Strengthening New Zealand’s identity through Labour’s media and film policy – Labour Party


Labour has today launched its media and film policy aimed at strengthening New Zealand’s identity and providing sustainability for the industry, says Leader of the Opposition Jacinda Ardern.


“Labour recognises that as a nation we must be able to tell our stories, including those of our diverse communities, on multiple platforms effectively in a rapidly-changing media landscape.


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“We also recognise that a strong, informed democracy needs a strong, independent, free public media service. Public media, backed with sustainable funding, is essential to ensuring all New Zealanders are engaged and heard. However, a commercial market cannot deliver all of this.


“Labour will provide $38m a year in additional funding for quality New Zealand programming and journalism, into a fund apportioned by a new Public Media Funding Commissioner, independent from political influence.


“We will also implement a long-term film industry strategy, developed with the sector, to better manage the boom / bust cycle of New Zealand’s film industry, so that emerging businesses can achieve the success enjoyed by Weta, which can ride through film’s economic cycles.


“A key component of Labour’s plan is the creation of a new public digital media service, built around RNZ, as a fully multi-platform, non-commercial entity, including a free-to-air non-commercial television service, with a working title of RNZ+.


“RNZ has consistently provided an incredibly valuable service to New Zealanders, despite a nine-year funding freeze from the Government in a time of massive change to the media sector. Labour will build on RNZ’s solid foundation and transform it into something closer to Australia’s ABC.


“RNZ+ will increase in-house production and distribution of New Zealand content, with an emphasis on quality reporting and investigative journalism reflecting all parts of New Zealand. Maori, Pasifika and other ethnic communities, people with disabilities, and education and entertainment for children will have a stronger presence with Labour’s policy.


“Labour’s media and film policy is part of its wider commitment to New Zealand’s arts and culture, including working with Auckland Council to ensure the delivery of critical studio infrastructure, re-establishing the Pathways to Arts and Cultural Employment (PACE) scheme, and reviewing the screen incentive regime to ensure it remains internationally competitive and delivers maximum benefits to New Zealand, including domestic employment opportunities.


“New Zealand is a nation of strong, diverse and independent voices. Labour’s policy will provide certainty for our voices, so we can share our stories with ourselves and the world,” says Jacinda Ardern.


  1. I wouldn’t mind a review of the NZ and Israel film collaboration agreement signed by Maggy Barry in 2016
    Israel likes to “tell its stories”via film/doco, as a form of hasbara and a means of shoring up its reputation while committing the most hideous human rights depravities
    Not sure we should be helping them do this

    • Jesus ! I didn’t realise old Mag’s-O did that! She should stick to growing pentunias. Did a log fall on her head??
      How can Saggy Maggy be a gardner AND a national party minion without getting hit by divine lightening? After all. ” In the gardner, there lies the gentle hand of God.” Clearly, that’s bullshit.

  2. And a free press so communities can be heard.

    Now RNZ National are scaling back their regional reporters so the regions on East Coast HB/Gisborne has no reporters now so Jacinda you need to fix this and give our voice back again.

  3. RNZ’s fucked.
    That blathering old Shushmyster kath ryan is an unapologetic pro nat’.
    RNZ think jimbo bolger still has useful things to say. He never had useful things to say. The guy’s a dimwitted farmer and a greedy fucker to boot. As for Gibbon Faced palmer. He always sounds like canned yawns fresh off the shelf. Yet there they are… misty eyed and all A sob for the miserable events in recent history that led to this cluster fuck that was once a great, great little country.
    RNZ? Someone needs to tell you! They did it. You dumb shits. You fucking cowards!

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