Political Caption Competition


When you are sending the police to beat the firefighters, you’ve lost.


  1. If this goes through PLEASE NOT ANOTHER DAMNED TRICOLOR. Frankly at this point I’m convinced the greatest crime that ever came out of the French Revolution was the damn three horizontal bars of differing color d flags. Forget the Terror, forget the nutty calendar that was attempted forget Napoleon and his wars, forget the final death of the Holy Roman Empire. THE FUCKING TRI-COLOR EXPLOSION IS THE GREATEST CRIME EVER COMMITTED BY THE FRENCH REVOLUTION!!!

  2. I dunno so much ,… those fire-hoses do a pretty good job of dispersing crowds…

    Just takes one fire fighter to get all riled up an pissed off and its goodbye baton boys… mwhahahaha!

  3. Civil war looming in Spain. Nationalism rising in Germany. What could possibly go wrong?
    N. Chamberlain (circa 1935)

  4. Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to initiate cultural revolution. Initiating cultural revolution makes the conditions perfect.

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