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  1. I am mobile atm with limited tech.
    However, YET another PTE admonished for the second time after being slithered over the knuckles with a wet peice of bog paper.
    And then when you delve deeper, that supposed 5th largest export sector (i.e. Ed Jikayshun), you find the profits are going o’seas either by way of ownerahip or remittances.
    And what’s worse is NZQA AND INZ are complicit – either by way of under resourcing, or maybe just muppetry, or even worse those Munster whispers.

  2. It is unbelievable, it seems that many bloggers and blog readers are in desperate anticipation that some smoke signals will soon come out of that meetings room, where the New Zealand First Board and MPs meet for two days now.

    Nothing comes out, no signal is sent, speculation is rife, fears are building on both sides of the political spectrum, what does all this mean???

    Winston and his bunch will not be easy to work with, not for Labour and Greens, also not for National, and if they decide to stay at arms length, or on the cross benches, away from government, a new election will be needed rather soon.

    The country is divided, the election has shown this, and a new election will only cement this further, possibly have some wavering souls vote Nats, simply out of fear, that uncertainty may cost them their jobs or make their business suffer.

    Shit, this situation needs some resolution some time soon. The longer it takes, the less I would trust Winston and his MPs (remember for instance Shane Jones, who left Labour, and who has a dim view of the Greens).

    • Winston has spoken, I hear, spoken somewhat tired, exhausted, even incoherently or confused. The Board has not been able to decide (yet), it is back to ‘clarify’ more details with leaders of Nats and Labour, and no discussion appears to have been had on ministerial positions.

      This looks damned messy to me.

      I suspect that there is division within NZ First, even some dissent, towards the leader. That may be the result of having spent years gathering votes from the disaffected from botch camps, left and right, which makes for a too mixed lot of members and MPs who struggle to decide who to support, Labour or Nats.

      With this state of affairs, I would strongly advise Jacinda, make the damned hard decision, withdraw from further talks and negotiations with NZ First, and choose to stay in opposition. The Greens should and will then do the same.

      If Jacinda and Labour continue to be dragged into any agreement with Winston and NZ First, it will be boarding a train that will soon be a train wreck, harming all aboard.

      Force Winston to go with the Nats, and wait for that to go bust, and then fight full steam in the looming new election campaign some time next year. By then NZ and perhaps even the world will be in such a mess, people will finally see, only a social democratic or left of centre, environmentally committed and fair government can ensure this country survives. Winston and NZ First are toxic, if they were honest and really committed to change, a message would have been sent already, a preliminary decision would have been made by now, but we are not getting this.

      Winston will go down in NZ history for what he always was, a fighter of sorts, a leader of a small party of disaffected, but too blunt and dogged, too self serving, to cooperate constructively in any government for too long.

  3. NO mention of this on the TV news of the two main networks, as far as I noticed:

    Remember all those denials by English, only months ago, where he said, he knew nothing, or could not tell???

    And Winston also attacked him about concealing stuff, repeatedly in Parliament.

    With this now out, Winston cannot truly form a government where English is part. National may have to change the leader, before any government is formed, unless, of course, Winston goes with Labour.

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