Winston demands to know Labour’s tax plans??? Ummmmmm, Winnie – about YOUR budget mate

By   /   September 11, 2017  /   25 Comments

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Listening to Winston demand transparency when he’s being completely obtuse on his own budget is like listening to Paula Bennett complain about too many human rights. 

Pffft. I can’t take this seriously…

Winston Peters to Labour: Front up on your tax plans
Winston Peters has set out a firm new condition of going into government with Labour – it must tell him what its tax plans are.

New Zealand First could not support any Labour government without knowing its true intentions, he told the Herald.

Peters said he believed Labour already knew what it wanted from a proposed tax working group but was instead saying it had not decided.

“I’ve got more experience than nearly all of them put together, with respect, lining up for these [post-election] discussions.

…is he serious?

Winston want’s to know more about Labour’s tax plan, well that’s funny because the entire country is still waiting to see how the Christ Winston is going to fund any of his promises.

Of all the Political Parties running this year, NZ First are the worst at explaining how they intend to pay for the $55billion in spending promises they’ve made.

Listening to Winston demand transparency when he’s being completely obtuse on his own budget is like listening to Paula Bennett complain about too many human rights.

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  1. MattyGee says:

    Simply the right-wing fanatics using Winston as a tool to help scare the public into thinking Labour will tax the heck out of them. Dirty Politics 101; use other people as pawns in your own game of hate and privilege

    • bert says:

      The scariest part is that Winston is showing all the signs of going with National.
      I think he has already forgot how he was ridiculed by Key and threatened by English to be thrown out of parliament altogether. There is absolutely NO way that National and N.Z. First are workable parties.

      Winston is trying to play the bully boy game here, not the experience game.

      • CLEANGREEN says:

        “There is absolutely NO way that National and N.Z. First are workable parties.”

        Correct BERT.

        Winston is playing with National as National are actively playing with us all through ‘divide and conquer’.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% Matty,

      I pick this also.

    • mikesh says:

      Whether or not concern over Labour´s tax plans is justified, criticising Winston´s lack of costings is a red herring. Labour needs to consider his concerns on their merits.

  2. Michelle says:

    How come win-stone didn’t front to the Marae 1hr political programme on Sunday instead he sent his number one bum boy Mr judgmental shane jones. To me his absence and his willingness to use our Maori seats as political fodder is good reason why any Maori that vote for him need their heads read. Until the TOW is honored as it has and continues to be tramped on by both the gnats and labour. The TPPA is doing just that as is their fracking, drilling, and land swapping deals. All of the above are good reasons why our seats should remain.

  3. Red Buzzard says:

    …well actually people ARE concerned about Labour’s proposed LAND TAX…

    ….will it force New Zealanders to subdivide and sell off their land… and sell up to rich foreigners who can afford New Zealand land taxes?

    …I guess we could become a suburb of China on this policy.

    Hong Kong land is extremely expensive. New Zealand as the new Hong Kong?

    (golly we could all become rich if we sold New Zealand…and lets change our flag as well…as the James Shaw and the Greens wanted)

    • Sel Clarke says:

      Red Buzzard you must be drinking or smoking something strong because you are not listening very well Jacinda has said they want to look at all options and establish a fair tax system…whats wrong with that?? She also makes it clear that she wants it profesionly done as you would having an independent company check out and establish what is wrong with a company or business again what’s wrong with that Jacinda has stated quite clearly that families house will not be included in any tax report put to her and I see she has made it clear as well that the family home held in trust will not be subjected to tax..again whats wrong with that. There is nothing wrong at all in stepping back and letting an idependant orgainisation to research and recommend changes because believe me our tax system is a mess. Labour will not be like National in 2008 when they promised that the GST would not be increased and as my memory serves me the working party that National set up recommended a speculation tax, a capital gains tax and the possibility of a rise in GST so what did the National Government do? well they said no to speculation tax they said no to capital gains tax and then broke there promise and raised GST from 12.5% to 15% did we hear the wealthy scream about that NO infact it was unbelievable….so Red Buzzard before you shoot your mouth off check the past….

      • You’re correct in your facts, Sel.

        As for Winston Peters, it’s the usual arrogance from him that he has the cheek to demand answers from Labour when he himself (a) has no costed budget and (b) has made a fetish out of not declaring to voters who he will coalesce with. Even ACT is more up-front with voters on the latter point.

        This has been a badly mis-judged move akin to Joyce’s fictitious “$11.7 billion hole” and merely draws attention to Peters’ own shortcomings.

      • Red Buzzard says:

        re “Jacinda has said they want to look at all options and establish a fair tax system…whats wrong with that??”

        …Nothing except it is before an Election and Labour should have decided on those very important tax policies already! ( why NOT?!…do they have something to hide?)

        …or does Labour expect New Zealanders to vote for them blindly?….and have unquestioning faith in the Labour Party?

        ( on past Rogernomics performance I think NOT)

        ….and do they expect coalition partners based on blind faith re tax issues ?…

        …given Labour ‘s right wing Rogernomics history and Winston Peters NZF differences with the Labour Party at that time (over sale of State Assets) this is a big ask

        Play safe and don’t vote Labour I would say….vote NZF !

        • michelle says:

          Don’t vote NZ first if your Maori he (win -stone is kicking us in the teeth)
          The only thing I agree with win- stone on is immigration. However we need immigration just like many other western countries we have low birth rates and we are competing for immigrants but our current immigration policies are only making the rick richer as we are bringing in low skilled immigrants and back dooring some under the guise of education. We need targeted immigration to fill the skill gaps we do not need shelf stackers, checkout operators and cleaners etc ,

        • Otto Mann says:

          RB, you still haven’t addressed several salient points, namely:

          1. Winston refuses to COME CLEAN on who his coalition preferences are

          2. He hasn’t released his own costings for his massive spend-up (aka, election lolly scramble)

          3. When it comes to right wing economics, Peters went into coalition with the Nats in 1996 and oversaw the privatisation of Auckland Airport. So you can take your “play safe” and file it in the round bin.

          I wouldn’t trust Peters as far as I could toss him.

      • mikesh says:

        Excluding the family home seems too restrictive. What if the only fair tax is one that includes some form of tax on the family home.

        Re: GST. I think an increase of GST to either 15% or 17.5% was one of the suggestions of the 2010 TWG.

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yep RB right on the button there.

  5. John Ridley says:

    RB- I disagree.
    THE LAND TAX, as far as I can see, is only applied AFTER the land is sold at a profit; so NOT a cause of it at all. Don’t sell=no tax.
    The tax will only worry property speculators seeking to make a profit out of the sale, & like any other business, profit is taxable, so why on earth should speculators be given special exemption? (They still get their profit.)

    NZ has, for a long time now, been becoming increasingly sold to China, International Corporations, & wealthy ‘foreigners’ . If you want a change from that, you have your best opportunity available now- for the next week or two.

    As for CHANGING THE FLAG, the only individual politican I recall having a strong opinion on changing it, was J.Key. Remember? – I’m sure there were others though.- I don’t remember any political party having a huge say on the issue, but if there were any I’d expect it would’ve been the Maori Party, NZ First, or the Greens. & they’d have all preferred different ones to each other.
    (I myself was ambivalent. I’d have liked a change I think, but none of the 5 designs that were finally offered.)

  6. esoteric pineapples says:

    Not to mention the fact that Winston expects people to vote for him without indicating which way he will swing – so much for transparency

  7. CLEANGREEN says:


    Can you put the two hour Newshub debate up for us voters please?

    Can you get live stream?

    A great political debate tonight where Green Party & NZ First came out as the only two parties backing rail with full commitment. labour sat on the fence National discounted rail.

    greens/NZ First rare moment of joining forces.

    A must see.

    Winston Peters, Julie Anne Genter. David Parker & Shane Reti.

    Newshub sponsored the show which went for two hours.

    Can we have the whole video put up for our members please post election??
    Livestream: Northland rail debate in Whangarei
    21 minutes ago

    Stream TypeLIVE

    Northland’s rail line is in such poor shape KiwiRail has banned passenger trains from using the tracks. Railway workers say the tracks need to be fixed or they’ll walk off the job.
    The state of the railway has emerged as a major issue in the minds of voters, and will be under the spotlight at a debate in Whangarei on Monday night, hosted by Newshub’s Lloyd Burr.
    The event will consist of three separate debates, with the first featuring Whangarei electorate candidates Ash Holwell of the Green Party, Shane Jones of New Zealand First, Chris Leitch of Democrats for Social Credit, Shane Reit of the National Party and Tony Savage of the Labour Party.
    The second debate will have National, Labour, New Zealand First and the Green Party debate the major issues of the election. The third and final debate will also include the main political parties and focus solely on rail.
    A livestream of the debate will be available from 7pm.

  8. mary_a says:

    Like National, Winston Peters is going stale with his arrogance and becoming boring with his utterances!

    He asks Labour to be transparent and reveal its tax plans. He needs to demonstrate more transparency himself by revealing his preferred coalition partner, instead of playing the power game!

    What’s the story of the 450 texts Winston? Or was that another bag of wind? I’m getting tired of his BS!

    Go Labour/Greens. Let’s do this.

  9. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Oh dear!

    All these proto-capitalists foaming at the mouth…

    …yet again.

    Tax their damn’ hides and be done with it!