Malcolm Evans – The real tax debate?



  1. The Ways of Wealth

    The Wealthy, all snugged up in their New Zealand Herald, and in their Real Estate grubby outlets, have been skinning the hide off ordinary New Zealanders for decades now.

    The one aim in the stinking life of the NZ Wealthy Class, is to make money from the hard working decent Paye persons the length and breadth of the country.

    They have routinely forced the upcoming Election to steer away from any tax revisions, so that their stream of wealth may continue unabated. Their Rolls Royce existence guaranteed.

    Michelle Boag has screamed to RNZ and to numerous redacted low IQ TV and Radio panels “don’t let the poor touch our Tax arrangements”.

    So our obliging Prime Minister has encouraged his Finance Minister to lie outrageously about the monetary skills of everybody, and praise the perfection of Michelle, of the Nationals, and of our unbelievably filthy Farmers.

    Okay. So there will be no Tax reform they say. The Wealthy will get more and more wealth. The middle and lower decent Paye people will get less and less.

    Our beloved Prime Minister has Added 18 new Taxes over recent years – his burdens falling mainly on the poor. Because he hates the poor. With a Hatred. I mean a real livid Hatred.

    Labour has promised not to raise any taxes for four years should it be voted into Office.

    The Tax happy Mr English has made no such promise should he be voted into Office. All we know is he has added 18 taxes in the last 9 years.

    He has literally given $millions of Dollars to his wealthy friends too. Not just via Tax breaks.

    However, whether in Government or not, the Middle and Lower Class will have four years in which to calmly plan a fair go for the many people of New Zealand – plans which would have the potency to claw back the massive greed of the wealthy. Not that they midas men would even notice it.

    Fairness, in spite of Michelle Boag and tricky English and his sad Caucus, will be restored to this Country.

    It would be fitting for Billy English and his family to live in a car. Wouldn’t It ? He has put many families into that accommodation. Without blinking. He is a “No crisis” man.

    And what have the wealthy done ? Sweet Nothing – Michelle. Nothing at all.

    • … ” It would be fitting for Billy English and his family to live in a car. Wouldn’t It ? ” …


      Yes it would, …. and take away the ministerial salary and replace it with a minimum wage , … the same minimum wage with which he is so proud off because it ‘competes’ with Australia….

  2. There is still one residual vestige of Rogernomics that remains to be fixed: The tax on interest on children’s bank accounts that was introduced during the 4th Labour government and has still not been abolished.

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