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1835 – Māori: “We independent, better rec.”
Crown: “Sweet”
Settlers: “YOLO BITCHES”

1700s – Māori are close to 100% of the population and are self governing.
1800s – Settlers arrive, start fkg sht up
1835 – Māori: “We independent, better rec.”
Crown: “Sweet”
Settlers: “YOLO BITCHES”
1840 – Crown agrees to take responsibility for their settler fk ups and promise to respect Maori rights. Sounds like a deal to some Māori.
Also 1840 – Pākeha pretty much straight away forget that promise.
1852 – Crown says “You know that promisey thing we said yeah well bye” and skips on their deal leaving us with the settlers they were meant to protect us from who get to essentially wear the Crown.
The Not-Crown-Crown establish an all white government to make the laws for NZ, 37 white seats, no Māori representation, even though at the time Māori outnumbered Pākeha 40 to one.
1867 – Māori seats established to recognise our right to be represented in our own land as acknowledged in The Dealio.
By now our population has already declined by 50% due to disease and conflict.
Still, on a per capita basis we should have had 14 to 16 members. Pākeha awarded themselves 72 representatives. We got 4.
Of course Māori couldn’t vote UNLESS they individualised their land title (which of course made it easier to alienate).
So on top of violating The Dealio, and taking up space that wasn’t theirs, they also forced land alienation in order to acquire the rights already guaranteed by The Dealio in the first place.
1867 – 2017 can be summarised as much of the same fkery with a bit of to-ing and fro-ing but like most parts of the colonial tale the injustice has lasted long enough that Pākeha feel this is how it should be cause that’s how it’s always been and anything less would somehow be a breach of THEIR rights.
Way to go Nu Zullind.

Tina Ngata (Ngati Porou) works for indigenous university Te Wananga o Aotearoa as a diploma and degree-level educator in indigenous environmental leadership. She lives in Te Tairawhiti and blogs underneath the name “The Non-Plastic Maori” about issues relating to indigenous rights and environmental issues.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Ka pai whanaunga your article highlights the need for our true history to be taught in schools. It wasn’t till I went to University as a mature aged student in my 30s that I learnt many of this. And when I did I was very angry and upset and I was not the only Maori on the war path there was many. In our policy class our young Pakeha tutor could not handle the forthright debates of which there were many. (cultural clashes)

  2. According to Te Ara – the NZ Encyclopaedia – the Pakeha population of New Zealand in 1852 was approximately 100,000. Te Ara puts the Maori population at roughly the same figure – 100,000.

    To outnumber Pakeha by 40 to 1, as you claim, the Maori population in 1852 would have to be 4 million – a figure greater than the combined populations of the Australian colonies and all the other Pacific Island peoples, at that time.

    A re-checking of your sources would appear to be in order.

  3. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Welcome to the dreamworld of British colonialism. This shit was practiced all over the ’empire’.

    Keep resisting the settler normal. The squeaky wheel gets the oil so squeak louder than the banjo playing occupiers.

    Excellent summary BTW.

    • Ken Clark says:

      Good summary but like all summaries things are left out.
      1867 – Of course Māori couldn’t vote UNLESS they individualised their land title (which of course made it easier to alienate).
      No one could vote unless they were individual land owners. It wasn’t until 19 December 1879 that all European men aged over 21, regardless of whether they owned or rented property could vote. I’m not saying it didn’t make it easier to alienate but it wasn’t a targeted anti-Maori law. As some were.

  4. Helena says:

    Loved the summary … thanks.
    Anna von Reitz view of worldwide skulduggery and her latest post

  5. Michelle says:

    why check you figures we have accepted all the lies and fake news by our current governing whose spinning reached unprecedented levels. No one checked their budget or many of their bloody outright lies and I didn’t see or hear you checking up on them trotter. Oh ! and the use of exaggeration. I htnk the correct number when the 4 racist seats were set up was 200,000 Maori to 2000 Pakeha vastly outnumbered.

    • Seriously? You are sticking to the notion that in 1867 – that is after the Waikato War – there were only 2,000 Pakeha in New Zealand? You are clearly unaware that in 1863 the imperial British invasion force, alone, numbered 12,000 men! The best estimates of the Maori population before the arrival of Europeans puts the total somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000. The 200,000 mark was only exceeded well into the 20th Century. Facts matter when you’re discussing real historical events. Without them, meaningful dialogue becomes impossible.

      • Mama says:

        I don’t understand what does all this quibbling over numbers have to do with the ethical fact that Pakeha came over here and colonised the place? Are you saying that cos there were MORE pakeha over here made it more OK to colonise? Or just arguing about numbers for numbers’ sake? “Meaningful dialogue” as you claim can happen if Pakeha take ownership of, rather than continuing to deny/ignore/rationalise, their role in the “founding” of this country.

        • Sam Sam says:

          In the debating community across online message boards globally. If you go through those comment sections people are basically asking questions. I call this the inverted narrative. When discussions focus on others. Rather than what actually happened. How I answer those questions is too fold. First I tell them how they’re screwing up. Then I tell them how not to screw up.

          So I do it a little different. So we argue and go back and forth. It actually strengthen each other’s position because it’s like. Ok, correct me if I’m wrong. If I’m right then we agree. If not we continue until we do agree or some one taps out because they’ve come to the limits of there imaginations and can’t lie any more.

    • Sally's Husband says:

      “I htnk the correct number when the 4 racist seats were set up was 200,000 Maori to 2000 Pakeha vastly outnumbered.”

      That is absolute crap, Michelle. Your knowledge of history is woeful. Perhaps that is why colonialism has been so successful at dispossessing Maori of their lands, pakeha are ignorant of our history.

      Those who control the present, control the historical narrative. (Hat-tip to George Orwell.)

  6. countryboy says:

    Ah…? And your point being…?
    Right now, we’re ALL being fucked over.
    Right now, is a real good time for Maori and non Maori to huddle together against an even meaner pack of fuckers. Super rich fuckers. I know, I know. Historical swindlings, murders, mayhem etc. Well, now’s now. Get over it.
    Look beneath the colour of skin and see same-same.
    We really need to get past old hate and into present new love. No time for racial tensions when we’re running out of air and Invercargill has had it’s first 50 c winters day.
    This is interesting, isn’t it? I’m feeling a bit too shy to think I might be right.

  7. Michael says:

    Your ignorance of basic history is showing. Let me show two examples:
    1. Maori were not “self-governing” in the 18th century. That implies that the was some kind of centralised leadership and control. Hardly the case in a tribal society where the strongest ruled over the weaker. Would a pre-literate Stone Age culture have any sense of governance as we think of it.

    2. There was no Declaration of Independence if you’re using the American case. In 1835 who were Maori declaring independence from? Only a few iwi were signatories and it was not a national movement. James Busby was never authorised to create such a document and again to what end? London was horrified when they learnt of his actions.

    As a historian I’m horrified that such myths continue to be propagated.

    • Sam Sam says:

      The Maori Culture is characterized by being a pre-scarcity society (meaning that its technologies provide practically limitless resource wealth for everyone for free), by having overcome The Pacific Ocean (including, sailing against the winds, first known examples of sea anchors) and by being an almost totally egalitarian, I mean not totally. Sailors all through Asia and the pacific feared cannibalism as a status symbol amongst tribes, except where necessary to protect others minds, powerful intelligence, had an important role to play in these pre enlightenment societies. They administered this affluence for the benefit of all. The novels of the Culture cycle, therefore, mostly deal with people at the fringes of the Culture–diplomats, spies or mercenaries–those who interact with other civilizations, and who do the Culture’s dirty work in moving those societies closer to the Culture ideal, mostly by force.

      Maybe Coalition of Independent tribes would be better. It emphasises the fact that the government is only a loose alliance.

      Actually, there are plenty of anti-colonisation PRO-Treaty types out there, including myself. For us, it’s not about being subservient to foreigners, it’s about 2 civilisations and the whole “What are you angry about? “Well, what have you got?”

      Tino Rangatiratanga because, well, self empowerment is nurtured through the seeing ear and listening eye. Appreciating the arts, Hip Hop, Graffiti. In any economic down turn you’ll see similar explosions of culture and art particularly Kapa Haka. In fact Charles Kindleberger, in his great study of the booms and panics that afflicted market economies over the past several hundred years noted similar cultural explosions.

      I say we redeem The Southern Cross and the names Aotearoa New Zealand as an easily distinguished sailing nation we’ve always been. And maybe we can win the next 24 Americas Cup.

      Until you get old and creaky. Then it’s a little exhausting.

  8. redbush says:

    The evils of colonialism:

  9. Dave says:

    Fake history , as a famous Kiwi said “pull the chain and move on”.
    Although I’m still pissed my Saxon tupuni were dispossessed of my ancestral birth right by those mongrel inbred Normans. I have presented my claim to Elisabeth the 2nd ,but no joy as yet.
    65% of English lands are still held by direct descents of that mongrel bunch of mercenary European trush. If only the Saxon tribes were united and weren’t killing, raping and bickering among themselves, they my have resisted the invasion and I would still have my lands and culture.
    If only.