Commissioner uses final speech to urge Climate Change Act – Environment Commissioner

By   /   October 12, 2017  /   2 Comments

In her final week as Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright will call on the incoming Parliament to make passing a Climate Change Act a top priority.

“We will soon have a new Parliament, and regardless of its makeup, it is my firm hope that MPs of all parties will come together to make this happen.”

In her last report, Dr Wright recommended that New Zealand adopt a similar law to the UK’s 2008 Climate Change Act.

Dr Wright will use her last speech as Commissioner to explain how such a law would help New Zealand make the transition to a low-carbon economy.

“Momentum is building. Businesses in particular are ready to take advantage of the opportunities of moving to a low-carbon economy. It has been great to see public support for the idea from Westpac, Z Energy, Meridian, Dairy NZ, Contact, and BNZ.”

“It is now vital we set a clear and stable way ahead, so that low-carbon investments can be made with confidence, and risks can be managed.”

“Climate change is the ultimate intergenerational issue, and by far the biggest threat to our environment. We must rise to the challenge.”

Dr Wright’s July 2017 report, Stepping stones to Paris: Climate change, progress, and predictability, is available here.

Her more recent submission on the Productivity Commission’s Low-emissions economy Issues Paper is available here.

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Simply a very goood vioce for environmental change was never gien any support under a careless national wreckless Government proped up be false Ukrane carbon credits as their excuse.

    Not a good sign going forward if national regain the treasury as they have a retired MP taking over this post as a “caretaker” of our dirty polluting industrial practices that are the shame of the world.

  2. Robert Atack says:

    If any ‘politician’ or one of their overpaid servants say the word Paris like it is a good thing you know they are full of shit.