When right wingers say Jacinda has no policy – show them this list

By   /   September 12, 2017  /   4 Comments

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Since Jacinda Ardern has become Leader of the Opposition, Labour has announced the following key policies:


  1. Mike the Lefty says:

    Interesting that National billboards which read “We’re delivering…” are being progressively replaced by billboards reading “secure your future…”.
    Even National have belatedly admitted that they haven’t been delivering anything (other than s..t) to New Zealanders.
    They want to secure our future, by helping us to forget what they have done to us in the immediate past.
    Harr harr harr!
    We hope that New Zealanders are not so naive on Sept 23.

  2. Otto Mann says:

    What the right whingers really mean is that Labour has no policies that they agree with.

    With the Nats its a ‘Bright Future’ of unaffordable housing, foul rivers, low wages, and families in garages and cars.

    Gee, tough call.

  3. countryboy says:

    Yes. All very noble.
    And yet she’s out there freaking out the very people who make the shit that we sell for our export revenue to $-make her wish list possible.
    No one wants cow shit in the water. But for fucks sake Adern, see the big picture here? If you want less cow piss in the latte’s ensure farmers get a higher return at the gate thus making less stock numbers viable. And it has nothing at all to do with the prices of foods and milk products going up at the supermarkets either. Market forces my fat hairy arse. Quite the opposite actually. Take out the Banksters and sundry parasites like the mercantile firms, infamous blood suckers the lot of them, and watch agriculture flourish. As it did when farmer revenue built the NZ we miss so terribly with misty eyes and fading memories. You know the ads? The hokey ones featuring old men in check shirts grumbling about in gumboots and floppy hats. Kiwi-as, go to nostalgia isn’t poncy wankers in Porches vroom-de-clutching up Ponsonby Rd. It’s crusty old cockies driving along a gravel rd in a rusty vintage Landrover while being fucked up the arse by Banksters without the kissing first.

  4. Patricia Bremner says:

    Some are still not on board Martyn. Timid and plain scared.

    Too many years of lies and spin sadly has made people wary.

    We need to get fierce and say “let’s do this!!” Believe and work at it.