Can the NZ Herald explain how this is breaking news?

By   /   November 1, 2017  /   18 Comments

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Since when was Mike Hosking’s bullshit hot takes on any subject ‘Breaking News’.

Ummmm. How is THIS breaking news?

Since when was Mike Hosking’s bullshit hot takes on any subject ‘Breaking News’.

Are NZ Herald using it as an example of opinion pieces that break the news and make it worthless or are they honestly suggesting to New Zealanders that Mike Hosking’s privileged take on the current affairs issues of today honestly considered ‘breaking news’.

Let’s instead remember the look on Mike’s face the night NZ First went with Labour…

…again, from another angle…

…and while we are at it, who is being more grumpy than Mike over Labour’s win, why this clown…


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  1. Christine says:

    Ignore him – it’s easy. Steven Joyce is worse.

  2. Patrick says:

    you probably had a sad face for the last 3 elections – this time you were over the moon.
    Nothing wrong with that as luckily in this country you can cast your vote for whoever you like and show emotion publicly, whether happy or sad.
    Compare that with North Korea.
    No thanks – I’ll take our version anytime.

    • That comment has to be the most bizarre non-sequitur I’ve seen for a while, Patrick.

      Care to clarify what the heck you mean?

      • richarquis says:

        He’s trying to distinguish between NZ’s freedom to exercise a democratic vote for your favoured party without repercussions, compared to NK’s one party state, where you have just one option on the ballot, and fill out the form in view of electoral officers who are employed by that one party. NK citizens have the right to submit a blank form, but with serious repercussions. Voter turnout is 99% as is support for the party. Nobody shows a sad face either, because disapproval results in stiff punishment.

        Thankfully for me, I live in SK, where it’s relaxed and open.

  3. That’s “breaking news”?!?!

    Oh well, it’s better (marginally) than fake news. All we’d need right now is Donghua Liu dusted off; resurrected, and another fantasy $100,000 bottle of wine to be “revealed”…

  4. Not A Robot says:

    Dear Mr Hosking,
    My but you are looking especially old and grumpy today!

    Never mind, lets get stuck in shall we? You seem to be complaining just for the sake of it today.

    If there are very few foreign speculators affected by Labour’s new policies, why then are you bitching? If curbing a few foreign vultures “won’t do much” as you claim, then what’s the problem?

    Perhaps these “poor old [millionaire] home owners” are feeling hard-done-by. Their supply of happy-go-lucky, free-spending American buyers will dry up. If Americans are no longer allowed to over-spend on Kiwi homes, they will be forced to accept the real market price as determined by the locals, which according to you is 30% less. What an astonishing thing to complain about!

    What do you suggest then? Foreigners building instead of buying homes should make it better for first-home buyers, right? You should be happy. But oddly you aren’t.

    You won’t be happy until your class has got it all. Your class *almost* got it all, but then, just as you people were about to take the last piece of bread from the last child’s mouth… boom! A Left-wing government got elected!

    I see why you’re sad now. That child is going to abscond with that piece of bread, and you felt you were entitled to it. But just as you are getting over that disappointment, you realise… horrors! Worse is yet to come! Soon, the *others*, all the people your class has driven into precarity… all the people you’ve forced to live in cars and garages… they will be coming for your shit!

    I get it now. No wonder you’re grumpy! Look at those dusty tear ducts struggling to remember what they’re there for!

    *Now* you cry, when millionaires miss out. Now you feel it. But never a tear shed for any hungry child in all the time we’ve known you.

    Are we going to have to listen to 3 more years of your grumping, gramps?

    The sooner the MSM takes you off air, Mr. Hosking, the better it will be for everyone I think.

  5. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes yes yes, Frank , Martyn this shows the the blooody media is out of news and money

    remember the old serial shows of media days during “the Mary Tyler Moore Show ” where they always said “news is money, and I recall they said “if you haven’t got news, invent it or find another job.”

    That was just homour then. – Today I think this is what we are witnessing really!!!!!!!!

    Hoskings is a joke himself such a sad man indeed.

  6. Castro says:

    What do you expect from a propaganda publication of the Chinese dictatorship?

  7. John Maxim says:

    I just never get tired of seeing images of bad loser Nat cheerleaders pouting. Every picture is compensation for the endless negativity of the Nat campaign and the shameless bribery and plum appointments for family members during their policy of leach out not truckle down. It’s also a sign that news is quiet and no news is always good news.

  8. Rogergnomics says:

    Well, I see that his by-line, today, is “Blind Ideology” Chortle chortle.

  9. Gadfly's Dad says:

    I don’t bother reading the Herald! last time I tried there was nothing in it of any substance except perhaps the letters to the editor.

  10. Michelle says:

    Yes and that is why we do not want the amalgamation of our media. The herald is shockingly bias and it is bad enough we have to put up with sour puss hoskings who has trouble hiding his contempt for our new government. One would have thought he just got fired now he knows what it feels like to be let down.

  11. randal.mcmurphy says:

    those two are the nastiest grubbiest talking heads in the New Zealand Media. Greedy and venal and vicious when their will is opposed.

  12. The Other Mike says:

    FFS.. at the end of the day they may have to pay a few more sollars in tax – especiually to live in millionaires playground (Auckland). Such sour faced old white guy gits for no real reason. They piss me off….

  13. The Other Mike says:

    Oh yeah… since when is the opinion of a non-journalist and non-political analyst been “breaking news”? When you write for NZH of course…

  14. G.A.P. says:

    Since when did the opinions of a news reader with delusions of grandeur have any more importance than yours or mine?

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