Orchids – review



Just. Wow.

Q Theatre last night was packed and buzzing with excitement over Orchids, a 2 night all woman dance show that explores the power, strength and mysticism of the female goddess.

How dancers manage to remember every move has always fascinated and amazed me, and after watching many of these performers on various social media platforms, I was genuinely curious as to where and they would take this.

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It was a deeply moving and spiritual one hour that had every performer leaving everything on the stage without a second of hesitation.

The cast were extraordinary – Marianne Schultz, Katie Burton, Rose Philpott, Jahra Rager Wasasala, Joanne Hobern. Tori Manley-Tapu and  Ivy Foster. The 7 year olds performance at the end made crying difficult to avoid.

The moment that summed up such an exquisite exploration of the female was the raw cry of the audience who jumped to their feet and bellowed their support and appreciation of such art.

In a week of Weinstein and Plunket, the audience needed this performance and embraced its power and mystery with the desperation of the ill taking medicine.

It was a magical moment, the show closes tonight. If you can, see it.


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