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  1. With specials counted

    National down 2, Labour and Greens gain those seats one for each.

    Which way will Winston go now those results are out.

    What will be his payoff, political following or unseen behind closes doors deals, the sort Winston seems to know a lot about.

    We know where the money is.

    • Looks I’ve been banned for a week from the other site I was blogging on for shouting .I.E upswing captials but I no the real reason .
      Big Upps to Prince Charles for fighting for mother earth for 40 years he is one of the reasons why I took up the fight for mother earth. I reckon he should have more that soft power to kick to touch all the neo liberals that are stuffing up our WORLD.
      Big Upps to the Rock Radio station for having that interview with John on the shambles of one big society laws what a mess

    • Hi eco maori here i got banned for shouting at a other site is it all right to post here I.m using my wife’s email address

    • Labour 47 + NZ First 9 + Greens 8 = 63 seats
      Natzkis 56 + Puppet Man 1 = 57.
      Take 1 off for The Speaker, that is a centre-left majority of 5.
      That is more than the Natzki government has had over most of the last term.
      Kind of shoots down the Natzkis argument about the centre-left majority being unsustainably small, doesn’t it?
      Natzkis 56 + NZ First 9 = 65 (They have already said they don’t want the Puppet Man in the government any more).
      Labour 47 + Greens 8 + Puppet Man 1 = 56.
      Take 1 off for The Speaker that is a centre-right majority of 8.
      Not the kind of majority they were expecting a couple of weeks ago is it?
      Just for the record:
      Natzkis 56 + Greens 8 = 64.
      Labour 47 + NZ First 9 + Puppet Man 1 = 57.
      Take 1 off for the Speaker thats a majority of 7.
      That should pretty much end the nonsense chatter about the Natzkis and the Greens going into coalition.
      A few sleepless nights for the Natzkis this week, I would wager.

  2. I got banned for a week at the standard for shouting we no that’s not the real reason. So I would like to post here hope we can lift your viewers. Big Upps to Prince Charles for fighting for mother earth for 40 years he is one of the people that has influenced me to take up the fight for our mother earth and for human rights.I think that the Prince should have more than soft power so he can kick to touch the neo liberals who are destroying our mother earth for power and money.
    Big Upps for the Rock Radio station for having that interview with John on the shambles of one big society laws money should never come before Life of anyone the interview was this morning.
    I posted one artificial about the the differences between left and right voters / people .
    Like the left did not kick the right today when we won 2 more seats we are to nice and the left are politically correct and will not lie and cheat to get or keep power. while the neo liberal right will cheat and lie and steal to get into power and do the same to keep in power and this Human trait is why our world is falling into a shambles because our democratic system is not designed for cheats and lairs and thieves . So we need to come up with idea’s to counter this trait like banning video on social media a month before elections because the people these tack ticks have short memories ban poll’s a month before elections E.C.T . Ka pai

  3. I need to keep up the posts if you let me post here I have a way of promoting my post and this site it will take off and I’m a lefty I will stay loyal to you Ps I’m useing my wife email

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