Who is more irrelevant? Feminist icon Jordan Williams or Musical God Max Key?


So right wing hate merchant and feminist icon, Jordan Williams (a feminist icon because he stood up to that nasty Colin Craig by sleeping with Rachel MacGregor and getting information out of her that he promised he wouldn’t use to over throw Colin as leader of the Conservative Party despite telling Cameron Slater that’s exactly what he sleeps with women for) made a call before the election that if National didn’t win he would walk to work in his underpants…

The election gamble which exposed Jordan Williams – and his stroll to work in underwear

As the nation waited for Winston Peters to decide on a government, there was one brave man who had absolute certainty which way the NZ First leader was going to go.

Step forward Jordan Williams of the self-styled NZ Taxpayers’ Union, who tweeted a fortnight ago: “I’m calling it – Winston will go with the status quo. If I’m wrong I’ll walk to work in my undies.”

The specials were barely counted and it would be two weeks before Peters rejected the status quo.

And, at some stage in that period, Williams’ absolute certainty appears to have faded – the tweet was deleted from his Twitter account.

…Williams showed all the arrogance every other right wing prick showed by believing they could just bribe Winston when really Winston wanted to fundamentally change capitalism. He hasn’t had the spine to actually do what he promised unlike Keith Locke who made the same promise and had the courage to do it back in 2005.

Gutless by Williams.

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Compare that cowardice with musical God Max Key who has decided he will do a diss rap against Eminem for the court action against daddy…

Max Key plans ‘diss’ track on Eminem after National loses copyright case

The son of former Prime Minister John Key is getting ready to seek musical vengeance after the National Party was found guilty of breaching copyright of rap star Eminem.

Max Key, a some-time DJ with two singles to his name, yesterday took to social media offering to produce original music to “avenge” the National Party’s loss after it used hit track Lose Yourself for a 2014 election ad.

The party was ordered to pay $600,000 in damages plus interest from June 2014.

The political party has lodged a claim against the suppliers and licensors of the controversial track.

Now Key junior, who has made no secret of following in his father’s political footsteps, said he would compose a “diss” track on Eminem.

…yeah, you go for it Maxy. I’m sure Eminem will be terrified that some tiny insignificant rich smug dickhead from Nu Zilind is gonna smack him down in a diss rap.

Knock yourself out Maxy, we all wait with baited breath to see you bash one of the planets leading rap artists and all hope that Last Week Tonight pick up on your rap feud.

Which shit stain is more irrelevant – Jordan or Max? I think this one could be a tie.


  1. I would take a ” shit stain ” over these two drongos any day of the week.

    Rap or Hip Hop is not even music.

    Key and Jordan are farcical fuckwits.

  2. You see the difference between Max and Marshal Mathers (Eminem) is back in Marshalls day Iron Mike Tyson was a killer. They’re all businessmen now.

  3. I am waiting for Jordan to revive his anti MMP campaign, he must see an opportunity, after Winston chose to go for change, determining who is government, with only just over seven percent of votes.

  4. Once Jacinda has become a new NZ Inc brandname, Max will apply for a name change, to create his new brand, Maxinda, I suppose.

  5. What, about all this, makes me feel queasy ?

    queasy |ˈkwiːzi|
    adjective (queasier, queasiest)
    nauseous; feeling sick: in the morning he was still pale and queasy.
    • inducing a feeling of nausea: the queasy swell of the boat.
    • slightly nervous or worried about something.

  6. Oh my God ! max key !
    Seen the film ‘American Psycho’ ? max key to the max.
    Excellent film BTW. Psycho Christian Bale is a natural.

    jordan williams ??? women ‘sleep’ with it? Eeeeeeeeeee ee e eee ee eewwwww
    Is there some type of medical test to see if the new tinder ex to be has a dose of jordan williams?

    • Jordon Williams has the hallmark face of a cunnng liar.

      My mum years ago taught me then what those signs to look for & later my employer Bell Canada confirmed this in ‘customer training’ taught me to see the facial signs of a person while talking were actually thinking up lies as they spoke, moving their eyes upwards, and using thin valed smiles and Jordon Williams has all those signs, he is a dis-honest character – period but jordon already has history asn he was mirred in the nasty case against his former boss of the conservative party was he not?

  7. Jordan Williams and Max Key need to return to the cesspit of squalor from which they came!

    Key Junior wanting to degrade Eminem out of spite? Geeze really? Eminem could chew the imbecilic man child Key up for breakfast, then spit him out in pieces at dinner time!

    Williams, Key, neither have class.

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