BREAKING: LAST TV3 POLL – Nat 45.8% Lab 37.3% Green 7.1% NZF 7.1%



This is going to be so close it may well be decided by smaller parties like Maori Party and MANA.

The most terrifying part of the last poll before the election is that 45.8% of NZ’s voters support more homelessness, more poisoned rivers, more property speculation, less mental health funding, more experiments in education, no infrastructure investment, more NZers in prisons and 300000 kids in poverty in return for $20 extra a week and half a dozen more bloody roads!

Even if Jacinda wins on Saturday, New Zealand already lost.

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  1. The size of the National vote gives an idea of the numbers of “Deplorables” in the country.

    And for someone who loves New Zealand and proudly remembers how we went nuclear free at considerable risk and ultimately hurt ourselves to oppose arparteid, it is profoundly disappointing.

    It is clear the cuurent govt is sitting on its hands in the face of so.many needs from climate change to homelessness – when it isn’t barefaced lying about Labour’s policies.

    But, as the saying goes “my heart is on the Left…….but my wallet is on the Right.”

    • 40 to 45 % of New Zealanders happy to accept poisoned rivers, increasing poverty and inequality, more mental health issues, worsening health and education services….
      as long as they’re alright and get their flash holidays and flash cars.

    • Try life under the next National Government (credit to John Campbell on tonights Checkpoint.

      Just watch this clip tonight from Radio NZ as they cover the urgency of no housing for our retired folks now. at about -52 mins stage

      Absolutely discusting how the Government treats our elderly today, we hope labour does better for the elderly.

      Also note the issues of elderly with this Radio NZ clip also when the dental urgent repairs are now beyond any hope of most elderly getting any dental treatment.

      Dental was part of health treatments funding by the Canadian government in Ontario when I worked there and now I cannot afford dental repair so I have now blood poisoning!!!!

      Great isn’t it? – as National want us dead so they don’t have to pay any super any more to us, the sick bastards they are.

      I want Winston’s ‘seniors care for the elderly,’ do I have any choice?

      At least Winston will save our East Coast rail now closed so I can get a train when I cant drive again and rail is better for our environment.

  2. These polls are at best only a trend guidance, not more, and all depends on how many will go voting until late Saturday. The weather is meant to be good, so we may hope that Labour will do well, same the Greens, to catch up and perhaps even overtake National. It is a huge worry again, that the future seems to depend on what Winston and NZ First may get and decide to go with.

    This tells me, that a progressive government is only possible if there is a last minute surge in younger voters enrolling and voting tomorrow, otherwise we will get another somewhat mediocre government, that may be fragile also. Perhaps the next election will come before 2020.

  3. I get a different impression about it all.
    The people I talk to tell me of impressive numbers voting. I think there’s a revolt in the wind.
    Fear not.
    And rememebr, if national win? Serves them right.

  4. Keep in mind that in the last round of polls, the Reid Research put National well ahead of where the other two polls put them, and vice-versa with Labour and Greens. What’s interesting about this poll, compared to the last one from the same company, is that the Labour-Greens block have actually gone up almost 2%, National down 1.5%, and NZ First up just over 1%. So even this poll, which has tended to favour the NatACTs, shows a trend in the right direction. Keep the faith whānau!

  5. Its all over and my prediction is National – NZF after Saturday.

    Jacinda is there and waiting when this regime falls.

    Well done in this campaign my girl it will perpare you for the next battle.

  6. They also support having to work another two years before they get the pension – although I would actually pick that the bulk of National supporters are quite old. Another ten years and big numbers of National voters will be dying off.

  7. It appears that Peters may be “King Maker” after all.

    I really hope that the Special Votes from expats, and from young people here in New Zealand will confound the pollsters.

    Otherwise, I have a bad feeling about this.

    • Not the result any of us were hoping for but is there a chance Winston might have a moderating influence on a National government?
      For example, he could demand an end to sales of NZ land and residential property to foreign buyers as a condition for joining the Nats in govt. That would at least be something…

  8. Well I’m for one not going to let another Mediaworks b..s poll get me down.
    Mediaworks realised that the previous b…s poll they manufactured lacked credibility and nobody took it seriously so they tried again and made the margins look a bit smaller this time.
    It isn’t going to work.

  9. Already lost? In many ways we’ve already won:
    NAT is legislating to fight poverty. The Nats!
    NAT is campaigning on clean rivers. Maori. Education and health. Housing. Even the environment.
    Not that they’ll be much use, but for them to even pretend to care about these things shows how much we’ve rattled them.

    Anyway, LAB/GRE has got this, don’t despair.

  10. Agreed Martyn.
    The Natz vote has consistently been 40%+ across polls.
    A large number of Kiwis, despite having the power of the internet at their fingertips & the ability to source facts from reputable sources, remain as fearful & ignorant as their serf and slave ancestors.
    Thanks to them we may well continue to see white collar criminals parading around in ministerial cars, and the imposition of even greater hardships as the last stages of capitalism attempt to squeeze profits from the growing numbers of impoverished and rising effects of climate change.
    If we use each election as a marker, then decline is apparent. Driven by greed and insatiable desire for power, the mendacious behaviour of candidates on the right has reached new lows with each repetition of the electoral cycle.
    The disgusting comments and attitudes towards mental health, environmental pollution and climate change, financial rorting by banks & other parasitic institutions/individuals, attitudes to workers rights…….the list is endless.
    Somehow, 40-odd percent find this credible & acceptable.
    Only when the Shanghai Construction Co is building 20 level high rise apartment blocks in Epsom will there EVER be a change in the attitudes of the 40%.
    And by then I imagine, if not already, it will be far far too late.

  11. Problem in this election was everyone wasn hitting on NZX First and taking the heat off national and Bull English came right through the middle when all who were trying to kill NZ First so there is so blame to go around there folks, because thwe electorate does not like the oposition parties all scraping with each other.

    Get the message?

    But I remain that our best option is to bury those deep seated hate some have for NZ First PLEASE, – ‘give it away’ and work to form a coalition with these three remaining left centre parties of labour, greens & NZ First NOW otherwise ONLY disaster awaits us all.


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