Crowdfunded newspaper ad urges NZ First to side with Labour – ActionStation


Voters have helped crowdfund a full page ad in Winston Peter’s local paper, with an open letter urging NZ First to form a government with Labour and the Greens.

The open letter comes as the country hangs in the balance waiting for the new government to be formed. It will feature in The Northern Advocate on October 7, the day special votes are counted.

The ad highlights five key areas of policy overlap between NZ First, Labour and the Greens – well-funded healthcare, world-class education, better trade deals, legally binding climate targets and improving public broadcasting.

“These are key issues for the more than half a million New Zealanders who have participated in our campaigns over the past three years, many of whom actually vote for New Zealand First” says Laura O’Connell Rapira, co-director of ActionStation – the group behind the letter.

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“They are also the areas where Labour, NZ First and the Greens have the greatest agreement, and therefore the greatest likelihood to implement the change each party seeks.”

The ad comes as independent polling by Colmar Brunton reveals the majority of NZ First voters want the party to support a Labour-led government. A result that is supported by an internal survey of ActionStation members that showed 72 per cent of people who said they voted for NZ First also prefer a Labour-led government.

“This is NZ First’s chance to create a legacy that builds on the good work they’ve done in the past with the GoldCard and free health care for children under six. We hope they use this opportunity to create a government that will pursue policies for a fairer and more flourishing future”, concludes O’Connell Rapira


  1. Fabulous effort Laura O’Connell Rapira, co-director of ActionStation – the group behind the letter.

    We are so grateful to you nfor your work and we all love Winston – he is our hero.

    • – 100% there cleangreen.
      No, we don’t and no, he isn’t.

      I’ll stick to Superman and other equally fictional characters.

  2. Local paper. Give me a break. He resides at St Mary’s Bay in Auckland.
    One of the (many) reasons he lost Northland.

  3. Opportunists, racists, liars.

    The dirty politics of New Zealand First

    As well as using race baiting against Maori and immigrants to increase his share of the vote, Winston Peters also operates under false pretenses.

    Just as in 1996 when Winston Peters publicly denigrated and berated the Bolger government to hoover up Left votes, so that he could then deliver up these votes to National.

    Winston Peters has repeated the formula.

    Conning The Public

    Those fantasists who believe that Winston Peters will deliver his voting bloc to a Labour led government are hopelessly deluded.

    A vote for New Zealand First is a vote for National.

    How clearly need I spell it out.

    The Left can make no truck with racism, no truck with opportunism, it always ends badly.

  4. God. When are Kiwis going to realise NZ First is a right wing red herring?

    Oh my God. Pat O’Dea ! Care to join me for a cup of tea with winston peters and don brash? We’d have so much to talk about and Oh, how we’d laugh!

  5. Good effort but they might have mentioned re-establishment of the Forestry service. The Nats may scoff but its an important pet project of Winston Peters and Stuart Nash and would be easily accomplished under a Labour/NZ First/Greens Government.

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