Sorry – The Daily Blog is closed until 7pm for the NZ election


No comments or blogs published today. The argument and debate has finished. Let all New Zealander’s take the time today to focus on one thing and one thing only, voting as citizens.

Today we stop trying to convince the other and turn our dialogue inside and debate with ourselves who we should vote for and why.

When you enter the booth, let your conscience decide.

We are one of a handful of democracies who peacefully allow the transfer of power, this is a day to celebrate and champion a pause for internal reflection and contemplation on something as serious as the political leadership of our country.

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Remember, if you are working today, you are allowed to leave work at 3pm for 2 hours paid time off to vote. If your boss says you can’t, they can be fined $1000.

Many respects to everyone who have chosen to participate in our democracy today.

We will be open 7pm.


TDB Team Election 2017


  1. “We are one of a handful of democracies who peacefully allow the transfer of power”

    After more than 30 years as an election-spotter, I don’t really believe it’s a “transfer or power” so much as a “choice about the spring colours of power”. But to the degree that it gives people a chance to express what they will and won’t passively tolerate from our new middle managers, and what the investing class can and can’t get away with (for now), elected dictatorships are still better than a one party state.

    [Published after 7PM, 23 September. – Scarletmod]

    • NZ is NOT a true democracy, given the undue massive media influence, with twisted polls and reporting, rather focused on stardom than policy and facts, we live in a defacto dictatorship, no doubt about this.

      • Agreed. I strongly encourage all TDB readers to take part in the inquiry into this election that will be undertaken by the Justice Select Committee. I will be writing to them about thing like the undue influence of polls during the election campaign, and the way horse race style reporting on polls and personalities jockeying for position pushes aside serious coverage of policy differences by the news media. I’d love to see the publication of polls banned between the dissolving of parliament and the end of polling day.

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