Political Caption Competition


National Party redneck fuckwits scream they don’t want to be seen as redneck fuckwits


  1. Yes I heard the interview on RNZ this morning and I’m almost wanting to give up eating meat that I am already paying a high price for. Some of our cockies are talking like they are the only ones that f…n work hard in this country and its all about them bunch of selfish cry babies. Yet they are happy for more of our assets (landcorp) to be flogged of to them. What a selfish selfish generation some of them have become. And to add insult to the wound the stupid man who organized the Moronsville protest on RNZ put the boot into Maori
    ps. note I said some when he didn’t (the uneffected protest organizer)

  2. Interesting, would somebody tell me how a protest by a couple of hundred people men woman and children becomes national news for days on end when the anti TPPA march i attended which filled Queen street from top to bottom footpath to footpath was written off as a rent a mob??? no wonder even the sheeple are beginning to wonder about the obscene joke we call main stream media

  3. He should have mentioned the ‘comrades’ you tube video of Arden back in 2008 when president of socialist youth…that would have gotten the voters watching the video and realising that she is a socialist/communist!

  4. some of our farmers need a swift kick up their proverbial backsides to say they work hard does that mean others don’t
    ps. note I use the word some as its not all

  5. I am sick of some of our farmers do they think they are the only ones that work hard. Some of them need to stop being so selfish we are all in this mess together by this I mean the mess created by the current government the ones that claimed to have managed the economy so well.

  6. “Yeah nah, pretty proud of it actually. Thought it up all by myself. Me, a cockie, engaging in political discourse, eh, but you know – back’s to the wall, eh. Hope me mates don’t see this or they’ll call me a pooftah.”

  7. Holy Jesus wept. To think I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time and effort pushing the Farmer cause. Seeing Clem Clampet in his high fashion while proudly brandishing a banner to his ignorance makes me weep with despair.

  8. What a dick head,obviously doesn’t know what communism is .Although he should as National has allowed a significant about of New Zealand land and assets to be purchased by China which is a self titled communist state.
    Most farmers vote for the party that gives them the best personal financial return and not what is best for New Zealand.
    I’ve never heard a farmer voicing concerns relating to families living in cars or parents having three jobs in order to pay basic costs of living.Maybe they should pull their heads out of the cows arises and recognise that urbanites are having a though time to make ends meet under National.
    The quicker we can move away from an agrarian economy the better we will be.

  9. Lets hold this protest in MORRINSVILLE and really kick her in her home turf.

    Perfect negative publicity and NO the National party are not involved !

  10. Now now

    We have to cut NZ Farmers a bit of slack. They are very useful at fouling up everything with staggering tonnages of phosphate, cadmium, massive nitrates and endless shit. The best in the World.

    Proudly, they have never ever fixed up their mess. Nor ever will they. The very word ” NZFarmer” means solid unrelenting massive endless Shit.

    We should be so proud of them. Their “kick em in the guts” approach to everything and their bullying behaviour is profoundly Kiwi. Above all they hate Women. They are in their own minds such complete filthy wonderful Kiwis.

    They are born to ruin land, air and water. I say let them get on with it ! Be very proud of them. For by their own admission they are “The best in the whole world”.

    Praise them. They have displayed themselves to a T – at Morrinsville. A bunch of the world’s best Shitheads. The finest Filthy Retards in the whole world. ………

  11. I see those arrogant A holes the young Nats are there. Look a little different than the farmers. A little more entitled which i thought the farmers did not like???

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