National’s tax cuts reckless and irresponsible – Labour Party


It is time for Bill English and Steven Joyce to stop the scaremongering and lies, and front up to New Zealanders about the impact of their tax cuts, Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

“Bill English has no credibility on tax issues. He was the Finance Minister in a Government that increased GST after specifically ruling that out in the election campaign.

“National has introduced 18 new taxes, levies and charges, including one on the capital gain from an investment property within two years. Again, National never talked about this in an election campaign.

“Today National have an advertisement saying Labour will increase personal taxes. This is completely untrue.

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“Let’s set the record straight: Contrary to National’s patently false scaremongering about income tax, Labour’s families package makes 70 per cent of families with kids better off than under National.

“What we will do is reverse the tax cuts proposed by Bill English and Steven Joyce that will see $400 million a year go to the top ten per cent of New Zealanders.

“Those tax cuts are reckless and irresponsible at a time when so many of the big issues facing New Zealand are getting worse.

“How can tax cuts be responsible when homelessness is at record levels and the OECD have said we are the worst in the world?

“How can tax cuts be responsible when hospitals are putting up the house full sign, and our mental health system is collapsing under hugely increased demand?

“How can tax cuts be responsible when our schools are so stretched that they have to ask parents for more and more money to just do the basics?

“New Zealanders know these tax cuts are wrong and that National have got their priorities badly wrong. Even the majority of CEOs in yesterday’s Mood of The Boardroom said now is not the time for tax cuts.

“The reality is that after nine years of National Government the basic services that New Zealanders rely on are running on empty, and many families are being left out.

“We can be better than that and Labour has the plan to make this happen, by rejecting National’s tax cuts and investing in our targeted families package and in the public services Kiwis rely on,” says Grant Robertson.


  1. Jacinda – How to find national’s weakness and use this to balance the tax questions they are using against Labour
    From NZ supporters of Jacinda.
    13th September 2017.
    For labour to ask PM.
    First question. Eight says ago when you was having your second debate with the PM, we suggested you should challenge the PM why he has he not told NZ yet what plans he has to sell more assets?

    Second question is what safeguards to protect our sovereignty and our right to govern over corporations and foreign Governments, will he disclose those agreements to the electorate now that he has secretly agreed to about the TPPA !! deal and why he will not tell NZ Voters firstly what he has agreed to?

    • Yes Cleangreen

      Jacinda must ask National if as rumoured, they will be lifting GST by up to 5% when they are re -elected. And where is that written in black and white in their Policy.

      Jacinda must ask why National will continue to draw up there TPPA agreements in Masonic Secrecy – in which all New Zealanders are forbidden to know any detail whatsoever. Thereby condemning us to their usual disastrous National failures.

      Jacinda must ask when National will prevent landlords charging unaffordable rents. Also, when will they ban slum standard rentals and convict landlords of blatant neglect.

      Jacinda must ask why Mr English, has raised our debt by a staggering amount. Expecting low wage earners on PAYE to cover the debt.

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