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  1. Least we forget ( a reminder of a contributing factor as to why we have such a high suicide rate…isolation, lack of hope):

    Another reason to boot this pernicious Jonkey and Bill English Nactional government out this Election…is that one of the first things they did on being elected was to cut funding for New Zealand Community Night Classes and adult continuing education

    …which gave adults and school leavers a second chance at life long learning in a fun environment

    …this included arts, photography , reading, writing, NZ history, NZ Maori culture, painting, pottery ,flower arranging, knitting, learning languages, computer skills, business skills ,carpentry, mechanics, metal work, health, yoga, Tai Chi, exercises, domestic and child care skills, dealing with special needs: handicapped and gifted children, counselling skills, home economics and diet skills/advice , home cooking, herbs, ethnic cuisine etc etc

    …it gave the opportunity to meet people and make new friends and learn skills in a fun environment

    …it was invaluable for society well- being and new immigrants integration, as well as those NZers socially isolated bringing up children, retired, newly divorced or widowed or elderly or moving into new districts …it was invaluable for rural communities cohesion as well as towns and cities.

    …many youth also attended, school dropouts and the unemployed as well as high school students

    …for many it was the impetus to start a new career or embark on a new road in formal education and qualifications

    …it showed society cared….many of the teachers gave their valuable time and skills virtually for free

    …and while some secondary schools have struggled on to provided restricted adult and community learning classes many were discontinued and /or were forced to demand unaffordable fees for many…

    the Nats took away an annual countrywide subsidy of about $60 million as I recall …and this was directed directly into the coffers of private schools…a totally immoral attack on democracy and the well-being of New Zealanders and their communities

    (Disgracefully , Anne Tolley said : ‘‘People should pay for hobbies themselves.’’)

    “The benefits of community education also had broader benefits of social cohesion, Ms Hambleton said.

    “For a lot of people, community education was about ending social isolation . . . for many people it’s not just a hobby, it is a way to meet people and get involved.”

    She questioned where the 200,000 people who used to do adult community education courses had gone.”

    Lets hope the new Labour Coalition Government restores Continuing Education and Community Evening classes


    Labour best to manage most issues, but not the economy overall
    19 Sep 17

    Labour seen as best on more issues, but not economy overall
    Definite voters think Labour is best to manage 10 of 17 major issues.

    A Horizon poll finds Labour is seen as better to manage health, housing, immigration, education, household income, child poverty, cost of living, welfare benefits, the quality of life and the environment.

    National is seen as better on traffic congestion, new transport infrastructure, retirement income, crime and the economy overall.

    The parties are even (45% each) on employment.

    The poll of 846 respondents was taken between September 9 and 14.
    It is weighted by age, gender and region to ensure it represents the New Zealand adult population at the last census. At a 95% confidence level, the maximum margin of error for the decided voter sample is +/- 3.4%. The poll complies with Research New Zealand’s code for political polls.

    Economic management

    In the past being viewed as the best to manage the economy has been considered important to winning.

    The survey finds that among those registered to vote and 100% likely to vote, 52% feel National is best for the overall economy and 38% think Labour is.

    A key question is whether this issue will outweigh the overall 10 to 6 issue deficit National has when people weigh up their overall feelings when they vote.

    Female voters appear to be more likely to vote Labour in this election than to vote National.

    In fact, they rate Labour better than National on 15 of the 17 major issues – but on the overall economy measure, 47% of them believe National is best, while 42% feel Labour is. 

    57% of Male voters, on the other hand, felt that National is best for the overall economy, with 34% feeling Labour is best.  Male voters rate National better than Labour on 10 of the 17 major issues.

    Overall, respondents under 35 years old who were registered and 100% likely to vote rated Labour better than National on all the major issues.  National was rated as better for the overall economy from those aged 35 or more.

    Support by activities planned

    First home buyers: Among the 9% who said they were looking to buy their first home in the next 12 months rated Labour ahead on 14 of the 17 major issues:  National was ahead on new transport infrastructure, retirement income and crime. 

    Buying a home (not first home): It was a different story for those who were looking to buy a home – not their first one – or sell a home.  These respondents rated National as better than Labour on nearly all major issues – the exceptions being the environment and child poverty, and for those looking to sell, and health. 

    Note that at the last census, 64.8% of homes were owned by their occupier or held in a family trust.  Housing policy could therefore be a potentially important issue for a much larger proportion of the population than just those looking to buy a first home.

    Starting or finishing tertiary education: Those starting tertiary education or finishing it (13% of the sample), together with the 4% who were intending to start their first full-time job rated Labour ahead of National on all factors.

    Here’s what people said they were looking to do in the next twelve months:

    Full table results for which party is best to manage analysed by 12 activities people plan in the next 12 months are included in this poll summary.

    Comments on these results are welcome at our Facebook page.

    For further information please contact Grant McInman, Manager, Horizon Research, e-mail, telephone +64 21 076 2040.

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