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  1. Donald Trump threatens “Total Destruction” of 26 million pop. North Korea, before the United Nations General Assembly.

    That is, if the North Korean regime doesn’t give up nuclear weapons development. (Or as the North Koreans see it, nuclear weapons deterrent.)

    The US has the military ability to carry out this genocide, and under Trump, also the political will.

    In response, the North Koreans probably have the ability and will to destroy at least one US West Coast city, or US territory.

    President Trump and his advisors would have made this calculation.

    The question is;

    Does President Trump think that stopping North Korea from becoming a fully fledged intercontinental ballistic missile armed state, worth this cost?

    Trump’s speech before the UN General Assembly, seems to indicate that he is.

    • If it wasn’t so serious a situation one could loiiken it to a movie plot to destroy the world with alien humaniods controlling our lives now and attempting to rid the human population so they could inhabit our world.

      I hope this is just talk and not real intentions.

        At 7 minutes into this audio it confirms the following.
        It has been reported by the Electoral commission in an incident complaint where apparently electoral commission staff have been taking home voting boxes full of early voting ballot papers home with them, and Electoral Commission said it was not a security problem as they had seals on them.

        We are concerned about this freely transported non secure voting papers are being handled in this way, as they may be subject to electoral tampering with the election results.

        Last year when we conducted a full review of the Election system at the Electoral Comission.

        They told us in an email that they never allow their staff to leave the voting centres with any ballot boxes because they always have monitors veiwing their activities to keep security.

        But it appears they lied to us back then and we have the email evidence to prove this.

        What should we do with this evidence?

  2. I just heard on Radio NZ news at 1pm that some are questioning how come some staff at the polliing stations are alllowed to take the boxes of votes home with them at night?????

    Did anyone else hear this as it seems doggy to me althouugh some lawyer for the commission said “it is o/k as the bioxes have seals on them!! — reallly?

    Who can you believe in this corrupt little NZ’s grubby crime with a constantly lying PM?

  3. Has anyone noticed how Bill English has stepped out of Sir John Key’s shadow as a purveyor of obfuscation. He has a different style to John so whose you appreciate is a matter of taste.

    In this fine example Bill shows an outstanding talent for going round in never ending circles when asked a question. Like an electron, his circular answers spin around the nucleus at an astounding speed to create the illusion of mass – but in reality most of what seems like a solid object is empty space.

  4. Interesting stuff…not the mainstream media:

    “Max and Stacy discuss the bricks and mortar meltdown and how private equity has once again led the way to a hollowed-out economy.

    Max interviews Jim Rickards, author of The Road To Ruin, The Death Of Money, Currency Wars and The New Case For Gold. They discuss the new Yuan-priced gold-backed oil contract and what this means for US dollar hegemony.”

  5. This is exactly what I had feared, as the Nats ran the scare monger campaign, misleading the public about Labour’s tax plans.

    The new CB Poll out this evening is another shocker, it may mean, if NZ First does not make it above five percent, the Nats may be close to governing alone, and Labour Greens may only get to form a government if Winston is won over.

    Labour has again screwed up on tax policy, not having fronted up from the start, and having failed to give clear and convincing messages, thus enabling the Nats and Crosby Textor spin experts to attack them and keep digging into them.

    It seems New Zealanders do hate nothing more, than unclear, ambiguous, but also potentially dig into the pocket tax policy.

    A reversal of the gains Labour made is the result. Add the stupid water tax agenda, which only hits water bottlers and irrigating farmers and horticulturalists, thus disadvantaging the latter against the ones not irrigating, and the screw up was complete.

    This may cost Labour and Greens the chance of government:

  6. New Zealand Inc has apparently joined the banana republics, as electoral officers can simply take home polling boxes. What stops them then going through them, or putting additional voting papers inside?

    With such practices, the opposition will be well advised to challenge the results that we get on 23 Sept. 2017!!!

    Also this is stuff that deserves to be challenged, it must be illegal, and breaching privacy of voters. How the hell does Paula Bennett get hold of mobile numbers of voters???

    Banana Republic, Banana Republic, Banana Republic, nothing has changed since Dirty Politics, and the reign of one John Fricking Key, the Knighted Bastard.

  7. RT reports that both Assad and anti-Assad rebels have blamed the US led coalition for the deaths of refugees including 11 children on an air raid on the refugee camp in Deir Ezzor.

    Rebel activists also laid the blame on the coalition jets for the killings, although citing a different number of casualties. Unconfirmed reports of an alleged “massacre” in Al-Bukamal first surfaced Monday, also putting the blame for the attack on the coalition sortie and reporting the number of victims at 42. Among the killed civilians were reportedly at least 11 children, six women and 14 Iraqi refugees fleeing territory under Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) control.

    A US military spokesperson, Colonel Ryan Dillon, denied American responsibility for the air raid that caused the civilian deaths.

    “We did not conduct strikes during the time period of alleged civilian casualties,” US Army spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon told Reuters in a statement Tuesday, noting that the coalition planes did strike the terrorist-controlled oil infrastructure some 50 km (31 miles) from the city.

    What is undeniable is that civilian refugees in Deir Ezzor, many of them children were killed in an air strike on Thursday.

    Both the Syrian government and the anti-government rebels have pointed to the US led coalition as the perpetrators.

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