Chlöe Swarbrick first to line up to vote – Green Party


Green Party candidate Chlöe Swarbrick got in early this morning, becoming the first political candidate in the country to place her vote at 8.30am at Ellerslie’s Mountainside Lutheran Church.

“I’m going to give everything I have to ensure young people have their say this election, and will spend the next fortnight visiting all of New Zealand’s major campuses,” says Swarbrick, number seven on the Green Party list.

“18 to 27-year-olds are now the largest voting bloc by age group in the country. They might not yet know it, but they have immense power to change things. But they only have that power if they vote.”

“I’m dedicated to showing young people that a vote for the Greens is the best way to advance a progressive agenda that addresses our critical, immediate problems like inequality, housing, transport and mental health support; and securing our future by meaningfully combatting climate change.”

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“Advance voting means everyone now has two weeks to vote, and the great thing about this election is people can enrol and vote at the same time at advance voting places.”


  1. A great political debate tonight where Green Party & NZ First came out as the only two parties backing rail with full commitment. labour sat on the fence National discounted rail.

    greens/NZ First rare moment of joining forces.

    A must see.

    Winston Peters, Julie Anne Genter. David Parker & Shane Reti.

    Newshub sponsored the show which went for two hours.

    Can we have the whole video put up for our members please post election??
    Livestream: Northland rail debate in Whangarei
    21 minutes ago

    Stream TypeLIVE

    Northland’s rail line is in such poor shape KiwiRail has banned passenger trains from using the tracks. Railway workers say the tracks need to be fixed or they’ll walk off the job.
    The state of the railway has emerged as a major issue in the minds of voters, and will be under the spotlight at a debate in Whangarei on Monday night, hosted by Newshub’s Lloyd Burr.
    The event will consist of three separate debates, with the first featuring Whangarei electorate candidates Ash Holwell of the Green Party, Shane Jones of New Zealand First, Chris Leitch of Democrats for Social Credit, Shane Reit of the National Party and Tony Savage of the Labour Party.
    The second debate will have National, Labour, New Zealand First and the Green Party debate the major issues of the election. The third and final debate will also include the main political parties and focus solely on rail.
    A livestream of the debate will be available from 7pm.

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