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      Early Labour Day parades drew huge crowds in places such as Palmerston North and Napier as well as in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Unionists and supporters marched behind colourful banners and ornate floats, and the parades were followed by popular picnics and sports events.

      The huge crowds this Labour day are likely to be flocking to the malls on the first sales since last week. We have transformed into a consumerist society.

  1. The give a little extra over Xmas campaign.

    Sign in if you support the notion of the new Labour/NZ First Government giving beneficiaries a little extra over Christmas.

  2. Allow me to explain MMP
    There’s one mince pie left in the shop. It costs $5.

    Bill has $4.50
    Jacinda has $3.70
    Winston has 70 cents
    James has 60 cents
    and David has 5 cents.
    No one has enough money to buy the pie by themselves but Jacinda, Winston and James put their money together and buy the pie.
    Bill gets no pie because he needed 50 cents but didn’t have any friends to help him pay for the pie.
    I hope this helps explain things
    (By Eva Allan)

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