National politicise suicide as an attack for election – how sick are these people?

By   /   September 11, 2017  /   19 Comments

I don’t even know what to say…

…I have genuine concerns about euthanasia but to conflate support for it with suicide is fucking sick.

The suicide rate has gone up under National, mental health services have neen underfunded by National, vulnerable people have been crushed by WINZ are consistently becoming mental health statistics.

How dare National try to politicise suicide in this manner when they have so much responsibility for it skyrocketing.

Remember this?

Bill has of course come out and tsk tsked his MP just as he did when Joyce lied about Labour’s budget hole that only Steve can see and just as he did when Paula Bennett promised to strangle off civil rights. but see how the National Party first instinct is to erode human rights, lie about their opposition and take a social issue like suicide and attempt to weaponise it for the election.

These people and their values sicken me.

Vote! These! Bastards! Out!


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  1. Christine says:

    What a fool Simon O’Connor is, how ignorant and arrogant. How dare he, who has supported a morally deficient govt which has knowingly manufactured the greatest divisions which N Z society has ever endured, attribute such evil to Jacinda Ardern, and all of us who support assisted dying.

    What a sick and dark view he has of the human soul.

    The reality is, that when it comes to agreeing to a loved one e.g. having the morphine increased, it is an almost impossible decision to have to make, because one wants to keep that person for as long as one possibly can.

    This is very different from our tragic young people who think they have nothing to live for, and that is because we, as a society, have failed them, and the power-wielders up in Parliament have been the biggest failures of all, because rarely, if ever, do they address themselves to the common good, or even care about it.

    Simon O’Connor should never have been allowed to chair the Euthanasia select committee, and we who want end-of-life choice should not be rode rough-shod just because Simon – God help him-
    sees a world full of people pushing us into it when he doesn’t want it.

  2. Quicksilver says:

    There have been so many despicable, barrel-scraping moments with the Natz it’s become a herculean task to catalogue them.

    But this is so low.
    Really really gutter-slithering benthic-feeding low.

    To even describe this as offensive and insulting is being too kind.

    I can’t even……..words fail me.

    If anyone reading this has even an ounce of humanity in their mortal body and is considering voting for National, then SURELY you must realise now what & who you are voting for??!!

  3. CLEANGREEN says:

    Bill Engish Government = no moral compass

  4. countryboy says:

    It’s quaint and eye misting that you seem surprised. Almost everybody knows National are a loose fitting sack on a pack of flying arseholes. That’s why jacinda mania. Any excuse for a breather from National Beige with it’s shit fiddling fetishes. Any excuse to get their limp, pudgy little fingers into dirty old dirt. They’re all about hating and spite. They’re a cadre of vicious, sadistic, narcissistic, scum bags and it’s a tragedy that we can only vote them out and not blow them up as well.

  5. esoteric pineapples says:

    I don’t see how saying “just saying” justifies saying anything you like.

    • Wensleydale says:

      I think the whole “just saying” remark was Simon’s feeble attempt to appear hip, trendy and ‘down with the kids’ in order to help his flailing master court the youth vote.

      Like Joyce’s $11.7 billion fiscal hole clusterfuck, it was doomed from the outset. Hopefully the entire party will shortly be sucked into the roiling vortex of incompetence and dishonesty they’ve created for themselves, and we’ll be rid of them for good.

  6. HC says:

    Do I get this right? Is this National committing collective mass electoral suicide?

    • Nitrium Nitrium says:

      Agreed. It almost looks like self-harming at this point. English, again, very slow to react to what his ministers are doing. I think he’s starting to lose his leadership/grip on the party, and the election hasn’t even happened yet.

  7. mosa says:

    ” Vote these bastards out ” then put them in jail starting with their last illustrious leader.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      A lot of negative press cover on this mornings TV3 Newshub Headlines. as Duncan Garner is throwing shit at national wow good for him!!!!!

      Sunshine shinning through here finally.

  8. bert says:

    Simon O’Connor, ex Catholic priest, I feel he’s a little mixed up. Maybe because his brother n law is Simon Bridges…just saying.

  9. Kim dandy says:

    …blood on their hands this government – just to arrogant to see it, let alone admit it.
    To anyone thinking of voting National – just ask yourself one question:
    Has my country been trashed enough yet?

  10. Christine says:

    Though I have the deepest respect for all religions, it sometimes seems that Catholic clergy in particular, are fixated on Euthanasia enabling horrid offspring to pressurise their poor old parents into signing off.

    I am now wondering if these were boys who hated their parents, and how much research has been done into the dynamics and psychology of religious vocations, but if Simon O’C is so thick that he cannot differentiate between suicide and end-of-life choice, then I’d prefer to see him in a job where he can do less harm – maybe stacking shop shelves – or delivering mail on a little scooter.

  11. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Time to cook the damn’ papists…

  12. Mike the Lefty says:

    It is because suicide is largely a mental health issue and National have run down mental health services so badly in the last nine years that they are barely functioning. People have woken up to that, are putting pressure on the National Party candidates and it has been hurting the blue brigade.

  13. Priss says:

    What a vile man.

  14. simonm says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Simon O’Connor was as concerned about child sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests as he is about terminally-ill patients making their own end-of-life choices?

  15. LOSTRELIC says:

    What would we do without really really ridiculously good looking people in suits providing such intelligible commentary all day? Just saying
    #nosubstance #National #contradiction #hashtag