GUEST BLOG: Willie Jackson – National’s use of suicide to attack Jacinda disrespectful and ugly


The desperation is really showing inside National right now. First Paula Bennett was boasting about taking away human rights, then Steven Joyce invented an $11.7billion fiscal hole in our budget that doesn’t exist and now National Party MP Simon O’Connor has come out and attacked Jacinda for weeping at a solemn suicide awareness campaign.

O’Connor claimed that Jacinda’s tears at the suicide memorial were strange because she supports euthanasia and went as far as to suggest Jacinda’s motives were driven to exterminate voting groups who don’t support Labour.

Just writing that makes me ill.

Under National, almost $2billion has been underfunded from health, especially mental health. Under National our suicide rate has gone up consecutively over the last 3 years. Under national we still have no suicide target.

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For a National Party MP to come out and criticise Jacinda being moved by the pain and horror of our suicide rate for political point scoring shows how National have run out of basic human decency and empathy.

Labour have put together a comprehensive plan to see more mental health nurses in schools, to review the mental health system and to aspire for a suicide rate that is zero.

We deserve a Government that is not as callous and deceitful as the one that National’s MPs have shown us over the last week.

You can vote NOW! Do it for our country. Vote Labour.


  1. Comparing youth suicide to euthanasia for terminally ill elderly is obscene, he should stick to tidying up his own backyard first, especially with the priests interferring with young boys ? Pot calling the kettle black ?

  2. I think we need a new word for final end of life choice (that phrase is clunky) because I have seen people make both that choice and suicide and they are very different.

    I saw my mother die of cancer slowly and painfully, I have cancer too, and I want the choice to avoid the pain and to avoid putting my family through watching me die slowly (If the treatment isn’t successful) That is difficult without some legislation to support end of life choice. Living beyond a time when that choice would be right is sad.

    But dying young when the choice is driven by mental health or stress is also very sad.

    We need different words to describe those things

  3. Jacinda now has every right to respond now by asking these hard questions of his Government.

    Jacinda – How to find national’s weakness and use this to balance the tax questions they are using against Labour
    From NZ supporters of Jacinda.
    13th September 2017.
    For labour to ask PM.
    First question. Eight says ago when you was having your second debate with the PM, we suggested you should challenge the PM why he has he not told NZ yet what plans he has to sell more assets?

    Second question is what safeguards to protect our sovereignty and our right to govern over corporations and foreign Governments, will he disclose those agreements to the electorate now that he has secretly agreed to about the TPPA !! deal and why he will not tell NZ Voters firstly what he has agreed to?

  4. Reminds me of jenny shiplays crocodile tears one year at Waitangi. I could see her face and her nasty devious mind ticking over saying that should be worth a few thousand votes. When in fact she was one nasty piece who then went on to try and force beneficiaries to eat her benefit soup and I remember the backlash.

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