terrorism’ case and allowed for warrantless searches?
  • Remember when National banned Prisoners from voting?
  • Remember when National rammed through the Mass Surveillance Powers under urgency?
  • Remember when National rammed through the technical demands on all telecommunications companies to provide back door access to their systems by the GCSB and are gagged from telling their own customers that their privacy has been breached?
  • Remember when National were exposed as running a black ops team out of the PMs Office using hate speech merchants like Cameron Slater to denigrate public servants?
  • Remember when it was exposed that the SIS colluded with the PMs Office to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 Election?

Remember all of that?

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And these fuckers have the fucking audacity to claim that being forced to be contrastive in the Select Committee process rather than stop the new Governments agenda is an erosion of democracy?




If you are stupid enough to believe this bullshit, you are either a coma patient, a Trump supporter or a NZ Herald reader.

Mic drop.


  1. The only “erosion of democracy” occurred under National , including the use of spies to harass activists.

    National is really clutching at straws. #desperationshows

  2. Yeah these fuckers only champion democratic ideals when it suits them. Simon Bridges has less charm and sophistication than a used cars salesman.

  3. Hallelujah, Simon has discovered the word “democracy ” in the dictionary.

    Pity the creep didn’t know of it whilst being a minister!

  4. Blue Dragons. A bit rich coming from the neo-colonial Transnational Capital Chinese dictatorship mouthpiece of No Zealand

  5. Laughable isn’t it ? National party people have the memory of a goldfish…. I find it funny they are smarting so badly about being dumped from governance of NZ that they pull such factless stunts like this ! Pathetic.

  6. You forgot to mention the disaster capitalism the Natz supported in Canterbury after the earthquakes. CERA replaced the elected council in many decision making functions and let out some decision making functions to bodies where the roading contractors allocated jobs. Even now Otakaro and CDU are making decisions in the interests of business rather than the interests of the people of Canterbury

  7. National = bullshiting, desperate, lying – toads.+Nation’s ‘select committees under thjeir control was a rort that lied to cover their own arses every time they wanted to push through ‘their agenda’.

    I hate Simon Bridges as he lied to cover up his dirty political ways to push through his transport agenda every time using his “Transport select Committee” process as his former Miinister of Transport Steven Joyce also did, just ask Phil Twyford he knows how they twisted the facts of closing down regional rail in NZ, and we have all the proof, but neither Joyce or Bridges would allow us to represent our case before ‘their transport committee’ chaired by the most ruthless National MP of all time “David carter”

    We want to see a independant investigation over the way the National Party used the transport Select committee as a clearing house to close down regional rail around NZ using phoney ‘so called studies” as we have documents proving they refussed to use the most comprehensive studies presented by the Ministry of Transport in their globally sourced summaries and references that were meant to be considered by the Transport select committee and ignored by National as their desisions to close rail was made improperly.

    Labour must take total control and set them up free of those former use by National of these ‘corrupt select committees.’

  8. if Labour’s action is “erosion of democracy”…

    then National’s record of dirty politics, lying to the public, hiding statistics about the housing crisis/poverty/crime/immigration is a damnable betrayal of their duty to the citizens of Aotearoa.

    A pox on the Nats and all they stand for.

  9. The NEW government needs to Start digging into the NATS corrupt little practices – and bring to the fore just how rotten they really were/are. Let NZ people see the light – to never vote these clowns/ Nats again!

    • kim some of their rot is already coming out for starters awarding contract just before election time is not best or good practice nor is giving contracts to their mates businesses. And then there is excessive spending from a party that used austerity measure for most state services/agencies cutting services to the bone and then wondering why we have so much more homeless and people begging.
      The culture of excessive spending on things like a flag when people have no where to live or can’t get a basic operation is disgusting and pure evil if you ask me. Now we hear them talking a whole lot of bill I mean bull about democracy. They are showing their true colors like spoilt brats throwing their toys out of a cot and they have no friends well they need to ask themselves why?

  10. Yeah so right. Thank you for reminding us all what we have had to put up with in the last nine years. And the elite group having a major sulk and threatening to disrupt the government’s programme. I say bring it on. Lets see how many Nats hang around with their filibustering? Especially over Xmas ; the petals won’t have experienced no time off during this break like so other NZ workers already put up with. We have. We are ready.

  11. I mean, sure, National are hypocritical morons, and anyone who doesn’t mention their hypocrisy are lying manipulative creeps.

    But y’could tell us why it’s a good thing for Labour, instead of fronting up to the right and actually forcing them to back down with overwhelming popular support, to utilize a finicky procedural mechanism to ensure they have little to no difficulties in the parliamentary process.

    Just sayin’, relying already on bullshit bureaucracy processes to get their way isn’t entirely encouraging.

  12. That’s a good list of anti-democratic NatACT actions Bomber, but far from complete. For example, you missed out:
    * removed the right to jury trials for offences of less than 2 years
    * instructing police to arrest kiwis who are behind on student loan repayments if they re-enter the country, which they have to do every few years to keep their eligibility to vote.
    * as others have mentioned, ignored the result of the asset sales referendum and sold our stuff anyway

    Given the number of times they rushed through controversial legislation under urgency, meaning that neither select committees nor the public got to examine and comment on it, the hypocrisy of claiming Labour are being anti-democratic is mind-boggling.

  13. ‘or a NZ Herald reader.’


    NZ Herald promoter rang to ask if I would like free delivery for a month.

    I asked: “Why?”

    Said it was to check their delivery system>

    I asked: “Why?”

    Sure enough, NZ Herald was delivered for a month.

    Front pages: trivia and irrelevance.

    Inside pages: adverts, opinions, propaganda, irrelevance and misreporting; welcome to The Matrix…..

    which is why on most days it took me approximately 20 seconds to read it.

    Not bad for lighting fires, though.

  14. Choice one Martyn ,call them out for what they are and I hope National stew their arse off for next three years

    • Darth, Nats never will accept that they lost, and the MSM will keep mopping up their crocodile tears. Boo Hoo to them all.

  15. And then, on the day when government members were away on business and the rest wanted to appoint the Speaker, National started whining for lollies in the supermarket again.

    They’ve got their committee seats. The papers are claiming ‘disorganised’ and’ government rolled’ by the shrewd, smart dealing National creatures.

    The campaigning has started early.

    Trevor Mallard is Speaker. Did Anne Tolley make it as Deputy? (ick)

    Now, was it a genuine bargaining chip played by the government, yielding on those seats? Or are they going to have to cut this kind of nonsense off before the bums hit the saddles in future?

    Because there’s an unwholesome degree of campaigning going on already. Sledging, if you will: which has NOTHING to do with holding the government to account and everything to do with stupid party politicking.

    It must stop.

    I hope Trevor Mallard is fully up for the job. He’ll need all his experience to deal with a state of parliament that is new and rare, and being exploited to the good of the few not the country.

  16. Exactly, Martyn.
    The ideal of possessive-individualism certainly makes parasites out of conservatives. Horribly selfish people, greedy when it comes to looking out for themselves, lazy when it comes to looking out for … anything … else. Conservative behaviour, is behaviour that should never have been tolerated. The conservative voter is an enemy of the environment, an enemy of society, a traitor to the promise of humanity – and that makes each and every one of them, my enemy.
    Recently I’ve been wondering about how to effectively cull-out that National vote – the votes that are so toxic to the well-being of this country – when it came to me … euthanasia … of course – their own rotten children (greedily seeing it as a means to their inheriting) will do the dirty work. … BRING IT ON … Cheers.

  17. And don’t forget the Special Housing Areas Act 2013…Section 29 (1)
    An authorised agency must not notify or hold a hearing in relation to an application for resource consent…….that is what National thinks of participation in a democratic process.

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