Controversial I know, but Sean Plunket should NOT have resigned from the BSA (sit down lil bitch be humble – a guide for white guys)


I feel like I haven’t written anything for ages, I’ve been so busy talking to people behind the scenes about the negotiations for the next Government that I almost forgot to read the news, so my apologies for coming so late to this exceptional supernova of fuckwittery.

BTW, as of Saturday night, Labour will probably be the next Government. Thought you might all like to know that. If he doesn’t go with Labour and the Greens there will be hell to pay.

Okay, let’s get the obvious points out of the way.

1: Sean Plunket is a human being, and as such has the same rights to dignity and respect that your average house plant should enjoy and of course no one should threaten Sean. That’s just mean.

2: Yes, being on the bottom of a social media pile on is terrifying and scary and not a particularly nice place to be because public humiliation and shaming is some of the worst mental health damage one can endure.

Have we acknowledged those fairly weak attempts at a response to the tsunami of social media rage that responded to Sean’s bewilderingly offensive tweet?

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Great. Let’s move on.

Sean Plunket should not have resigned from the Broadcasting Standards Authority for tweeting this…

…because the fucking BSA should have shown some fucking spine and sacked his arse.

That’s right, Sean should not have been allowed the dignity of resignation, the BSA should have risen itself to a place of genuine leadership and removed him from the board because this is the second most offensive thing Sean Plunket has ever said.

The most offensive thing he has ever said was his ludicrous justification that the entire thing was a ‘social experiment’.


What fucking society do you need to live in for this to be a social experiment?

Social experiment for who?

For what?

Is he doing a Doctorate on how to be a fucking arsehole?

I’m going to try and use this excuse if I ever get caught smuggling a tonne of cocaine across the border, ‘but your honour, it’s a social experiment bro’.

Look it’s hard being a white male these days. I’m currently undergoing a spiritual journey of reflection of my own life and actions. To date that spiritual journey of self reflection has required daily walks up Mt Eden, intense counselling and listening to the immortal words of Kendrick Lamar, “Sit down (lil bitch) be humble”.

Social media has allowed the voices of those without power to speak truth beyond the media gatekeepers directly to the powerful and while those with the hegemonic cultural structure of power behind them might find this uncomfortable, that’s the point.

That’s not to say us white men don’t have a role to play and don’t have a voice in the political and cultural issues of the day. When white men speak, other white men listen. Our role is to have these dialogues amongst ourselves, to help each other grow, reflect and heal from the toxic masculinity that robs us of humanity and dignity and actively make the planet a better place to live on.

Asking if anyone feels sorry for a serial rapist isn’t really helping now is it Sean?

We all must do and be better.


  1. Sean’s diatribe against Booker prize winner Eleanor Catton’s criticisms of NZ society was very offensive and way off beam; he seems to have joined in the Metiria T witch hunt well too; we NZ women should not have to be asking ourselves if many NZ media men might be more at home living in Salem Massachusetts a couple of hundred years ago; Plunket’s appointment to the BSA much surprised me and it may be time to take a closer look at them all.

    • Exactly @ CHRISTINE.

      I thought plunket’s, as you write; ‘diatribe’ of Catton was that of a frightened little man with a saggy bottom. He was running scared of her intellect while trying to defend the crooks who are pantomime that is the Natzo’s and the Neo Liberals show from her withering criticisms.
      On a darker note, he’s clearly a gate keeper for corporate criminals and what better way to spread their infectious di$ease$ than via a corrupt and compliant media chaperoned by the toothless, yapping, lap dog that is the BSA.

      You been watching ‘ Narcos’ @ MB.

    • “Is he (Sean Plunket) doing a Doctorate on how to be a fucking arsehole?”

      Martyn the easy answer is yes as he wants to be as ‘infamous’ as his idol Careron Slater of course?

      Sean Plunket was another slimeball that rates less importance to me than my dying parsley plant does.

      Why did these low life get these ‘influencial’ positions in the first place i wonder?

      Oh Martyn you are so right he (Winston) will go with Labour as he knows all about the promises made by National so well that he is once,twice three times bitten and now shy of trusting thast lying administration of diversion to ever want to join them as National are now a very large ‘liability to anyone who joins them, as now they have very few friends now.

      • In the unlikely event that your parsley plant matters a teensie bit: they tend to look near death a few weeks before they start their one and only attempts at flowering. You can’t save them. You can leave some vacant ground nearby for the seeds.

        And the seeds take about as long as the answers to ‘who’s forming the next government’ to germinate.


  2. +100 Good Post …sounds like very well thought through excuses to me from Mr Plunket…maybe he had help concocting them? …I mean really?…car crash brain damage, spiritual journey, social experiment …cover the whole gamut of excuses

    lol…I always thought former Radio NZ’s esteemed journalist Sean Plunket was a plunked plant who had his loyalties elsewhere ( surely not bought?)

    …he really has put his foot in it now …and him on the mainstream media Broadcasting Standards Authority?!

    (btw most men are not like Mr Plunket , so shouldnt feel guilty for being males)

    ….also fantastic news about progress towards a Left Labour , NZF, Greens coalition

    • oops sorry Martyn Bradbury I misread that !…only the ‘social experiment’ applies to Plunket as an explanation ‘excuse’…this is more true to his form. …so he is NOT contrite at all!

      ( I must admit a little confusion on the other ‘excuses ‘…and I apologise for my speed reading and error)

  3. Right on as usual Martyn. The culture of women’s compliance and obedience to men is supported in so many ways in our society. Hollywood is all about women wearing not much and the men always getting their way in the end. It is a relief to now have a more open across the board international conversation about it than just in “women’s studies” forums etc. In his own small way, Plunket, the known bully, has assisted with this. Yes BSA should be much more functional and have ousted him in disgrace. The man would not know a decent standard if it jumped up and bit him on the anything.

  4. Something about this whole Harvey Weinstein affair has left me deeply concerned and troubled.

    It is the fact that he has been tried and convicted in a court of popular opinion and not in a court of law. He has been fired from the company he founded and from the Motion Picture Academy.

    No charges have yet been laid against him (though that could well change), yet we behave as if his guilt was proved. His guilt can only be proved in a court of law, at least as long as we subscribe to living societally governed by law, which I thought we did.

    I know you believe in living in a law abiding society Bomber, because of the number of my posts you have refused to post because they challenge the rule of law! Ouch!

    It cuts a little deeper than that too.

    Anyone attempting to take Weinstein’s side or even ask for the matter to be left to the law to decide is immediately decried as being an ‘enabler’ or pro-misogynist.

    This is what has happened with Plunkett.

    However much I might think him a big mouthed buffoon, my opinion is not enough to warrant his dismissal from anything. Evidence and facts are all that matter.

    Please engage frontal lobes before grabbing pitchforks and torches.

  5. Well, well, well. Seems Plunkets resignations aren’t the only ones Weiner set off. Seems a couple or a three way moderators got in to it about gender equality. Starts out with Marty Mars congratualating Alison Mau on her opinion piece and then the conversation ends when dicks and pussy are talked about intellectually ending with Tracy telling Reallogic to basically go duck yourself and TS, but in a nice intellectual way, in open mic on the 15/10 yesterday and then drags on in today’s open mic 16/10 on TS when Marty Mars twigs what happened and is now trying to mod the moderators like some sort of child meets meets parents at devorce court. And some others through there mans in the whole “I am Spartacus her me roar, I QUITE TS.’

    And if you include Weka you’ve got 4 TS moderators who’ve been going at one and other over gender roles for as far back as I can remember so about five years. Each with complicated theories that they seem to each understand and have actually invented words for and also seem to have evidence to back one argument or the other and when ever some one losses (reveals to much personal information or what ever) it’s all “masculinity” and “patriarchy” and Reallogics response is typical where he has to share his abuse story with woman who quite frankly just don’t give a fuck and I agree.

    And all this starts at the top. Lprint created this sand pit where information that offends is punishable with a ban. And it’s like bruh, your anti masculinity, pro identity sand box looks a whole lot like patriarchy. And what do you know. Patriarchy! And hipocracy! Yea!

    I just don’t think they see it. You’ve got woman abused by men moderating and boys (I mean I don’t consider a man going with a woman that is triggering is in any other way a sex thing, and that’s a woman any foolish boy deserves)

    Just don’t see any reason for all this confusion and complications. Lprint could have stopped all this but his identity boner just wouldn’t let him. Bit of a rush to the head I guess.

    And fuck Wienstien. Homo. Sorry not sorry.

    • If you tack against the prevailing wind on The Standard, you will receive a broadside. I once received a temporary ban after a moderator misunderstood my comment as being critical of Labour, when in fact it was in support. I was also accused of “astroturfing” which I didn’t even know was a thing. Apparently, it is. Posting there can be a little like tap-dancing on a minefield, depending on the topic of conversation. ScarletMod here on TDB seems far and away more forgiving of our unintentional indiscretions.

  6. I’m just pleased to see his snout removed from the trough .
    The guy has been a beneficiary of taxpayer’s dollars for far too long.

    Jog on Sean

  7. His diatribe against Elizabeth Marvelly was appalling over the sexism which came from Tops leader and from Plunket himself. He has ego issues and probably mummy issues too. Therapy for him would be a great thing.

  8. This is all very fascinating: how blokes respond when one of their own, colour immaterial, does the predator thing with girls and women.

    Not a pretty sight, eh?

    How well did this bloke outrage go down with our own local ‘roast busters’? Stopped it in its tracks? Virtue now reigns?

    Making inroads with the good ol’ foulmouths at the local Cozzie or watering hole?

    Stepped up to any culturally challenged ‘yoof’ and pulled them up? ‘Well yeah, but no, but yeah but…’ We thank you for your fleeting interest.

    There is something about bloke culture that seems to make it hard for the under-mutts to challenge the current top dog. Even big brawny blokes with their own following – ‘Oh, The Man will make sure I never get to work/play/express myself again. I don’t like it BUT…’

    Wait, wee chihuahuas. Bite him when he’s down.

    Before you all call out the current obvious offender – politely please get to work on your own culture. Gentlemen of honour and decency. It should never have vanished.

    PS This is common creephood. Pops up all over. Men’s business. Locker room talk. ‘Can’t you take a joke?’
    Clean it up. Make the clear lines – and teach your daughters what to do. This should never be either a secret or learned by bitter experience.

  9. Sean Plunket was moved on from Radio Live a couple of years ago, he seemed a bit surprised about it. Then Mark Sainsbury took his place. With some of Sean’s past comments, also on talk back, he riled a fair few people.

    As for his Twitter nonsense, provocation, or ‘experiment’, whatever we may call it, how insensitive can a person of his calibre be?

    Re Harvey Weinstein, I think I would rather leave it to the courts to deal with him, rather than follow the court of public opinion. It seems he may soon have to appear to explain himself in a number of jurisdictions.

    In ‘rehab’ he is now, perhaps he will repent as a sinner, I don’t know, shocking all the stuff that has now come out.

    The greatest worry is, why did some of the many women he harassed or allegedly even raped not take that predator to court earlier? Then he may have been dealt with earlier and less harm may have been caused.

    Sickening all this.

  10. Wow. Just wow. Someone asks a question on Twitter, a question that could be taken at face value, as an expression of naive curiosity. A bunch of people declare it an expression of support for Weinstein (evidence for that?) and proceed to dogpile him. Plunkett is someone we don’t like, which makes it so much easier to feel justified in joining the social media lynch mob. But I just want to remind everyone that stuck up for Willie Jackson when Poto Williams and Young Labour engaged in the same kind of character assassination that this is exactly the same kind of situation.

    When feminists get dogpiled on “social media” and hounded into resigning that’s harassment. When someone *assumed* to be saying something unacceptable to feminists (and their allies) gets dogpiled on “social media” and hounded into resigning, that’s allowing “voices of those without power to speak truth”. There’s a word for when a tactic is ok when we do it, and not ok when our political opponents do it; hypocrisy.

    • It’s hard to imagine how the words “naive curiosity” could be applied to Sean Plunkett.

      Given his rationale of his “social experiment” seemed to be “I’m smarter than all of you and I was doing something clever to make all of you look dumb and you just weren’t smart enough to see it” doesn’t smack of someone being naive.

      And at face value, in common language, the meaning of his words is quite clear and nothing like the meaning he tried to give to them post hoc.

      It’s amazing that Media Watch gave him so much time to state his case – but that’s the power that the stale, pale males have in our society that goes unrecognised so often.

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