Shaw to Peters: show us your fiscal plan


Shaw to Peters: show us your fiscal plan before attacking Labour’s

Winston Peters needs to show us how he plans to pay for his $10 billion ofrecent election promises before he attacks Labour on their fully-costed plan,the Green Party said today.

Winston Peters set out another new condition of going into government with Labour this morning, saying that Labour must tell him what its tax plans are.

“Winston Peters needs to explain what new taxes he plans to raise to pay for his $10 billion of election promises before he can attack Labour’s fully costed fiscal plan,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

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“It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

“Peters needs to be held to the same high standard Labour and the Greens have submitted themselves to by having his election priorities fully costed and independently scrutinised.

“The Green Party will release its independently analysed fiscal plan before the election.

“Peters has promised at least $10 billion of new spending this election, yet is still to reveal what new taxes he plans to raise or what public services he will cut.

“Until he’s transparent with his own plans, he has no right to attack Labour for theirs.

“Once again, we see Winston Peters holding a potential new Labour Government to ransom. If voters are seeking a change in Government this election, which Winston Peters has not committed to, then the Greens can give that assurance,” said Mr Shaw.


  1. Winston Peters although a long time parliamentarian has never been a success.

    He appeals to dear old ladies who enjoy his so called charm. They adore his boring foibles, And they ooh and aah over his nearly valueless “gold card” which he presses into their hands.

    Basically he is unstable and unpredictable. He makes no commitment to anything – other than his own ego.

    He could have been quite useful had got his face out of his ever present mirror. He is to be pitied. Winnie is never to be acclaimed nor trusted.

  2. I haven’t picked up that Winston is attacking labour’s tax policy is he? He is just letting them know that he will need to know some details about it before he can agree to support them into government. Presumably they would need to know his policies too under those circumstances if it were they that may be a junior partner and NZF calling the shots.
    Not unreasonable that he makes the point now so that voters know too surely.
    A capital gains tax if it is applied to farm land, and is set at a level to generate significant revenue, will destroy N Z farming as we know it. Farm land is priced at a level that is commercial madness compared with the income that can be generated from it. Partly because some people see farming as a very desirable way of life, but overwhelmingly because it is seen as a desirable investment, irrespective of what can be earned from it, by immensely wealthy overseas interests. To whom the revenue that can be earned from it , if any ,is irrelevant.
    If New Zealand based farmers are made to pay a capital gains tax out of what they can earn off their farm, based on the price inflation that results from offering our farms to all and sundry international wealthy elite ,as we do, it will very soon be that no farms are owned by New Zealand farmers.
    A few will be owned by NZ business people who’s real income derives from some other investment . But NZ owned and operated farms will become a thing of the past.
    I don’t think Winston would like that, and neither would I.
    D J S

  3. Strange how Tax does not destroy business in other countries.
    But is claimed to within New Zealand.

    What is it about NZ Industrialists rural or urban, that puts their knickers in a constant twiss ?

    Why, having created devastation of air, land and water will they not pay for all their damage ?

    Surely they realise that New Zealanders are sick and tired of their relentless destruction.

    Winston Peters along with other National Politicians absolutely wants NZ further destroyed. The man should examine his conscience.

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