The Daily Blog Open Mic – Monday 11th September 2017

By   /   September 11, 2017  /   5 Comments

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Red Buzzard says:

    Concerning the URGENT need for a new model Medical School at Waikato to train GPs and the need for a new grassroots health system that CARES …

    …especially for the elderly (NZ tax payers of the past) who at present are being killed off by BIG PHARMA drugs like Fentanyl ( the BIG PHARMA killing fields)

    …and those with mental health problems and addictions eg Neil David Jones

    John Key and Bill English’s Neoliberal hospital system which favours privatisation of health…starve the public hospitals of funds and creates bureaucratic highly paid, uncaring, elitist doctors …for whom the Hippocratic Oath is a ghost

    …This elitist medical top- down model and system where doctors have the power of life and death needs to become a ghost of the past…

    Neil Jones was a victim of this Nactional Party neoliberal hospital system…and the more you read of his story the more appalling it is…who is going to take responsibility for this man’s death and appallingly inhumane treatment?…no one

    …the highly paid doctor has not been sacked and the hospital says it is a systems failure!

    … Do we need doctors like this?…do we need systems like this?…I dont think so…certainly not highly paid ones…how many other people have been treated like this and killed at Christchurch Hospital through a systemic culture of lack of CARE ?

    ‘Hospital staff dump Christchurch man Neil Jones at bus stop in ‘appalling’ failure of care’

    “A dying man was discharged to a bus stop wearing pyjamas because Christchurch Hospital staff felt he was a “nuisance” and “faking” his illness.

    Neil David Jones, 47, then lay on the footpath for six hours while members of the public tried to get doctors to help him. He was eventually trespassed from the hospital and taken to a shelter, where he vomited blood.

    An ambulance took him back to hospital, where he died two days later.

    ‘Christchurch man died after hospital dumped him at bus stop’

    Neil Jones a widower whose partner had died in tragic circumstances had two young teenage children….and an alcohol problem which he probably used to cope with for his grief…He wanted help with alcoholism but none was available for him….instead, as he was dying, Christchurch Hospital turfed him out onto the street

    We need far fewer highly paid, elitist academic , doctors ( in the pockets of BIG PHARMA)… and far more caring New Zealand born medical professionals who provide counselling and treatment with nutrition and natural herbs.

    We need a new system model medical school at Waikato to provide GPs and medical professionals who have the capacity to CARE and relate to New Zealanders.

    We need to get rid of a neolib health and hospital system that sees sick people as objects and nuisance problems to be dealt with and out of wards to get the numbers down and fit the hospital budget.

    We need grassroots medical hubs away from the old hospitals style of top- down elitist highly priced doctors and BIG PHARMA medicine.

    In the new Waikato system these new doctors and medical professionals to be trained should be taken from New Zealand Maori, Polynesian and women who are already involved in CARING…nursing and mental health and nutrition and counselling…the new system needs to cater for its clients, real New Zealanders ( and not the egos and financial pockets of elitist doctors) There need to be beds available for those with mental health problems, addictions and old age respite and end of life care…as well as a medical calling service for those who wish to be treated at home.

    The present system of medicine in New Zealand is alienating for many New Zealanders who need it the most…and it is killing them. We need preventative health care.

    R.I.P Neil Jones

    • John W says:

      We need a tax system and govt that will fund health all through life.

      The aging population are held up as a barrier to provision of health but that is absolute bullshit parroted by stupid or devious mouthpieces.

      Aged as a group have paid social security and later taxes for 4 to 6 decades or longer. A massive amount loot into the system used to build what we have in the way of an expanded infrastructure.

      Immigration has raised the population numbers to suit the benefiting investors in consumerism many of them being Transnational investment funds or bank.

      If our health system has not been adequately build by the decades of tax collected then build and fund it now.

      An adequate health system is a debt owed to all and particularly to the aged.

      Both National and Labour appear to find this hard to comprehend while national deliberately are underfunding health to promote the use of privatised services and private health insurance.

      The provision of health services has been divided up into DHB. Divide and rule tactics so each DHB can be pressured to contract their supply of health needs with budget pressures created by GOVT.

      The payment of tax is the understood insurance for health services since Labour brought in public finding for health in the 1930s.

      A change of direction toward the private health approach that does not work for low income folk is scandalous and a breech of contract.

      The growing number of victims to the deliberate Govt underfunding is alarming and terrifying as to where this is heading.

      The privatised system ( or lack of system ) in the US has people dying in the streets.

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    National are now subtitle with selling us out now.

    NatZ are not selling our assets by announcing public shares they are in boardrooms flogging them off to their overseas paymasters quietly like slime balls and some they are labeling them as Private public partnerships. (PPP) agreements.

    Why aren’t opposition parties getting out there to complain now!!!!

    • John W says:

      Private partnerships for new roads, spells they need more taxes as that will be much cheaper for Kiwis in the long run – or quantitative easing to pay for infrastucture.

  3. Rodel says:

    Just watched Larry Williams talking to or rather ‘at’ Jacinda Adern on ZBNews or whatever it’s called. She was just brilliant putting up with Williams (who I’ve never listened to before) and Soper. I can see why they call him Lackwit Williams whereas Soper is half way there. Williams had nothing but a prepared list of questions, no follow ups and no interest in the answers Jacinda gave. He simply moved robotically on to his next prepared question. Terrible interviewing technique, worthy of an 8 year old. As I said, first time I’ve heard the old fool &.hopefully the last.(Don’t want to waste any more grey matter).
    Jacinda had the steel of Helen Clark, the quick wit of David Lange and the social conscience of Norman Kirk. It was as someone has previously said, ‘Star-dust” verses ‘bull-dust’