America’s latest mass shooting self mutilation

By   /   October 3, 2017  /   68 Comments

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Once again, the toxic cocktail of a deeply paranoid culture mixed with a vicious gun industry that manages to tap every deep seated fear of the national identity has reared its ugly head and committed another American mass shooting.

Once again, the toxic cocktail of a deeply paranoid culture mixed with a vicious gun industry that manages to tap every deep seated fear of the national identity has reared its ugly head and committed another American mass shooting.

With over 50 dead and over 400 injured in Las Vegas last night, the mass media spectacle of the latest horror of the American nightmare leaves the usual hollow demands for change to fall dead to the earth in the face of a psychotic domestic arms industry that sees gun ownership on par with religion.

To date there have been over 11 600 gun linked deaths this year alone in America. Their gun violence is a low level civil war being waged against their own citizens and they seem utterly incapable of preventing or minimising their violent fantasies towards one another.

America is an addict who can never hit rock bottom to find the healing moment of clarity, they are doomed to forever repeat their mistakes while the domestic arms industry profit margins rise.

America has become the land of the killing spree, home of the grave and no one can seem to stop that.

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  1. WILD KATIPO says:

    The sale of military automatics and concealed pistols to civilians without proper vetting is a big part of it , they get into the hands of nutters and this is what happens. Just tragic.

    There’s just no way you can condone military weapons to civilians , they could still have their ‘guns’ if they must , but only single shot hunting rifles , – and even then there should be stringent licensing and regulations.

    Crazy situation.

    • Nitrium Nitrium says:

      Here in NZ Gun City successfully lobbied to have basically all the assault rifles made legal here with a basic Cat A gun licence (previously you needed the far more stringent Cat E licence for these guns). It’s an accident waiting to happen. Click the link below to see what we can get here now, in sleepy old NZ; some of these guns aren’t even legal in many states in the US(!).

      • Cemetery Jones says:

        7 round magazines in NZ…

          • Cemetery Jones says:

            If you try putting those Gun City items into cart, you’ll notice it states you can’t have them posted. They’ll check your licence before you go buying them, because you need what, like a C-Cat for those?

            • Sam Sam says:

              IMO U.S gun control is as robust as it is possible in the modern area. America spends over a $billion on AFT, about $10bil more if you include state and federal agencies charged with monitoring and executing the gun control act.

              So IMO we will not find any meaningful gains out of gun controls. So it’s time to get out of the box. Yea know? So if known trouble makers are gathering or protesting, I th No it’s a good idea to find an alternate place not to close by and hold counter radicalisation gatherings with the aim of educating.

              • Cag says:

                Both Australia and Belgium – after their own mass shootings – brought in meaningful gun control. The homicide rate dropped significantly.

              • Sam Sam says:

                @Cag. This is America. In Australia they have suppressed the indigenous populations as far as modern PR will allow. In Belgium they are all white blue eyed so any murder is treated like a big no no. They are like us, can’t do it. But in America under the report Murdoch cartel if a Caucasian commits murder the networks won’t touch it.

                So when the American military machine commits murderous atrocities abroad the against visible blond blue eyed people Murdoch team won’t touch it. You’ll only see other ethnicities paraded on yank media networks killing any notion of a proper gun control debate.

                • Cag says:

                  Obviously this guy is white as was the guy at Sandyhook (as also were the guys at Port Arthur and Belguim). Yes the mass media are bought and biased against non white violence (just see how much media coverage we had here about the Portland subway attack) BUT it is more that the public has not been horrified enough to demand law change(or rather the pushing of political will – which is distorted in the US by money in politics). As this was a country music event (and a lot of country music lovers are both Conservatives & NRA members) this could be the event that make the change.

                  • Cemetery Jones says:

                    I dunno, getting the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ out of the Democrats or most US media in response to Orlando or Fresno was like getting blood out of a stone – something which Trump was able to milk most profitably on the campaign trail.

                    Had they been more honest about that, he’d have had one less very significant line of attack. Also, last I checked, those crackers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were indeed arrested for … domestic terrorism. As was Ted Kaczynski.

                    • Cag says:

                      I don’t think it matters what it’s called – it is the matter of breakthrough: people being horrified enough to demand change (it’d need to be bottom up – the gun lobby owns US politicians). This was an event with people from all over – many being NRA members. It’s possible – but DEF what’s needed.

                  • Sam Sam says:

                    You know guys. We just can’t accept narritives from America. I mean first off the democrats are the slave plantation party. Bill Clinton use to own the south, The democrat party owned the southern states. All the Jim Crow acts where all democrat publications. So it is obvious why Killary can’t mention white supremacy. So when I learnt of the back story of Burnie Sanders I was like fuck yeah. This is the change that needs to occurs.

                    • Cag says:

                      You are right: don’t listen to the Meanstream Mania anywhere. There are many more sources than we here over the air here. Case in point – watch this by Democracy Now


                    • Sam Sam says:

                      What sickens me about the Australian gun control debate and America more generally is there are old men in Australia pubs today that are old enough to remember the nigga hunts of the seventies where mobs of deputised white folk (so officially sanctioned) would travel to remote aboriginal communities and murder them all. But as soon as it’s a Caucasian blond blue eyed the narrative is, ‘oh, can’t have that on TV. Better do something about it.’ Yeah hipocracy.

            • Nitrium Nitrium says:

              You do not need a Cat A (or any other to purchase those), although it’s obviously up to the retailer how they run their shop (Gun City might want to see some ID or something). The only restriction on these high capacity mags is that you can’t purchase them at the same time as the gun. It is also technically illegal to put them on a gun, but owning the magazine itself is not.

              • Sam Sam says:

                Bruh. The guy was firing sustained fire. That’s full retard. Very very rear in America outside military circles. But it does show with the right amount of cash a cache of full retard weaponary can be obtained outside accepted social norms.

                • Nitrium Nitrium says:

                  Apparently he was using “bump stocks”, which is a stock specially designed to make your trigger finger repeatedly pull the trigger due to the recoil of the previous shot. The idea is that you circumvent the illegality of fully automatic fire guns by technically still having a semi.
                  Fairly sure those (fortunately) aren’t available in NZ, although I’m not convinced they would be illegal here given we have similarly loose gun laws as the US (as I have tried to explain, although it’s falling on deaf ears).

                  • Sam Sam says:

                    Do you even know what the fuck you are talking about? Yea sure we have laves and other tool making ability in New Zealand but actually having the necessary skills to manufacture full retard so it dosnt blow up in the operators hands takes time and space to develop. If it was so god dam easy to produce full retard in New Zealand we wouldn’t be buying weapons from offshore.

                    Nah. I think if the NZ police would get of its pre colonial hate boner for brown traffic and drug offences then there is plenty of resources to target the worst offenders.

      • Keepcalmcarryon says:

        Bullshit nitrium. It is not legal in nz to buy ” basically all the assault rifles with just an A cat license”
        You are pedaling lies.
        We are not the USA thank god.

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      There’s an answer, and I don’t know what it is but I know this

      – Military automatics have been illegal since the mid-1980s
      – You can’t walk into a shop and buy pistols without background checks
      – Civilians can’t buy ‘military’ weapons, those are restricted to military and law enforcement personnel only
      – Semi auto =/= military

      • Sam Sam says:

        Also the guys dad was pretty high up on the FBI watchlist at one point so how this terrorist got long arms needs to be examined.

      • Sam Sam says:

        Also the answer and the end game is the end of the oil age the gun toting Americans will be faced with renewable energy, high speed technology and higher education. Killing any notions of the primal order of man.

  2. esoteric pineapples says:

    Trump is planning to change the law so American guns can be sold more easily overseas –

  3. Kim dandy says:

    @EP – just what the world needs… Yeah right.

  4. Mike the Lefty says:

    See the political right (aka the gun lobby)’s predictable reaction. “This is not the right time to talk about gun control….waffle waffle blah blah….”
    What a pack of self-serving pricks!.
    To them the right time is never now, always tomorrow.
    They point out that the particular gun used in this horrible massacre was illegal.
    That is a red herring.
    While Americans continue to treat guns as ordinary everyday items that you never want to be without (like cellphones) this will happen again and again and again.

    • Cag says:

      One of the differences – between us as the US – is a gun is seen as something to primarily kill an animal not for protection: in the Us it is to kill another man, who is after you. Nothing proving this more that the fact that gun profits have risen on the back of this tragedy.

  5. Francesca says:

    Add in the over prescribed psychotropic medications that many mass shooters were shown to have in their systems
    Revenge fantasies can rapidly become reality with impaired judgement and ridiculously available lethal weapons
    Paddock’s father was once in the FBI’s most wanted list a bank robber and prison escapee on the run for 10 years
    America’s paranoia and insane militarism comes home to roost

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      Yes I’ve heard something about mass shooters in the USA frequently turning out to have been on SSRI prescriptions. Similar comments from Peter Hitchens, who noted that both Norwegian far-right terrorist and numerous Islamic radical terrorists in Europe were known to have been heavy teenage steroid users.

  6. Andy says:

    Automatic weapons have been illegal in the USA since 1986.

    In NZ, it is legal to buy and own a semi-automatic such as AK47 or AR15
    Try Trademe if you need to check on this

    Gun ownership in NZ is about one gun for every four persons

    • Sam Sam says:

      Once again Andy comes in with his well research and thought out ammo knowledge.

      In fact American gun shows are exempt and do sell full retard weaponary. You can even pick up quad pack 40mm bofors ani air canons.

      • Andy says:

        If you are claiming that my statement is wrong then it might help to back it up with some references. I can provide links for my claims; why not you?

        • richarquis says:

          “I can provide links for my claims.”

          But you didn’t.

          “Why not you?”

          Ask yourself that question.

            • Sam Sam says:

              America is pro gun bro. With literally tens of thousands of gun smiths capable of manufacturing full retard weaponary. And the guys a millionaire so it was only a matter of time before your oh so sanctified laws got broken by a right wing terrorist.

              • Cemetery Jones says:

                I wonder about this part, Sam. Would an RWNJ choose a country music festival for his big show? I guess he might have been a self-hating RWNJ, but of all the targets in the USA, it seems an odd choice.

                Take the Bernie supporter who shot up the Republican congressional baseball practice a few months back for instance: he was know to have harboured a long-standing hatred of Republicans, so it’s no surprise he targeted them. We don’t know Paddock’s politics or any recent changes in outlook yet. But as with Omar Mateen, where it seems a combination of recent awakening of Islamic hardline views and long-standing tension around his own sexuality seems to have led to him targeting a gay bar in Orlando.

                In short, I’ve yet to think of a known example of a politically motivated mass shooting in the USA where the target was incidental to the shooter’s views. In short, those in the US media who are desperate to have Trump brand it a ‘terror’ attack so they can rub his nose in it being done by a non-Muslim white guy may come to regret that if it turns out he’s a Democrat who went out there to shoot up Trump supporters.

                • Sam Sam says:

                  Its just my keyboard warrior coming out in place of tracking Andies IP address and hooking him in the head in front of his mates. Moving right along.

                  These words being thrown around like terrorist, white supremacy. They’re ideologies and need to be protected.

                  But what’s going on today. Well ISIS said that’s not our guy. And there’s a reason for that because Putin is absolutely curb stomping ISIS. And the pentagon is no where to be seen.

                  So how did we get to this point. Well it’s the same as the creation of ISIS. Now no one in the White House will admit creating ISIS. What they did do was create the background for the rise of ISIS by using the hammer to smash Iraq, smash civil liberities, equality, and promoting huge inequality. So what General Loyd Austin commander of US forces in Iraq from 2003 (and was a smart move IMO) was to seperate Sunni and Shia so the indigenous population would go at each other instead of band together and curb stomp American Armour like how the Taliban blows up multi million dollar tanks with $5 bombs. The flaw in this logic came from White House PR monkeys ordering MNF-I commanders to reconstruct what theyd created. Using the hammer to smash civil liberities creates outlying groups or individuals of extremism.

                  So in America. Deepstate apostles know that Trump will be gone in 2-6 years. So every one knows who the boss is, the FBI, CIA, and state agencies with a profit motive that runs deep. The 2nd amendment goes right back to the first American colonies when British solders would kick in the door of colonial huts with a writ and tax settlers hard earned work. Using the hammer for the survival of the British army on the American continent. And this mentality persists today in the minds of Americans. The Murdoch team with aid from deepstate apostles in the background smashing civil liberities, the right to gather, the right to speak freely, the rights of people of colour and so on. Further pushes out extremism to the outliers of society. It’s just a coincidence this guy happened to be white.

                  But the action is with a young woman who was removed from the concert claiming they’re all gana die. 4chan and reddit have been deployed all over this story and good information will come back. We want to know who is this girl, what did she know, why wasn’t the authorities interested in her story and how come she isn’t leading every news outlet in the world.

                  • Cemetery Jones says:

                    Yeah I actually have more faith in 4chan investigating the hell out of these things than the authorities these days.

                  • Cemetery Jones says:

                    Also, you said something really important which should have been highlighted. With minimal personnel and budget, Russia has transformed the Syrian army and its reserves into a far more potent force than any of the ice cream armies the US has spent billions on over the last 17 years.

                    • Sam Sam says:

                      To make a weapon. You need three things. First you need the right steel, then you need temperatures above 1400°, and you need a killer.

                      So yeah. For the last 4 years or so ISIS has need used a pretext to war and that is slowly breaking down. So the military industrial complex is in need of a new pretext to keep lockmart at the top of the arms manufacturing industry.

  7. The Masked Moa says:

    If all you look at is the facade on the surface its not possible to ask the hard questions like: Why did multiple people report more than one shooter? Why is there video of gunfire coming from the lower middle of Mandalay hotel? Where did all the first responders come from so quickly? How did an arsenal of weapons get into a hotel room (and why) when only one gun was being used? Why does the gun sound like a heavy machine gun that is belt fed? Why was a women in the crowd removed for yelling that they are all going to die an hour before the shooting? Convenience of shooter killing themselves (guess they learnt from Lee Harvey Oswald to cover their tracks better)? But most importantly of all Cui Bono – who will benefit from this distraction? Trumps 9/11 for more police state draconian powers? ISIS? Excuse for an attack on Syria to stop the Syrian/Russians/Iranians from winning?

    So long as the Left refuses to look at the truth behind attacks like this one and 9/11 (the biggest false flag of all) the only thing for sure is that the little people will suffer while their plantation masters continue to play their games.

    • Sam Sam says:

      I’m sure Vegas has some counter-terror SWAT response on 24/7 standby. Still, apparently they managed to stop him 5 minutes after the attack began. That is an impressive response time. And good job. Just because of the nature of Vegas (nothing but giant, people filled, money filled targets), they have to think about attacks as much as Homeland Security does.

  8. countryboy says:

    The U$A, and $urely much to the horror of non human wee bea$tie$, i$ compri$ed of u$ type$; human$.
    American$ are human being$ too. Ju$t like you and me. I know! Hard to imagine.
    The thing that make$ U$A’$ human being$ ‘ $pecial’ is that they’re pumped entirely full of narci$$i$m rendering them down to being mindle$$ con$umers without $oul.
    Below the $ludge of clotted blood that now collect$ at the bottom of the sewer$ of U$A ‘culture’ lie the bank$.

    Michael Moore.
    Bowling for Columbine

  9. Silvertuatara says:

    NZ should legislate to remove access and certification to the general public of automatic weapons, with the role of these devastating killing instruments being confined to military, and at a stretch, tactical response enforcement unit purposes.

    Let this tragedy not go unnoticed by our government, with it providing them the impetus to legislate the removal of such weapons from general public access.

    And to the individuals, families and communities that have been impacted so horrendously from what has been reported to have been one man’s rage, my sadness and condolences for the horror that has been randomly brought upon you.

    • Sam Sam says:

      He was firing sustained from a room (32nd floor I heard) in the hotel on a strip where there’s nothing but skyscrapers and concrete. That’s 150m+ just to the ground. Good luck identifying that by ear even if you are LEO/military.

      He obviously designed this for maximum possible amount of shooting people.

    • Andy says:

      NZ doesn’t allow sale of automatic weapons.
      You can however buy semi-automatics, with a gun license

      • Sam Sam says:

        Just because it’s not allowed dosnt mean full retard weapons don’t get into the hands of motivated nut cases on NZ police terror or drug watchlists.

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      So in other words, you’d like us to have the gun laws we’ve had for years already? Well, you’re in luck!

  10. Samwise says:

    The right to bear arms, written in the blood of innocents, to pander to the whims of imbeciles……

  11. Historian Pete says:

    “All that is needed to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun “.So says the National Rifle Association of America. However, what happens if the good guy goes crazy? The U.S. Empire has just learned the answer to that question in Las Vegas. The irony is that the shooting, for a change, happened at a gathering of the country and western set, who would be 95% against gun control.The Gods will not be mocked forever by the hubris of the intellectually challenged !!!

  12. Marc says:

    It is simply the ‘new normal’, people who lose it, one way or another, who may have access to such weapons, they now get worked up through social media, and set out to beat previous ‘records’, by leaving their marks in history.

    Society is actually breaking down at many levels and in many corners, not just in the USA. While they may have their mass shootings, given their bizarre gun laws, there are other incidences that are at least as much worrying, e.g. police shootings (often blacks more than others the victims), wide spread drug use, gang and other crime, and on the ‘softer’ side the development of a huge precarious social class, who feel totally powerless and irrelevant, many try to make up for emotional and psychological deficiency by spending almost 24/7 on social media chatter and so forth.

    While we may have few shootings, we have high levels of youth suicide, high imprisonment rates, especially for Maori, rampant P drug use, a growing underclass, homelessness and social dysfunction. So in essence, the only real difference may be the lack of easy access to guns here.

    Arm the police, and we will not be far off from what the US is like today, as then acceptance of gun use will grow exponentially.

    • Shona says:

      Spot on Marc. Hence my attitude. I care about what happens in NZ than what happens in the USA. This madness was well signaled in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Used to be topical in political discussion groups I attended often run by Americans who had immigrated here.
      Such a polite puritanical society in the surface over there yet underneath it is seething.

  13. Shona says:

    Brilliant writing Martyn !
    Is it just me? have I become callous, unfeeling perhaps?
    I find it hard to give a fuck. America and it’s gun laws what more can one say?

    • Andy says:

      Yes, it’s just you. Most of us still have an ounce of compassion

      • Sam Sam says:

        The guy was a multimillionaire with a gun fetish. Might shed a tear for the poor guy that cleans up the splat from a 20 story fall.

      • Shona says:

        you need to get out more Andy

        • Andy says:

          I’m sure your tears would flow if a Kiwi went into Gun City and bought any of the many semi-autos on display and shot up a school

          Our gun laws are tighter than the US for sure, but not that much tighter, We still have 1.1 million guns in private ownership in NZ

          I’m not in any way condoning any of this, just trying to look at some facts in this dreadful tragedy

          • Keepcalmcarryon says:

            You sound like you are pushing a barrow Andy. NZ us not America.
            A semi auto is not an automatic weapon, with a limited capacity magazine it is no more or less dangerous than a rapidly fired bolt action weapon.

            • Andy says:

              I’m aware that a semi auto isn’t an auto. What NZ and USA have in common is that it is possible to buy the former in a retail store, and the latter is illegal

              Where the two cultures differ is the level of fetishisation for guns that exists in the US

  14. Stephen Howard says:

    I don’t think you need to look for conspiracies or addiction to explain the USA’s problem of violence. I think a culture base on slavery and genocidal land grabs and in complete denial of these is bound to kick up these shooters. Then add the narrative of violence that runs through all of the USA’s entertainment from shoot’em up westerns to shoot’em up police dramas

  15. Muttonbird says:

    A shame Trump wasn’t in the audience.

  16. Madness says:

    Wounded Knee was a Far Bigger Mass Shooting

  17. LOSTRELIC says:

    It’s a testament to the power of propaganda, isn’t it?
    There are plenty of smart-enough people who want sensible gun laws and other reforms, but they’re marginalized by the religious right and large swathes of non-participators.
    I’m expecting I might lose my lunch when I hear how the NRA spins their way out of this one.

  18. Cag says:

    Just something to keep in mind – this is NOT a politically motivated massacre so when you hear ‘reluctant to use the word terrorist’ it’s accurate. I don’t have absolute proof but this – even at this stage – has so many similarities to other mass shooting that I would eat my hat if it turns out otherwise (look to his debts and what his girlfriend has to say). This is why sensible gun control and licensing is so important – how can a private person have 40 active guns (semi automatics as well) and not be on police radar at least?

    • Andy says:

      Look to his debts? The guy was a multi-millionaire.

      I agree that motive is hard to find. I’m not jumping to any conclusions at this stage

  19. Marc says:

    America is losing big, loser big, jihad is all over, at home also: