Housing report earns Nats the red card – Labour Party


National’s failure to acknowledge and fix the housing crisis will be their legacy. Labour will tackle the housing crisis head-on, says Labour Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.

“Their report card shows National has let Kiwis down when it comes to ensuring there are enough houses, supporting homeownership, and making sure all our families have a healthy home to live in.

“We can’t afford three more years of drift. We need to fix this now, and that can only happen with a Labour Government.

“National could have run an election campaign based on positive solutions to the housing crisis. Instead, they have put all their energy into lying about Labour. It shows they have no serious answers to offer to the problems facing our country.

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“Labour’s going to hit the ground running on housing. We’re going to ban overseas speculators and pass a law within our first hundred days requiring all rentals to be healthy. We’ll end the state house sell-off and kick start our programme of building affordable starter homes for first homebuyers.

“A home is a right. Everyone can have a decent place to live. If we choose it. That is our choice this election. Let’s do this,” says Phil Twyford..


  1. We Must inform the World

    If National is voted back into power, then every adult person who does not own a home, or who does not have a reasonable cost and reasonably functional rental, should take a legal case of neglect to the United Nations.

    Labour and the Greens should take the case on behalf of long suffering deprived New Zealand public. They should do it within the first month of of the new Parliament.

    Why ? Because. every citizen has an absolute right to a home.

    Unfortunately, The National Government has made very little attempt to supply Housing to a vast number of the New Zealand population.

    Further, The National Government has reduced funding to Health Services. Thereby causing unnecessary pain and unnecessary loss of Life.

    The wealthy supporters of National Government do not like the politicians adequately looking after the population of New Zealand. They constantly seek additional unearned money from The Prime Minister.

    If Labour and The Greens fail to take this appalling case of Neglect to the UN they will be seen as partners to the problem.

  2. Just watch this clip tonight from Radio NZ as they cover the urgency of no housing for our retired folks now.

    http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/checkpoint at about -52 mins stage

    Absolutely discusting how the Government treats our elderly today, we hope labour does better for the elderly.

    Also note the issues of elderly with this Radio NZ clip also when the dental urgent repairs are now beyond any hope of most elderly getting any dental treatment.

    Dental was part of health treatments funding by the Canadian government in Ontario when I worked there and now I cannot afford dental repair so I have now blood poisoning!!!!

    Great isn’t it? – as National want us dead so they don’t have to pay any super any more to us, the sick bastards they are.

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