Rise of the Blue Dragons underpin immigration concerns

By   /   September 11, 2017  /   43 Comments

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The fear of many is that National’s incredibly close relationship with China from mass immigration, to close personal business relationships has fuelled an electoral feedback loop that is benefitting China and Chinese residents over New Zealanders.

Poll: National will be back in Government if Chinese voters had their way

National would easily be able to govern alone without the need of any support parties if Chinese voters in New Zealand had their way, a new poll has found.

The WTV-Trace Research Chinese Poll found 71.1 per cent of ethnic Chinese will vote for National if the election was held tomorrow, a 2.4 percentage point drop from its previous poll.

This is at odds with some other mainstream polls which are putting Labour ahead of National.

Labour was up 5.8 to 21.6 per cent, while both NZ First and Act were down to 2.4 and 2.0 per cent respectively.

The fear of many is that National’s incredibly close relationship with China from mass immigration, to close personal business relationships has fuelled an electoral feedback loop that is benefitting China and Chinese residents over New Zealanders.

More Chinese tourists pour into NZ when our infrastructure can’t cope with the huge numbers of tourists we now have.

More Chinese tourists come here and check out the property market that is seeing costs for renters like this…

$750+ $750 + $112.50 + $3000
TOTAL= $4612.50”


Ray White are trying to get more  buyers from China, when investors are now 44% of buyers in Auckland.

When the Government is spending millions on housing the homeless in motels. 

When 250,000 hectares of land have been bought by foreigners without required approval from the Overseas Investment Office since 2011.

Do we need  MORE Chinese tourism bringing more hungry speculators into a country crippled by a lack of infrastructure investment and housing crisis.

What’s that you say? But the Chinese will build our infrastructure?

You mean this Chinese infrastructure?

Steel for Huntly bypass bridges fails test

Sixteen hundred tonnes of steel from China has been found to be too weak for four bridges on the $450 million Huntly bypass that forms part of the $2 billion Waikato Expressway.

Contractors building the ‘Road of National Significance’ chose a very low bid for the steel tubes.

But the test certificates for them have turned out to be wrong, and now an expensive fix-up job is under way.

The contractors, Fulton Hogan and HEB Construction, have admitted to RNZ News the steel tubes were not good enough. They did not comply with standards for structural steel, which for bridges were very high as they must resist impacts, heavy loads and low temperatures.

It was only after a third lot of testing that the contractors found out. The first tests were done in China by the steel mill and the tube manufacturer; it is understood the second tests were done in New Zealand on samples sent here from China.

Both lots of tests said the steel met the New Zealand standard.

A road sign on the Waikato Expressway, showing the speed limit.A road sign on the Waikato Expressway Photo: RNZ / Andrew McRae
As for the third testing, there are two versions of events. The contractors and the New Zealand Transport Agency say that, following established quality control processes, they tested the tubes after they arrived and immediately found out the steel was no good.

But RNZ News has been told it was only when workers began pounding the tubes into the ground, and the steel ballooned on the ends, that tests were done by an accredited laboratory.

The steel failed in this third lot of tests.

I simply don’t trust the National Party when it comes to handling our economic interests with China because the National Party itself is now wedded and compromised personally to wealthy Chinese interests.  Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain are Director’s of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida, to gain more Chinese money  and Maurice Williamson’s love affair with  Donghua Liu saw him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and heavying the Police to drop domestic violence charges.

The National Government are as dependent on their Chinese friends as the entire economy now has become.

You can see why Labour’s policy move to stop all foreigners from buying NZ land will be seen as a direct threat to National’s relationship with China.


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  1. bert says:

    I do believe that the Chinese are not at fault here. It is clearly National and the substandard policy, the substandard oversight of rigorous testing of Chinese steel that have allowed and encouraged the Chinese to invest laundered money out of China.


    Hardly surprising the Chinese will have a large voter base voting for National, when National promote N.Z. as a tax haven.

    This has been encouraged and accepted by National and the Chinese have rightfully exploited New Zealand courtesy of National, why wouldn’t they.
    The housing crisis was not caused by more kiwis returning home, that falls into the same category of English not knowing about the Todd arclay affair, fiction or lie, take your pick.

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    What is clear is that National are punishing kiwis while they are undermining our ability to control our own future.

    They are guilty of conducting genocide, and all kiwi’s must rise up & remove this corrupted government on 23rd September.

  3. Geoff Lye says:

    Cant happen soon enough.

  4. dave brown says:

    And one doesnt have to be racist to oppose China buying up NZ.
    China is an imperialist country while NZ is now a virtual colony.
    It is China’s influence that matters not any ethnic or national character of its people.
    We went through this in the 1960s when the US took over from Britain as the dominant imperialist power in NZ.
    We were accused of, not racism or nationalism, but anti-Americanism.
    Our response was to say we were not opposed to Americans, even the North Merican variety, as people, but only their ruling classes.
    Same applies to China.
    We have to forge unity with the Chinese working masses who have the power to replace their CCP dictatorship with a Workers State aligned to workers everywhere.
    In socialist world run by workers councils, it will not be nation vs nation, race vs race, but class vs class.
    Even the class war will become passe when only one class, ours, rules.
    Working people will rule and will run the world to protect humanity from genocide and nature from collapse.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      China are another dreadnought ‘expansionism power’ that is intent on gobbling up smaller easily plucked countries, as the ‘new colonial power’.

      We have seen this colonialism all so many times before.

    • nzbc says:

      Bollocks that China is an imperialist power —-all New Zealand has to do is tell the Chinese to fuck off and they will – watch the economy go into free fall though, and then think –how are you going to pay for all those new houses and three years free education.

      The Chinese are unlike the Americans and Brits who outright invade other countries and kill their leaders.

      And unlike how the British empire (of which New Zealand was part of and benefited from) exploited the Chinese —invading them and forcibly narcotizing, and then plundering them – look at world GDP trends over the past 200 years (India and CHina use to rule the roost)

      It is a great thing that a non-white country is rising and challenging the white powers. That is a good thing for all people of colour the world over. That is why China is so overwhelmingly popular in Africa:

      A racist strain in the West, even among the left who cannot tolerate the rise of a non-Western power.

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        L0L ! Nice history lesson. Welcome to the year 2017.

        China doesn’t give a shit about last century’s news, and if there’s a buck to be exploited , they’ll do it. And they are doing it.

        A few years ago there was even a Chinese based party started up over on the North Shore of Auckland. When investigators started looking into it , – they found the money trail for financing it led right back to Beijing.

        So if that isn’t direct foreign manipulating influence in our democracy , – what is?

        Begone , National party supporter , – we have far too many speculators , – let alone from China , and the only reason many of them support National is because National has enabled them.

        Oh , … this is also New Zealand ,.. and we say what goes on here.

        Not foreigners.

        • NZBC says:

          “China doesn’t give a shit about last century’s new”

          Actually they friggin well do —the whole idea of the Chinese revolution was to right hundred years of humiliation that the Western imperialist powers inflicted on China from 1840 to 1949. To restore China’s to her rightful historical position.

          Anyone with even an inkling of China and her modern history will understand that the underlying motive of almost everything that she is now doing comes from this sense massive injustice and humiliation. For example refer Xi’s speech on the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong:

          I couldn’t give too stuff about National. Who I do give a shit for is the coloured working class the world over, the brown, the yellow, the black. Could not give a stuff about the white working class —they have fought imperialisms wars, and enjoyed the spoils. Trump and Sanders supporters and their equivalents all over the anglo-sphere could not give a flying fuck what happens to them.

        • CLEANGREEN says:

          1000% WK.

          China tried it buying out all they could in Kenya I know because I was there!!!!!

          Now they are trying it all over Africa and South Pacific.

          • NZBC says:

            The Kenyans, and African countries in general are overwhelmingly positive when it comes to China’s engagement with that continent, ahd China’s contribution to economic growth and development.


            Such a joke and so pathetic, some of the posters of this site —New Zealand was an active and enthusiastic offshoot of British imperialism, and later lackey of US imperialism, at least up to the fourth labour government. US and British imperialism enormously benefitted the anglo saxon tribe which of course includes white new zealanders

            Complaining that a few wealthy chinese investors are dumping too much money into the Auckland market and that constitutes imperialism? Regardless the merits or otherwise of foreign investment in property, the Chinese are paying more than a fair price at least. Unlike the sneaky, underhanded, greedy Anglo Saxons:
            “Most of these land deals and the arrangements made with the local chiefs were absurdly low, in some instances 100 acres of land was purchased for 1/4d [a farthing] an acre or for goods of cheap and poor quality.Eight independent purchasers claimed at one stage to have ‘bought’ the whole of Kapiti Island for blankets, muskets, axes and other goods”

            At more or less the same time as these despicable land deals, these same english people were plundering India, invading China and flooding the country with opium, and plunging these two great ancient civilizations into a period of chaos, strife, and great suffering.

            And yet the descendants of British settlers now call China imperialist simply because of a few investments in land –which can easily be turned off anytime by the NZ government ?

            In any case the wheel of history is turning. China is New Zealand’s second largest trading partner, probably soon to be the first. Sure the likes of Wild Katipo can work up a head of steam over it–but really who cares —there is a deep and unstoppable shift in economic power happening – white countries don’t get all the spoils anymore – that’s going to happen no matter how much Wild Katipo gnashes his teeth, stamps his feet and pulls at his hair.

            “black, brown, red, yellow, all are brothers, all are one family. The white one is a stranger. He’s the odd fellow.” – Malcolm X

            • WILD KATIPO says:

              “black, brown, red, yellow, all are brothers, all are one family. The white one is a stranger. He’s the odd fellow.”

              L0L !

              I rest my case about being an inverted racist. And just because you quote a well known social figure doesn’t change the fact.

              What do you think white people do?

              Fly around with the Valkyries and listen to Wagner all day?


        • Sam Sam says:

          Ok I’ll back down first. Just got to be carful now a days with right-wing apostles basically politicising shit because the whole party lies so much. It’s so sickening.

          Thing about China is even if I’m 99% wrong and 1% correct about China. That’s still 13 million Chinese that agrees. Right now there is a greater ration of Chinese boys over girls. They (John English/Key) have been okaying homosexuality with there party. So it will be interesting to see if the sons of China will in fact vote for a Christian values party intolerant of homosexuality. A bad market like this will just present desperate salesman with multiple opportunities to have fun. Because. So so desperate self made Realestate salesmen trying to avoid having created modern living environments out vehicles do exactly that. Just go out and have fun, use them (Chinese) and then dump them when they inevitably bore them.

          Again back to my original point, it really does sicken me that they will get away with this. By trying to hold a small sized country that offer great standards of living to ransom, by threatening bad news and trying to cyber bully their way to the results that they want to get even though it is totally unjustified. They will see this and rightly assume these people are a disgrace. Especially when they know 100% that our Education sector is better through there own admission of firstly deciding to leave the mother land. This is an admission that New Zealand’s education is better then when they as students don’t follow through on there obligations to procreate, New Zealanders are held to ransom. We will not be bullied by lies and we will not yield to rip offs that are simple fabrications. One of the biggest lies they spew is that education is a gateway to prosperity, I mean it is if you are subservient. This just isn’t the case. We literally pride ourselves on being the opposite. They use PR because they know it will annoy us because it’s the opposite of the truth i.e. lies and because they didn’t get their own way.

      • Sam Sam says:

        Get over your butt hurt ideology and National may stay above 30 in the polls.

      • Groucho Marxist says:

        You forgot to mention Tibet in your history lesson. Maybe that doesn’t fit so well.

      • GrahamB says:

        Great Point NZBC. But really Im not sure that its worth rationally arguing against such zenophobia. Has the man ever lived elsewhere?What is a New Zealander?Such writing as in the article almost pushes me to vote National as it seems to be the one party that sees us as embers of the world rather than a solitary, narcissistic entity with a ‘nationalist religion.

        • WILD KATIPO says:

          … ” Such writing as in the article almost pushes me to vote National as it seems to be the one party that sees us as embers of the world rather than a solitary, narcissistic entity with a ‘nationalist religion ” …

          So , you’re a happy globalist , then.

          Good for you. I guess you like free trade deals and the TTPA as well. Gotta keep the peasants working for peanuts to keep you in clover , eh mate.

          So while your busy camouflaging your ulterior motives of fiscal gain dressed up as humanitarian values and noble aesthetics, I’ll be quite happy to call you out on that.

          Most of us , – who happen to BE actual fucking WORKING CLASS , – don’t have a particular love of sleeping in cars , on park benches and moldy shit damp houses and garages where kids develop third world diseases. Nor do we particularly enjoy shivering in houses because we cant afford the power bills because we cant pay the rent because our wages are total shit.

          You go ahead though , – dream on about your bullshit theoretical ‘ workers paradise’ while sipping on your brandy , wishing we were all like China.

          Go ahead. Vote as you will. Honesty’s a great thing.

          So much so it was a question in a leaders debate not so long ago. It appears National / English couldn’t answer that question without beating around the bush. Whereas Adern could.

          So , rather than play to your deflections in trying to slant this towards your obvious vested interests , – I’ll call you for what you are :

          A self interested , hypocritical inverted racist with vested financial interests who abhors the very notion of a ‘restrictive’ national sovereignty that interferes with your free market aspirations and that prefers instead a compliant government in line with international / global trade deals that only serves YOU and your fellow traveler’s best interests despite being to the long term and absolute detriment of the very ‘ workers ‘ of that same country that you so adamantly profess to a proud citizen of.

          Now, hows that from a REAL WORKING CLASS person?

          Here’s another suggestion :

          The next time you try that sort of bleeding heart bullshit narrative , stop and think , – then climb back down that dark shitty hole Stephen Joyce recently dug for himself and the National party and wallow around the slime at the very bottom along with others of his Dirty Politics cronies and his fellow believers in wrecking a country’s sovereign right to decide what goes on in their own country.

          We don’t need ya.

          Or National.


          • NZBC says:

            New Zealand was wealthy because it was part of the Anglo Saxon imperialist gang in very recent history. The gang which pauperized China, India, and the most of Asia and Africa. White New Zealanders, lived off the wealth created by yellow, black, and brown people.

            However in the past 2 to 3 decades there are seismic shifts happening in the world economy, and the West does not have such a monopoly on world resources and the means of production anymore. China has become New Zealand’s biggest trading partner. Australia’s largest trading partner is also China.

            New Zealand either gets on board with these shifts, so we can continue to enjoy iPhones, computers, broadband internet, and all the other great things of a modern technological society, or we stagnate into a backward south pacific swamp, analagous to what what the UK will soon become after Brexit.

            Speaking of Free Trade Deals – who signed us up to that one with China???

            Fact is Jacinda is going to do nothing about globalization – she is actually on board with it, in spite of a few rhetorical bones she throws to angry, resentful, but ultimately completely impotent internet ragers such as yourself

            • China has become New Zealand’s biggest trading partner.

              Of course they have.

              It’s a natural consequence of neo-liberal globalisation: the export of jobs from our country to a low-wage economy. The companies pocket the difference in wages; we get to pay the welfare for unemployed workers.

              That’s that system you appear to be advocating? Well, I have news for you; neo-liberalism is grinding to a halt and will be rolled back.

              • NZBC says:

                What is not grinding to a halt is the global shift in economic power. That means New Zealand’s largest trading partner will continue to be China for the foreseeable future.

                By the way, a fundamental question is how did China and India get to become low wage economies and Western countries like New Zealand get to be high wage economies in the first place?

            • Sam Sam says:

              As of December 1994 the average wage was $15per hr. So more than enough for a return trip to Mid-city, strategically located next to a main bus stop and Yifans. Both of which I am lead to believe have been gutted by free trade. Also I strongly suspect the comments in this reply will trigger a great many number folk as is only natural when free trade, foreign policy, and sovereignty are concerned.

              Actually the phrase ‘Free Trade Agreement’ is a little misleading. It might more accurately be called ‘Free State Agreement.’ It’s worth keeping in mind that the DeepState remains a primary factor in development of policy, and innovation, and research and development through a verity of measures, government procurement, public subsidies, regular bail outs, and other means. It’s particularly true in the U.S and it’s true in New Zealand as long as it’s done under a veil of national security. So long as advanced industries is done under the cover of electronics. For that the GCSB served as good cover.

              In recent years if you look at government spending there is a shift towards more punitive welfare institutions of the government. That is a reflection of the fact that the cutting edge of the economy is becoming more biology based. That includes computers, the Internet, satellites. Most of the rest of the IT revolution kiwi style has finally exploded in homelessness and housing crises. But also much else, transport, dietary supplements, health, Semi pro sports, media. The crucial role of the state in economic development should be kept in mind when we read these days dire warnings about immigration and climate change, diary intensification warnings, water quality warnings. And government intervention in the financial system as private management have once again driven the economy to ruins. This time an unusually severe crises and one that harms the rich not just the brown, yellow ect, so it merits special concern.

              It’s also worth recalling that large scale state intervention in the economy is nothing new. On the contrary it’s always been a central factor in economic development. Wish I had the time to review Jacinda’s recently announced Media policy here but it is instructive, these state guided modes of economic development require considerable deceit where economic development can’t be controlled by force. So the people can’t be told that these advanced economies rely heavily on the principle that the population pays the costs and takes the risks so the profits are eventually privatised for the rich. And it can take along time, some times decades. As in the case of State Housing for example.

              Shortly after the war advanced technology was sold as protecting from monsters and that permeated all the way to television about spies ect so Sir Keith Jacka Holyoake had to stop em in Veitnam. And that should sound familiar because it is.

              For those that want to understand the realities of the whole Cold War system of control of the public. There is a very obvious moment to inspect carefully. That’s 30 years ago when the 4th labour government declared a nuclear free policy and what followed latter. Now the celebration of that policy has already begun with ample coverage of new climate policy and its only going to increase as global average temperatures move past 1.5 degrees higher average temps, via very interesting policy proposals that have been ignored in the past and probably this coming September. Except on The Daily Blog. Via what happened after the ANZUS Treaty was gutted. Well the Jim Bolger lead National Government reacted immediately. It issued new budget guidelines. And a new budget proposal which laid out what New Zealand’s new course will be aptly titled The Mother Of All Budgets. And now that nuclear super weapons were no longer allowed in New Zealand the whole frame work for power and control over the population collapsed, so what was the new frame work going to be?

              So what was the response of the planners and Jim Bolger. It was very straight forward. In brief everything will go on exactly as before but with new pretext. So we still need the same huge spy network but for a new reason. Literally. Because of the technological sophistication of beneficiaries (you can laugh now) so we have to maintain a strong economy, and that’s a standard euphemism for high tech industry. The system where by the public takes the costs and takes the risks, and high tech industry takes the profits.

              We also have to maintain peacekeeping forces directed mostly at ASEAN and the Middle East. In other words sorry folks we’ve been lying to you for the past 50 years. And now the clouds are lifted so you can see if you choose to. And few chose too during the 2014 elections.

              Now things have changed. If you remember back to Helen Clarks defence posture it was set at benign which is hard to take seriously. For example Peacekeeping operations in East Timor and Solomon’s Island and a lengthy stint reconstructing Afghanistan and Iraq (again you can laugh now) it was aimed at and quote: “combating Terrorism;” (it’s the joke that keeps on giving) so it required a shift from the back end of NZDF operations to the front end and almost let advanced nuclear propulsion back in to New Zealand’s jurisdiction. This is all public knowledge.

              The official stand today on NZDF is also not easy to take and there are some sharp reductions in offensive military capabilities. Sell the frigates, no anti surface warfare, no anti undersurface warfare, no oceanography capabilities, no air combats rolls. Admittedly these are improvements on previous party policy all across the board, and now Bill English about faced on having a more independent foreign policy and NZDF. But all political leaders understand very well that political will with in the public can not possibly sustain and maintain a competent NZDF. And Jerry Brownly did react to this with a very sharp increase in NZDF CAPEX that Andrew Little and other wish to raid. And this comes at a time when the economy is tanking and is drifting since then.

              What ever anyone thinks about NZDF Peacekeeping Operations they have some credibility. But what happens when terrorism and beneficiaries are gone and the pretext disappears. Well it will get more extreme. Well Bill English, the transnational capitalists wet dream made an astonishing about face. Well under a Government He leads New Zealand will get a more independent foreign policy now that is astonishing in the light of National Party history. The National party alone has allowed hundreds of Transnationals to raid New Zealand’s economic base and is practically destroying New Zealand’s economy twice.

              So the process is accelerated with the expansion of welfare becoming an effected PeaceKeeping Force kiwi style as is reconstruction efforts today in Iraq. And more generally NZDF must tutor Iraqi forces in military operations to protect western installed puppets, there by protecting U.S oil interests and western energy interests and all that just opens up a new phase of western imperial domination. With polite phrases of brining peace and prosperity.

              And that is what is happening now. So IMHO New Zealand’s NZDF is at the core of any independent foreign policy.

          • NZBC says:

            “don’t have a particular love of sleeping in cars , on park benches and moldy shit damp houses and garages where kids develop third world diseases.”

            But isn’t Labour going to fix all that by Christmas?

            Surely then, it demonstrates the issue is not our trade deals, or the Chinese, but simply the fact that the gains in the economy have not been evenly distributed.

            But you still have to have a strong economy to start off with in order to be able to distribute stuff.

            What do you want? Scrap the Free Trade Deal with China, our largest trading partner? Just come out and say it.

            Is that what Labour and the Greens, or even NZF will do? Of course bloody not. In spite of all this ranting and raving (motivated by a deep seated racial animus) they know which which side of one’s bread is buttered.

            There will be shitloads more people sleeping on park benches, and shivering in the cold, if we cop out of our international trade obligations, ones we willingly signed up to under a labour government.

            Suck it up dude!

            • Sam Sam says:

              Personally I don’t think globalisation is going to go away any time soon unless some sort of economic shock can some how de-invent the Internet and trade. Even WW1/2 gave it a good go.

              With regard to trade. It is nessecary to secure safe passage up to and through the South China Sea. Iv discounted the eastern trade links because I just don’t like PepsiCo, they just buy everything up and sell it back to you at a premium I.e Hoytes cinema tickets now cost an average $25. When I was a child $25 backs was enough for a return bus trip, 2 feeds with drink, all day at Yifans entertainment centre, and a blockbuster movie. So free trade to date hasn’t been all that free.

              Free flow of capital is one thing. But to qualify as free trade, free flow of labour must be included. And that means respecting the rights of kiwis to have decent access to resources.

              • NZBC says:

                “When I was a child $25 backs was enough for a return bus trip, 2 feeds with drink, all day at Yifans entertainment centre, and a blockbuster movie”

                What was the average salary back then? Compared to now.

                • What was the average salary back then? Compared to now.

                  I’ve no idea, NZBC. I could skype my dad and find out if you’re that interested. But I have a sneaking suspicion it was a rhetorical question and you’re not remotely interested in the answer.

                  But what I can tell you is that my father raised a family of six (parents and children) on one wage. That paid for everything including modest camping holidays; a family car; a colour TV set (when they were still new(ish) and expensive) – as well as mortgage, power bill, rates, groceries (for four teenagers – I’ll leave the cost to your imagination!!), etc.

                  On one wage. Mum worked at home raising me and my siblings.

                  One wage.

                  Can you offer us an opinion that things have improved since then?

                  • NZBC says:

                    ” But what I can tell you is that my father raised a family of six (parents and children) on one wage.”

                    Hmmmm….could those days of milk and honey have anything to do with New Zealand being Britain’s farm and enjoying the spoils of Britain’s century long domination of most of the world.

                    Didn’t things start to head south when Britain joined the EEC in 1973? That’s when we started to run current account deficits, as we borrowed to maintain that great lifestyle which was simply unsustainable.

                    Problem is New Zealand now has to compete internationally and the West does not dominate resources and means of production to the same extent as they once use to – due to the weakening of imperialist power structures —now we have China and the BRICS as a counterbalance to Western hegemony. The world is a more competitive place. Billions of Asians and Africans want their fair share of global resources. That’s the reality.

                    • Nope. it all turned to custard after Rogernomics de-regulated the economy and instead of companies remunerating their staff, they siphoned money to shareholders. That has been one of the prime reasons wages have stagnated whilst the top 1% have become further enriched. There’s more, but you can look it up as well. Robert Reich did some good work on this issue.

                      And the only reason there was massive borrowing in the late 70s was because of the second Oil Shock which sent inflation out of control. As well as carless days and reducing the speed limit to 80kph on the highways, interest rates rose and housing prices skyrocketed as people in outlying “satellite towns” tried to sell up and move back to urban centres.

                      It had zilch to do with the UK joining the EEC – though that probably didn’t help matters, creating a “perfect storm”.

            • “don’t have a particular love of sleeping in cars , on park benches and moldy shit damp houses and garages where kids develop third world diseases.”

              But isn’t Labour going to fix all that by Christmas?

              Well, they sure can’t do any worse than the National Party you appear to be pimping for, NZBC. They’ve had nine years .

              • NZBC says:

                For what its worth I’m one tick red for my local electorate MP, and green for party vote.

                I can see the benefits of global trade though.

          • Red Buzzard says:

            Chinese OVER POPULATION and Chinese MALE sexist chauvinism and male entitlement in China …enhanced by the one child policy and the murder of Chinese girl babies has led to a huge over-population of Chinese mainland Males…they outnumber females by about 33+ million!

            It is a HUGE problem and spoilt Chinese mainland males is acknowledged by the Chinese themselves in other countries ( Singaporeans, Taiwanese and Hong Kong …as well as those colonised by the Chinese)

            Where do these surplus mainland Chinese males go ?….army ?!…building roads ?…emigration to ecologically and gender and culturally sensitive places like Tibet and Asia and New Zealand ?!….do we need these problems in New Zealand ?!….I dont think so!…It is a Chinese male overpopulation problem and they should sort it out for themselves in mainland China instead of spreading it…

            ‘Chinese Men Outnumber Women by 33 Million After Decades of Gender Bias’


            ‘Why Chinese men are the most single in the world: the perils of gender imbalance in China’


            ‘China has world’s most skewed sex ratio at birth – again – World Economic Forum report also finds the mainland performs poorly in women’s education and political power’


    • Sam Sam says:

      Eh, you too take PR too seriously.

      In a population of +1.3 billion you’ll end up with a bunch of loons sooner or later (and internet making them easier to congregate), and shit happens in a large country like that.

      Considering the fact that Japan was a colossal asshole during WWII, with them now saying that China is going to attack them and start another Asian war, when China was one of their victims during the War, it just reeks of hypocricy and ignorance, which isn’t what you want to smell like when you want to get back onto Asia’s good side again.

      But since that’s not a satisfactory commentary we’ll now go into cray cray speculation. Early 21st century PRC has this issue of social expectations growing faster than their economy (yes, it’s as disturbing as it sounds). This issue leads to a whole host of problems, one of them including a lot of youth knowing that they have no dignified future with the opposite sex of society, but also burdened with a need to make something of their lives. Hence the crazy push to move out. Throwing in some scammers, ideology, and fanatics and it’s a shitstorm brewing.

      Great care must be taken to get New Zealand’s education system overhauled so we don’t end up with a Waitemata Harbour full of suitcases.

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        … ” Great care must be taken to get New Zealand’s education system overhauled so we don’t end up with a Waitemata Harbour full of suitcases ” …

        Lol !… grisly thought.

        • Sam Sam says:

          Shanghai dumplings served cold interferes which its delicate flavours. And is best served quick and hot for immediate consumption.

          If the server doesn’t know the cooking method then they won’t know the story.

  5. Teresa says:

    so if national were to get in this election, then it would be rigged for sure

  6. Dave Enting says:

    It is treasonous that the National Party have deliberately covered up the vast acquisition of New Zealand residential properties by non-residents by refusing to include those on student or working holiday visas in the stats.Chinese tourism however can bring an economic bonanza.Those one-child families can be catered for in studio-type apartments and Kiwirail could be developed further so that a fabulous round-New Zealand rail journey could be provided for these non-driving visitors.Otherwise it will just be Chinese-owned tourist companies who pick them up.drive them round,take them to the tourist accommodation restaurants and souvenir shops that they own, only leaving Kiwis with the scraps and the cleanup jobs

  7. Red Buzzard says:

    +100…Yes spot on POST!

    …this is why we should ALL be voting for Winston Peters and New Zealand First

  8. HC says:

    Unconstrained high level immigration plus natural population growth and its consequences:


    “Data on building work put in place show both residential and non-residential work was on the decline in the June quarter, falling 0.5 per cent on the previous three months.”



    Thanks John and Bill for leaving is this mess! Time to turn shut the tap, at least a bit for a while.