The only thing worse than mass shootings

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Only thing more grotesque than the damaged gun culture of Amerika & horror of mass shootings are conspiracy theorists who claim these attacks are manufactured. Apart from the insanity of those claims, it white washes the deep cultural changes needed.

It is a denial beneath contempt.

Only thing more grotesque than the damaged gun culture of Amerika & horror of mass shootings are conspiracy theorists who claim these attacks are manufactured. Apart from the insanity of those claims, it white washes the deep cultural changes needed.
It is a denial beneath contempt.
Amerika has a gun violence problem that has been exacerbated and fed by a domestic arms industry that plays to selfishness and neurotic fear and results in angry damaged white men to play out their revenge fantasies against a wider society they resent because of their own damaged toxic masculinity.
Mass shootings in a developed country is a symbol of a far deeper malaise and pretending that’s not happening in favour of shadowy groups wanting to manipulate people against guns isn’t just bordering on the rantings of the insane, it’s actually part of the problem.
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  1. Lois Griffiths says:

    What needs to be brought into the open is how the American political system is controlled by wealthy lobby groups. American politicians depend on money, big money. In other words they are bought. The National Rifle Association (NRA) and for that matter, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) are among the wealthiest and most powerful lobby groups.

    • Red Buzzard says:

      +100… Piers Morgan has been a great campaigner for gun control in the USA but has come up against the full force of these lobby groups

      …the absurdity is shown in the banning of children’s toys for safety reasons yet not guns

      ‘Piers Morgan on gun control: ‘To me, doing nothing is unconscionable’ ‘

      ‘CNN cancels Piers Morgan Live over gun control position?’

    • Red Buzzard says:


    • Cassie says:

      [Comment declined for publication. Constant references to Jews is crossing the line to anti-semitism. You can make your point without reference to his religion. – Scarletmod]

      • Cassie says:


        If I were the owner of this blog I would SACK you for being a hindrance to the aims of this blog.

        What I stated were simply FACTS. ( NOTHING to do with RELIGION)

        FACTS = TRUTH.

        YOU , however are caught up in a belief in “political correctness” which is
        an IDEOLOGY. Ideology IS NOT THE SAME as FACTS or TRUTH.

        “antisemitism” is a POLITICAL TERM ONLY, created by the Jews under Lenin & Stalin (both Jewish) who overthrew Russia through subversion (incorrectly known as the “Russian Revolution”) They murdered 60million Russian Christians between 1919 a-1950’s- a fact that has been kept hidden today due to Jewish control of worlds media and banking. They made “antisemitism” a capital crime at that time. Communism is Jewish.
        Famous Russian Nobel prize winner Solzhenitsyn has written about this.

        The term “antisemitism” has NO ACTUAL VALIDITY – a fact which has been PROVEN and DEMONSTRATED multiple times.

        If you are intellectually challenged and unable to process/comprehend this basic truth then you shouldn’t be a moderator.

        Yours truly


  2. Andy says:

    If I had evidence that the US government was planning false flag operations on its own people, I’d write about it on Wikipedia.

    Like, for example, Operation Northwoods

    There are lots of unanswered questions on the Vegas shootings, (like, for example, where are the 3000 or so spent casings from the ammo fired, that are nowhere to be seen in any of the police photos)

    Why is it “beneath contempt” to question the official US narrative?

    • Red Buzzard says:


    • Red Buzzard says:

      Funny business?…I believe the Sheriff:

      ‘Las Vegas Sheriff: “You Got To Assume He Had Help” As “Mystery Woman” Emerges’

      • What, just because one man thought he had help, you’re willing to engage in conspiracy theories?!


        The reason conspiracy theories are so seductive is because they are simplistic and avoid the real problems we need to address.

        Perhaps an invisible phantom army of “black ops” is easier to contend with than understanding the US psyche that enables phallic gun worship to rival fundamentalist christianity. (Though in some instances, they go hand-in-handmaiden…)

    • I Kiddle says:

      I agree Andy. Once you have acknowledged the possibility that the US Government and its organs, the FBI, NSA, the CIA, and the Mainstream Media, are not interested in telling the truth, and may in fact have no conscience about sacrificing civilians but are primarily motivated by their and their backers own power and wealth then the official story behind any of these events becomes very doubtful.
      Dimitri Orlov’s latest column summed it up nicely.
      “As Ron Unz, the publisher of, recently put it, “I’ve sometimes joked with people that if ownership and control of our television stations and other major media outlets suddenly changed, the new information regime would require only a few weeks of concerted effort to totally invert all of our most famous ‘conspiracy theories’ in the minds of the gullible American public. The notion that nineteen Arabs armed with box-cutters hijacked several jetliners, easily evaded our NORAD air defenses, and reduced several landmark buildings to rubble would soon be universally ridiculed as the most preposterous ‘conspiracy theory’ ever to have gone straight from the comic books into the minds of the mentally ill, easily surpassing the absurd ‘lone gunman’ theory of the JFK assassination.””

      • I Kiddle: guns. Uncontrolled access. Deadly firepower. Crazy people.


      • easily evaded our NORAD air defenses

        They were commercial jetliners. Not Russian or Chinese attack bombers.

        That is why conspiracy theories are ultimately so ludicrous; they use straw-man “facts” to spin a sinister scenario. But when you drill deeper, those conspiracy theories don’t stack up because their supporting “facts” are based on mis-information or lack of understanding.

    • Richard Christie says:

      Why is it “beneath contempt” to question the official US narrative?

      Sure, it’s really rational to “question” (read “dispute”) the narrative from one’s PC/laptop/smartphone.

      With no access to the crime scene, no access to relevant communications, no access to data generated and gathered by multiple investigative agencies.

      Because hey! it’s the age of the instant internet expert, whose alternative facts are just as valid as the evil gubmint’s.

  3. richarquis says:

    An American friend of mine is married to a Syrian man, they have 2 kids. She posted a conspiracy theory insinuating the suspect as a fallguy to an organised ISIS plot, with various critiques of events, such as his physical condition being inadequate to operate such weapons for a sustained period, the noise supposedly being two weapons fired simultaneously, the smoke and powder residue making the room unfit to breathe, etc.
    Infowars’ Alex Jones has tried linking the assailant to ISIS and Antifa (completely missing the utter idiocy in the idea of those two groups working together, since they are, at the heart of their values, complete opposites.)

    I chose not to comment on my friend’s thread, since it simply isn’t worth the trouble to try and reason where none is shown.

    • Sam Sam says:

      All ISIS commanders are currently KIA or sheltering from Russian bombs in Syria.

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      Yeah I’ve seen some people trying to link it to one group or the other, and I guess at one hell of a stretch it’s possible that a gambling addict suddenly decided to kill people for Allah, or that a multimillionaire property investor who owns private planes would decide to kill for Antifa (ok, second one not that weird, Soros gives tons of money to Antifa groups all over the place, but that’s another whole can of worms). But a gambling addict property multimillionaire in league with the combined forces of anarcho-communism and militant Islam? Yeah that’s jumping one hell of a Jurassic shark.

      However, I would agree that there are some questions – the physical condition question is actually not a bad one. Have you seen the surveillance video of the incident where he fell over and tried to sue at another casino? Judging from his gait, this man was clearly severely unfit. From what his neighbours say, it sounds like he lived on delivery pizza while sitting up at night for hours on end playing online poker. Dashing back and forth from window to window for almost an hour in a quite large hotel room while bump-firing numerous carbines, the gun under enough control at a high rate of fire to hit his target area at that range, and popping constant fast reloads actually would rapidly shag the shit out of a flabby 60-odd year old who lived on cheese & mushroom pizza and walked like the guy in that security video.

      But hey, 7 out of 10 Americans are medicated (which I think is of far more a source of concern than the guns themselves). Maybe he got a fresh script, dumped down a shitload of uppers, and whacked the aircon on full before kicking off his rampage. I’ve found the aircon in American hotels to be pretty boss, especially when you need to chill yourself in that summer heat. So I guess that part might be possible, because the guy was no Tony Montana, mayng!

      In terms of what is easy to debunk, the noise of multiple weapons firing, I put down to echo (there’s tall glass buildings everywhere), and the supposed 4th floor muzzle flash story going around is totally bs, the light is flashing when there’s no gunfire, and the window doesn’t appear to be broken in subsequent daylight photos. There are some photographs of broken windows going around online, but they’re from the wrong side of the building and therefore have zero value, as you wouldn’t be able to shoot the crowd from there.

      I still smell a rat, but mostly around how this schlub was able to keep up that rate of fire for so long and keep it relatively well on target at such range, how he could still see and breathe in there after all that time (the aircon must have been really good), why the emergency exits at the concert venue turned out to be blocked, and finally what’s on the note you can clearly see on the table at his feet in the leaked photos of his body on the floor of his hotel room after the cops busted in. If he has any kind of manifesto, the answers will surely be there.

      • Red Buzzard says:

        re “what’s on the note”…the Sheriff said it wasn’t a suicide note…

        • Cemetery Jones says:

          I saw that last night. Given that he believes Paddock intended to make a getaway, perhaps it is some kind of statement/manifesto instead. I don’t know what they could have encountered to make them believe he didn’t intend to finish on a comma-self if he didn’t leave some kind of information behind to explain that…

    • Sam Sam says:

      Yeah, with his resources, I can think of a LOT of ways that could have made this a heck of a lot worse and with a far larger bodycount.

      It’s one of the reasons why I’m very glad this nut was only a competent shooter rather than someone far more capable on the death and destruction front.

      For example, explosives all over the area, booby trapping stair wells, remotely triggered smoke options.

      Even something like rigging a few claymores in the hallway across from the elevators and stairwells would make things a whole lot more dangerous and deadly for even the people trying to get out.

      So it seems like there were at least four groups of responders to the 32 floor. The first was obviously the security guard. The second was police (likely those already at Mandalay Bay) who reached the 31 floor and then realised the shoots were above them. They reached the 32 floor 12 minutes after the shooting started and 2 minutes after the shooting stopped (presumably when the security guard got there). Soon a second group of officers (presumably from outside the MB) arrived. They got the master key from the security officer and secured the other rooms as the shooting had stopped. Then when SWAT arrived they breached the door, found Paddock dead and the door to the next room locked, so they breached that and found it empty.

      Also, case gets weirder. The cameras weren’t recording. Maybe they were live feed? Or just distractions?

      Down Mandalay Bay road past the main stage, 2000 ft from the shooters position is what looks like two 92,000 barrel jet fuel tanks. Seems like something he intended to set off, but failed to do so (thankfully). I don’t think the shots at the jet fuel tanks were accidental, considering the distance between the music festival and the tanks.

      Ambitious mass-murderers tend to go for bombs (cinematic!) but almost always underestimate the technical expertise needed to build a dependable bomb. The Columbine shooters tried and failed to use bombs. The Weathermen famously blew themselves and their posh NYC townhouse up, because it turns out that a bunch of a disaffected liberal arts students make for poor bomb-makers. They eventually got better at designing bombs by studying engineering, and passed on their designs to groups like the FALN, but it still took time — and that was in an era where you could still buy over-the-counter dynamite. Nowadays you’re potentially facing a mix of engineering and chemistry.

      And even if you have some institutional knowledge and support, it’s still possible to fuck yourself. That’s what happened to that terrorist cell in Spain a month or so back, and why they fell back on driving into crowds of tourists.

      • Cemetery Jones says:

        Yeah that’s right, those Spanish militants clearly fucked the dog on that one. Speaking of which, I see this innovative new Colombian tourist package is being labelled ‘disgusting’. All I could think of is that compared to blowing yourself and as many khufar as possible to pieces in exchange for eternity with 72 virgins, it doesn’t seem too bad. Maybe if more of those horny little Baghdadi-fanboys were sent to Colombia for a bit of this, we’d have a lot less militancy to worry about!

      • Danyl Strype says:

        “Soros gives tons of money to Antifa groups all over the place”

        There’s nothing weird about this. Soros is a survivor of Nazi Germany, and operates from a typical liberal narrative in which Stalin and Hitler were extreme “right” and “left”, and “democracy”(capitalism with elected government) is the moderate “centre” ground. I presume this is why Soros supported Hilary (“centre”), not Trump (too far “right”), or Bernie (too far “left”).

        That said, Soros has stacks of money, and the Open Society Foundations that he set up as a philanthropy platform has funded *heaps* of different kinds of stuff, much of which he probably doesn’t even know about. There are OSF organisations in dozens of countries, running a whole bunch of general programs, which in turn fund more targeted programs, which in turn fund specific projects. There’s no way any one person could personally know about every group they fund.

        • Cemetery Jones says:

          Question is why he would want to destabilise the one kind of society he’s so far encountered which doesn’t want to gas him and/or expropriate his property by funding groups which would gas him and/or expropriate his property.

        • Sam Sam says:

          You know guys. And this is maybe speculation. Paddock was a self made gambling millionaire with a penchant for machine gambling. How the casinos let the guy get away with it for so long I don’t know. With the sophistication of catching gambling cheats, and his accounting background. I’d liken this dude’s brain to a big, complex piece of machinery that only has ONE broken part, though the broken part is really important. Because most of the rest of the gear is perfectly fine, he’s capable of planning and executing complex plans. The broken bit in this case sends him off into homicidal territory, but the rest of the gear works, making him sadly, very effective at it. At the same time, you have intact bits of the moral system screaming at him, the broken bit interfering at odd moments.

          So he’s mostly rational, but where he ain’t, he’s really off the rails.

          I’d also compare this to my attempts at home improvement – I often forget this little thing just because I’ve never done it before, but it’s obvious in hindsight.

        • Cassie says:

          [Comment declined for publication. Constant references to Jews is crossing the line to anti-semitism. You can make your point without reference to his religion. – Scarletmod]

        • Richard Christie says:

          Soros eats little babies.

          Everyone knows that.

    • Andy says:

      I think there is a big difference between a conspiracy theory and simply questioning the official narrative.

      Blaming ISIS or Antifa seems to fall into the former, since there appears to be no credible evidence for this.

  4. Andy says:

    Kiwis opining on USA gun laws might want to familiarise themselves on what you can buy legally in NZ

    This includes AK47s and AR15s limited to 7 rounds per clip, and pump-action shotguns

    • Sam Sam says:

      Emphases on legally. Not a good reason to confiscate.

    • Kiwis opining on USA gun laws might want to familiarise themselves on what you can buy legally in NZ

      All of which is highly restricted. Plus we don’t have so-called “gun fairs” where Joe or Jane Bloggs can walk off the street and buy an arsenal without restriction.

      Of course, we have room for improvement and the police call for registering individual firearms should be implemented.

  5. Cemetery Jones says:

    The M249 in your meme is illegal in the USA.

    But I’m just gonna leave this cautionary tale from the 2016 election right here:

    Also, as far as the 2nd Amendment goes, the privately owned rifles which the individual fighters in the American colonial militia groups like the Green Mountain Rangers were using were far superior to the mass manufactured rifles used by the British army. The lesson, from the beginning, was that superior firepower is important. It won the American revolution. That’s why the search for superior firepower is quintessentially American.

  6. Marc says:

    This is the very problem with the US gun slinging nationalists, they believe it is their right to be as armed as their government:

    Maybe they have feelings of support for ISIS also?

    • Red Buzzard says:

      maybe they don’t trust their government?

      • Richard Christie says:

        Maybe they’re simply irrational.

        • Marc says:

          Maybe they are both?

          • Sam Sam says:

            As CJ said and I agree. The lesson from the beginning was, superior fire power is important to Americans.

            In the mind of a republican, NRA member, hick, ect. If the government confiscate weapons. The government still keep theirs. Multiply that by 3 million armed republicans and confiscating there guns may very well blow up into an all out civil war. But not under Trump. A Democrate maybe.

            • “In the mind of a republican, NRA member, hick, ect. If the government confiscate weapons. The government still keep theirs. ”

              Which is patently ridiculous, as the US government’s arsenal of attack helicopters, fighter jets, bombers, atomic missiles, submarines, attack drones, cruise missiles, tanks, artillery, submarines, warships, etc, etc, will always outgun the populace.

              The only weapon the US government cannot outgun is the vote. Relying on guns to “safeguard democracy” is a narrow, redneck view of a complex world.

      • maybe they don’t trust their government?

        Then vote them out.

        Conflating gun ownership with distrust of central government is a lazy cop-out.

        Shooting people, en-masse, in the US does nothing to change the political system.

  7. savenz says:

    Lone wolf seems to be a convenient way to describe white terrorists.

    Because white American’s who kill other’s on mass, apparently can’t be described as terrorists.

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      The Unabomber? The Oklahoma bombers? Oh yeah, white guys who committed domestic terrorism and got done for it.

  8. J S Bark J S Bark says:


    Maybe they’re just thinning out the dross.

    This shit has been going on in the States since Moses was a cowboy.

    They have it in their power to solve it, IF THEY REALLY WANTED TO.

    What worries me is that this is the kind of ‘democracy’ the US likes to impose on the rest of the world, usually at the point of a fucking gun.

    We should try and persuade them that the second amendment includes thermonuclear weapons. With a bit of luck they could extinct themselves.

  9. Marc says:

    As for ‘motivation’, it is too far fetched to think he was simply used as a fall guy by some radical islamist jihadists or whosoever, as the scene was soon watched, from the distance, but also would people working or staying in that hotel have noticed some stuff.

    If others had done the shooting, they must have escaped, but how? They will most likely have been noticed one way or another, and such large hotels will also have CTV inside and outside.

    There are enough individuals out there, in the US, same here, who have personal issues, whether mental or whatever, and some may hold a grudge against identifiable people, but also perhaps people and society in general, given their life experiences.

    It may go back to their childhood, where they were bullied or whatever. The man being rich, but a kind of loner, living somewhat in privacy, a double life perhaps, suggests he may have some worrisome personality traits.

    He may have been rather antisocial, but many psychopaths do manage to appear quite normal, even friendly, Heinrich Himmler and Goebbels and so, they were described by some fellow compatriots as ‘loving and caring’ persons, totally normal. We know what they got up to in the end. Goehring, another leading Nazi, was the same.

    So at some stage of such a person’s life, perhaps aggravated by some recent event, the person may decide to live out a grudge, in the form of a hate attack, to take revenge at society.

    He was nearing an age, where many ‘retire’ and where life gets less happy and fulfilling. He sent is Filipina girl friend off to go to her home country, sent her a hundred thousand dollars to look after herself, and may well have decided to go down in history this way.

    He did by the way not shoot around for an hour, it was as far as I heard only ten to eleven minutes, with quasi automatic fire, and you can do a hell of a lot of harm in such a short time, with such an arsenal, from such a prominent location, where the target has no way to cover.

    • Regarding personal motivation for the atrocity…

      One thought that crossed my mind, and which is even more frightening than any ISIS or far-right terrorist attacks, is that the shooters motivation may be even more inexplicable: he did it because he could.

      Somewhere, sometime, the germ of an idea was implanted in his head and one day he went through with it.

      Just because he could.

  10. Danyl Strype says:

    We have seen the news media used to give disproportionate air time to crime stories, and whip up hysteria around illegal drugs, in ways that serves the security industries (both state and corporate). We’ve seen the news media used to lie about “weapons of mass destruction”, in order to justify one group of countries invading another, serving both security industries and the oil mining, transport, and construction industries (see ‘Iraq For Sale’). Here in Aotearoa, we’ve seen a group of tino rangatiratanga and environmental activists smeared as “terrorists” to justify the passing of more invasive “terrorism suppression” laws. Is it really so far-fetched that the deep state might stage fake “terror” events, to soften up the population for surveillance, censorship, and other attacks on our civil liberties in the name of “anti-terrorism”?

    There’s nothing “insane” about considering the possibility of false flag operations, nor investigating to see if there’s any evidence for them. In fact, such investigative reporting is the responsibility of any journalist who doesn’t want to be part of the modern-day Pravda. Critical thinking, whether the person doing it turns out to be correct in their conclusions or not, is a basic requirement of a functioning democracy.

  11. Cassie says:

    Martyn you are an excellent writer. That means you are very sharp when it comes to expressing your thoughts in words.

    BUT you have no proven talent for critical thinking , independent analysis, or research . That’s a different barrel.
    You certainly are not an investigative journalist.

    The problem with this piece you have written, is that you condemn those who doubt what the Media portrays….without ANY investigation on your part whatsoever.
    You accept everything you’re told /as is portrayed.. by the Media…at face value.
    I suppose you’e still ensconced in the childish belief that the Media exists in order to keep the public “informed”. (lol)
    I suppose you also think NZ Media is somehow still “independent” (lol)

    Have you ever heard of “crisis actors” and “drills” ?
    Do a little research into this and try to find out why such a phenomenon exists at all. Then have a bit of a think.
    Your naive view of this world and your blind faith in Media makes me groan in despair.
    Also to see peoples comments here how truly lost they are. Some have a slight clue but on the whole, still in the dark about true reality today.

    • Robert Atack says:

      Yes Cassie ignorance is bliss, to ignore the odor of burnt friends and family as we enter the shower block is in built.
      We are locked into the bullshit, we simply do not have the ability to understand how fucked we are.
      At the first hint of reality it’s, look pandas.
      All politicians, know this, there very existence is reliant on maintaining the lies.
      But then at this very late stage of our existence should we ‘complain’ or bother pointing out to the ‘fucking pig ignorant’ the reality of our situation?
      What has kind of driven me these past 18 years, has been, if I can make people understand how bleak our near term future really is, they may not think of bringing another life into existence to suffer what we all face?
      But alas humans just don’t have the software to compute this information, and at @ over 7.5 billion souls what can you say?

  12. Robert Atack says:

    Like winter, is coming.

  13. Red Buzzard says:

    Thought provoking; Americans discuss guns and causes of violence:

    ‘Killing America’

    “Americans are constantly warned about threat of terrorism. Terrorism is very real and very deadly. However, terrorism is not the primary killer in America. Americans are. The gun debate is important. But why is America so violent?

    CrossTalking with Brian Becker, Don DeBar, and Robert Barnes.”

    (btw some ‘thought police’ neo McCarthyites in the USA government would like to ban RT ie freedom of speech )

  14. Red Buzzard says:

    [Comment declined for publication. Repetitive. – Scarletmod]