After that adrenalin-pumping rush of blood to the head – two weeks to think strategically

By   /   September 11, 2017  /   45 Comments

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Unless progressive voters maximise Green Party support. In the current political situation only the Green Party has a realistic chance of dragging the neo-liberal Labour Party significantly to the left in a post-election government. Without the Greens Labour will tinker here and tinker there while leaving the free market to run a country bitterly divided by poverty and inequality.

It’s been a whirlwind election campaign as Labour Party supporters and the wider electorate sense a dramatic mood change on the back of Jacinda Ardern’s personal appeal.

Lots of progressive-minded people have been excited and enthused and in a rush of blood to the head have flocked to support Labour. Starved of decent government for nine years and, just a month ago, facing the near certainty of another three years of government by a smug, arrogant, born-to-rule National Party has intensified the feeling.

Labour’s poll numbers have not only caught National – unthinkable just a few weeks ago – but have now surpassed it.

After Ardern’s elevation to lead the Labour Party I wondered out loud if she and Kelvin Davis would be able to breathe new life into Labour’s neo-liberal corpse. They have. It looks like capitalism’s B team, the Labour Party, may well lead the government after the election.

It’s time for cool heads to think about what that government will look like.

On past evidence Labour will choose to go with New Zealand First ahead of the Greens. In their three terms from 1999 to 2008 that was the pattern.

Labour has always had less tolerance for those to their left than those to their right.
The lack of Green Party influence was sorely felt and after those nine long years of strong economic performance Labour left 175,000 children living in poverty while, in the words of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Michael Cullen, “company profits rose twice as fast as workers’ wages”.

And remember how Ardern was only too happy to throw Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei under a bus declaring she would never be a cabinet minister in a Labour-led government after admissions of lying to WINZ to enable her to do the best for her child two decades ago.

The memorandum of understanding Labour has with the Greens means Ardern will be make a courtesy phone call to James Shaw before negotiating with Winston Peters. Unless!!!!!!

Unless progressive voters maximise Green Party support. In the current political situation only the Green Party has a realistic chance of dragging the neo-liberal Labour Party significantly to the left in a post-election government. Without the Greens Labour will tinker here and tinker there while leaving the free market to run a country bitterly divided by poverty and inequality.

All indications so far in this campaign confirm Labour’s priority is looking after the children of the middle-class. The Green Party has a wider political view and in government would be able to insist on some more progressive policies be it workers’ rights, the living wage, state housing, education or healthcare.

But only if progressive-minded people build the Green vote to a point it can’t be set aside.
Former Green MP Sue Bradford used to say if you want a centre-left government you vote left, not centre.

She’s right.

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  1. garibaldi says:

    I totally agree John.
    Trouble is the Metiria issue wiped out the momentum of the Green campaign and I get the feeling we are down to finding out just how strong/weak the Green movement is. Here’s hoping for7% at least.

    • Once expat votes from UK, Australia, US, etc, are counted and factored in, Garibaldi, I have confidence the Greens will achieve six or seven percent. Not as good as the heights it once reached, but with the personality of Jacinda Ardern involved, it could be seen that middle class “progressive” voters have simply shifted back to Labour.

      The “Metiria issue” is a factor and there are middle class voters who’ve never encountered welfare, WINZ, and the bureaucracy involved. Many (if not nearly all) have completely forgotten that welfare was cut in 1991/92 by Ruth Richardson, forcing welfare recipients further into poverty. For them, it’s an abstract concept and much of the right wing rhetoric sticks.

      One lesson from all this is that the Left will have to be way more strategic and subtle how it progresses fairness issues. (Something I’ll explain in a future blogpost, once the dust settles.)

      • Tiger Mountain says:

        well put Frank

      • Michelle says:

        I agree Frank as a person that was on Welfare and did the same as Meitiria. I had my sister live with me she had and still has a mental illness. I only charged her enough money as a boarder to cover her food and power use. I never declared her but she told social welfare where she was living so we didn’t hide anything. If anything I was saving the tax payer dollars by looking after her because if we put her in a home this would have cost way more. Anyway I will say this again we need the Greens because they are more left than labour and therefore more socialist I guess socialism is more aligned with some tikanga Maori practices. However with all the Maori candidates now in the labour party I expect to see some changes around thinking and therefore policy. If we are concerned about the state of our environment we need the Greens this is their area. The trouble is we have the center right parties scaremongering the NZ public about the Greens and in my view this needs to stop. We have all these people making flippant comments about welfare when they have never been in that position. I am proof and there are others that show welfare can work just like it did for myself and pull the ladder up behind you (pull the benefit bit I got it). I got the TIA when I returned from Australia in 1990. I needed help to upskill and we still had night school so I went there first, then university now this is gone
        why? Welfare administered properly can and will help people. People do not need to go to university there are many other options and we need to look at all the avenues for up skilling our people young and old it is never to late.

      • John W says:

        The confused Kiwi listens to and takes in accusations against candidates.
        Dirty politics relies on that.

        Track records, full policy implications and long term future direction seem to be absent from political thinking /discussions among the public and on MSM.

        The latter shapes the former. TNC control the MSM.

        TNC do not ignore long term shaping of the NZ direction but add numerous confusions for public consumption.

        The right wing rhetoric stick because its a continuum laced with many lies people would like to believe.

        Sheep don’t know what a ride to the sale yards means.

        • One thing I’m learning from my door-knocking for the Greens in Hutt South is how many people have bought into right-wing rhetoric. It’s like they no longer have to think through the issues; they just parrot whatever rubbish they heard from rantback radio or rightwing blogs. The msm have been complicit to a degree, for example not clarifying that Ms Turei only voted in an adjacent electorate – she did not vote twice, as some believed. (When I pointed out the facts, those that held that view immediately changed and couldn’t see it as a significant problem.)

          On a positive note, there is still support for the Greens and respect for Metiria Turei’s disclosures about her past. Any waverers who don’t want to “waste their Party Vote” in case the Greens don’t crack the 5% threshold are reassured when I remind them that expat voters overseas usually vote en-masse for the Greens. In the 2014 election this resulted in the Greens actually gaining an extra member of parliament through Special Votes. (Ironically, Special Votes from overseas come from voters who don’t actually live in the electorate they are casting their ballot for. Not much different to Ms Turei’s actions.)

          • John W says:

            Excellent work Frank.

            The dangerous one liners spewed out by those pushing for right wing/ conservative/ predatory enslavement of public will, do stick as they are simple to remember and repeat, give answers to complex problems and have a host of ill informed folk only to willing to be seen and heard repeating them as their own.

            Simple wins over substantial.

            Simple lies win over substantial truths.

            One that is now seldom challenged is
            “Govts can’t run things efficiently”
            which is complete nonsense but clung onto be many.

            The numerous examples that show only Govt can run many systems efficiently are not considered. Too complex.

            The evidence is all around but ignored, Too hard.

          • Michal says:

            Interesting Frank I am door knocking those on the Maori roll for Metiria in Te Tai Tonga. Most people think that she has actually gone. Great shame this really. she wold be such a breath of fresh air for Te Tai Tonga, the problem is the Tirikatene are regarded as royalty.

        • Hongi Ika says:

          Try NZ First looks link the only logical alternative ?

    • LOSTRELIC says:

      The shame about Metiria’s exit is that the Greens could have utilised the media attack. Even if they had just weathered it, it would’ve been a successful political maneuver. No disrespect to Metiria of course – the rest of her party and Labour should’ve been more pro-active – but resigning made the scenario worse, and taught the media attack dogs that they could get the left to quit if they were petty and vicious enough: Next time anyone on the left “announces the unthinkable” (in other words, expresses common knowledge) in a public forum, the attacks will be worse.
      This is part of how the right have been able to banish ordinary lives from public discourse – and the consciousness of wealthier New Zealand.

  2. Tiger Mountain says:

    at least John Minto has his thinking beanie on

    the last Labour led govt. implemented progressive items (in working class not “identify” terms) only until the Alliance imploded over an international matter–Afghanistan

    many people were so worn out from the Bolger/Shipley/Richardson years that they gave the Clark govt. an easy ride, the benefit cuts and full union rights were never restored

    so this time, please, please, people, keep the heat on a Labour led government, and as many of you as possible party vote Green, and vote Hone if you are in Tai Tokerau

  3. Jonathan Roe says:

    Spot on John. Most of Labour seem like neo-libs in red clothing. Two ticks Green for me in Ohariu.

    • e-clectic says:

      If you’re intention is a left leaning government then you hold your nose and vote O’Connor in Ohariu. I know, I know – but otherwise you’re gifting the seat to National. It’s called a dilemma.
      Two ticks Green might feel good, but it’s not the smartest option.

      • Barry says:

        100% If Labour doesn’t suit because of their supposed neo liberal stance then have National.
        The left of centre are being stupid and destructive, we need to oust National before turning on one another. Besides the Greens will only either get to the cabinet table with Labour,as no other party wants an association with Crazy Greens.

        • Michal says:

          Crazy greens,what does that mean, are you aware or are you simplistic about climate change and the environment and poverty and all the other things they stand for.

      • Hanswurst says:

        Whether O’Connor gets in in Ohariu has no bearing whatsoever on which parties form the next government, since neither National nor Labour will create an overhang of electorate seats. The only slight difference it will make is to which particular candidates from either party are in parliament, not their number.

      • Michal says:

        I agree with that altho I loathe the man and it would have been very difficult for me to vote for him, but it is the most sensible thing to do in Ohariu.

    • John W says:

      JR – Greens need all the backing they can get for a party vote.

      Strategically they were right in initially not fielding a candidate in Ohariu. to prevent splitting the vote. Top may do well there with Greens now splinting that electoral vote.

      Nothing gained now by splitting that vote and risking a sad result.

      • JR – Greens need all the backing they can get for a party vote.

        Indeed, John. The Green’s presence in Parliament is vital if the focus is to be maintained on environmental and social justice issues. Without the Greens to prick of consciences and remind us what needs to be done, I fear a “centrist” government will tinker, and not much more.

        Anyone who doubts this need only look at the Labour government 2000-2008. The Clarke Administration did some good things. But they also left many problems unaddressed. We need a Green voice.

    • Dialey says:

      Don’t give your electorate vote to Greens. They are not campaigning for that, they only want your party vote. How many times do we have to say that

      • Dialey – quite correct.

      • e-clectic says:

        And, while we’re on that subject – can the Greens voters in Epsom please hold their noses and vote for the transNational guy for their electorate vote.

        Yes, Julie Anne Genter is a great MP but she’s in on the list with no chance of winning the electorate – the critical job is to oust Seymour and ACT that is playing the part of an adjunct party to transNational to finagle a seat via electorate votes and preserve the party vote for transNational. That scam will end in Ohariu, it can be ended in Epsom too.

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    My list of the worst offenders against the health and well-being of our citizens that must go are;

    Johnathon Coleman.
    Steven Joyce.
    Maggie Barry.
    Nick Smith.
    Simon bridges.
    Paula Bennett.

    All Executives of these agencies.
    Minister of SOE’s.
    Minister of Broadcasting.
    Ministry of Health.
    Speaker of the House.(Parliament)
    Minister of New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS)

  5. CLEANGREEN says:

    We need radical change by sacking all the embedded moles who will continue to perpetrate sabotage against our fragile democracy. my list of those who must go are only some of those who must be banished before we can return to real democracy.

    My list of the worst offenders against the health and well-being of our citizens that must go are;

    Johnathon Coleman.
    Steven Joyce.
    Maggie Barry.
    Nick Smith.
    Simon bridges.
    Paula Bennett.

    All Executives of these agencies.
    Minister of SOE’s.
    Minister of Broadcasting.
    Ministry of Health.
    Speaker of the House.(Parliament)
    Minister of New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS)

    • John W says:

      CG – Add to that list any in the public service who have complied with political wishes officially and unofficially.

      Public good is not an option to deviate from.

  6. countryboy says:

    For those uncertain about whether to vote Green, or not, should be encouraged to read this charmer found in The Guardian.

    30 to 50 years? We’re fucked.

    Re ruth richardson @ FMcK.

    But that’s what we Kiwis do.
    We whine as we cringe hoping the bullies we pay don’t humiliate and torment us too much. ruth richardson should be living in fear. They should all be living in fear. Real fear. Actual fear. Their greed has propelled them too far and we need to remind them that, that’s not acceptable.

    There’s an interesting observation in the above article on temperature rise.
    A platoon of soldiers head into an unnaturally hot and humid jungle led by the strongest fellow. He soon runs out of puff because he can’t cool off faster then he heats up. He’s replaced by weaker fellows who run out of puff sooner. Then, they all expire.
    The writer used that story as a metaphor for why societies break down. Once the strongest go, the weaker are soon to follow.

    We have weaklings in power. Colourless, witless, unintelligent, unimaginative, cruel, blindingly stupid fools who’re running out of puff but, like rats, they’re cunning enough to jump ship before it burns down to the waterline.
    We must think of Earth as a space ship. A tiny little thing in the vastness of our very own solar system much less of the mind boggling vastness of our galaxy and now? Shall we comprehend the Quite Big known Universe? A Universe of mostly vacuum? When we allow the above to foul our little space ship for trinkets and baubles? What then? Where will even the rats go? NZ? That’s my suspicion, but even here, we’ll be fucked. Our agricultural infrastructure has been neutered by the Banks for the profits of post-farm-gate privateers and sundry blood suckers ( No disrespect to things that actually suck blood. ) I look out my lounge window and see huge, fertile green paddocks growing nothing but grass for a few sodden sheep? And there will soon be billions of people being displaced by weather events.
    Fuck it. You know….? It’s just too fucked for me to spend much more time pondering.
    I’m old. I don’t overly worry about my demise. When my bio mechanical body-mechanism refuses to start some, hopefully distant, morning I’ll just pack up my life’s experiences and waft on through to the other side/s.
    It’s the wee beasties and the innocents like kids I feel dread for.
    But the Banks. They just keep on coming…. Consuming, peddling, clearfelling, destroying, stealing our lives away.
    History will show that it was the banker class that destroyed our Planet, and all life on it.
    Is this why God gave us drugs and booze? So we could sit back and relax with a blunt and a beer as we watch our house burn down ?

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% Countryboy.

      We dont really stand a chance when governments push the ‘greed’ narrative all the time as they are all doing now.
      Where does anyone politician say “we need to accept less”?

      We need to follow our forefathers who mine taught me to accept less and i do now at 73, so I am very green by buying second hand everything now and have done for 30 yrs.

      Green party should follow my lead here.

      • John W says:

        CB you are right on track.
        Keep up the noise and some of the closed ears and minds may let just a little moment of thought change their baseline denial.

        Climate change alone probably won’t get us as climate change is not alone but just one symptom of many changes causing it.

        Human “civilisation” will collapse and population set into terminal decline simply because this planet is finite and Capitalism has ignored that.

        Not many of us boomers seem to remember what was known during WWII about the conflict, and history has been rewritten by those running the conflict.

        Now we have a new war on the planet and all creatures – a war run by human greed of a few and and stupidity of the majority.

        There will be no winners long term.

        The short term profit for a few will indeed be short lived and paid for by all.

        The pastures of NZ do not belong here. They are an indicator of stupidity.

        The disappearance of most of our wetlands a product of greed, short sightedness and stupidity.

        Complete reorganisation of the way we live and use the planet is not an economic impossibility as some deniers rant – but a necessity for survival in numbers of most existing species.

        Those who stand in the way causing further harm and accelerating cost – will be swept aside

        Technology has got us into this mess as harnessing energy in its various forms has developed. Technology cannot get us out of it.

        “”The thinking it took to get us into this mess is not the same thinking that is going to get us out of it.” – A. E.

    • Iain Mclean says:


      I would not believe everything the MSM tells us; especially on Hot Button Topics.

      Here is something we all can believe in. Guarantee. (Before we die.)
      Those interested in how the Universe/Life really works.

      Plasma is the 4th state of matter. (Fills Space)
      The Sun is a Plasma Discharge.
      Electro-Magnetism is the main driver not Gravity.
      Gravity is an Electro-magnetic phenomenon.
      40yrs+ of observed and scientific data.
      Accepted hypothesis by the World Electrical Engineers Association.
      Read ‘The Electric Sky’ first. Much easier. 4th-5th form Physics.
      Then will ready you for the live site with Conferences. I find the picture of the day interesting.

      We are surrounded by Electro-Magnetism.
      Life itself, is driven by the above principles.

      “The Electricity of Life”


  7. J S Bark says:

    Oh yes John. You’re bang on there mate. I’ve been around long enough to know what the Labour Party are capable of (or more to the point what they are NOT capable of!).

    In spite of my years of criticising the Greens as being middle class wankers I shall be voting for them. Mostly because of the appalling business over Metiria, but also because at the moment they are the only political party that comes close to being left.

  8. Michal says:

    The things I really worry about are the things that the Natz did that Labour won’t go back and rectify. Although they were outraged at the time, tax cuts for the richest, benefit slashing in the early 90s…

    Why don’t they, gutless.

    I will be voting for the chch central candidate for Labour (first time I have voted for Labour since the mid 80s) and my party tick will be for the Greens. I want Nicky Wagner out!

    It would be fascinating to see what both the major parties planned in terms of all the big budget spend they are both talking about – dropping new ones everyday, prior to Ardern getting the nod.

  9. mary_a says:

    Green x 2 here.

    More than any time in our history, we need a political party to bring some humanity into government. And that party is the Greens.

    • The Other Mike says:

      Right! Greens will keeep Labour honest. To be fair, I think Labour do not want to sound or look TOO far left (Read: Progressive) in case it scares off potential ex Nat voters. I am sure Jacinda has progressive views and these may well become more evident after they win.

      The unusually intense interest my kids (ages 20 – 25) show in this election is evidence of the youth “quake” that is now mirrored from Bernie Sanders and the UK. They are ashamed of the record numbers of suicides, poor and people living in cars. Nobody polls them though.

      Roll on the 23rd!

      • To be fair, I think Labour do not want to sound or look TOO far left (Read: Progressive) in case it scares off potential ex Nat voters.

        Unfortunately, you are quite correct, Mike. If the he Metiria Thing showed us anything, it’s that the conservative, comfortable middle class (CCMC) do not like being jolted out of their comfort zone and Metiria Turei did precisely that. They were more concerned at “burning the witch” rather than learning about her “witchery”… (bad metaphor, I know)

        Any progressive agenda will have to be implemented carefully so as not to spook the CCMC out of their slumber.

  10. fatty says:

    Party vote Green is the best hope of avoiding a Labour led coalition with Winnie.
    Winnie is a conservative centrist – those political philosophies aim to prevent change and keep things the way they are. Winnie is an exceptional career politician who feeds off the frustrated and delivers nothing. To make things even worse Winnie could easily go with National.

    • John W says:

      Winston First Party. He can be spectacular but not reliable. He is a gamble and a gambler.

      • Hongi Ika says:

        Worked quite constructively with Helen Clark and Labour when he was in Government, acted as Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs ?

        • John W says:

          Working with Helen gave Winny a heap of overseas travel and hobnobbing with many complete with fine whiskey and other perks that came with the job.

          He really enjoyed himself.

  11. LOSTRELIC says:

    Perfect summation John. “capitalism’s B team” is so accurate it struck me squarely on the nose.

    I saw an interesting clip recently with Marxist economist Prof. Richard Wolff (via Democracy At Work), discussing the decimation of the labour movement in the US. Wolff expressed that unions essentially fell into the trap the business community set for them – by abandoning leftist causes and rallying to the neoliberal Democratic Party, leaving a consolidated powerful right-wing establishment with an amputated left.

    The erosion of principled leaders within unions and Labour in New Zealand have done the same. The only way to prevent this from happening is if the public stay organised, and depose “leaders” who are too right-leaning, within unions and everywhere else.

    There is this problem of so-called leftists who *also* want the spoils of right-wing capitalism – those who profess to “have a heart” but whose actions are driven primarily by obtaining wealth, career, status. They tend to come from privileged backgrounds and immediately take “leadership” positions. IMHO John Key before he came into power could just as easily have been a leader of the current Labour crop – and that’s extremely concerning. There has been a considerable shift to the right. Cheers for your work John!

  12. Danyl Strype says:

    John says

    “In the current political situation only the Green Party has a realistic chance of dragging the neo-liberal Labour Party significantly to the left in a post-election government.”

    For those who think voting NZ First would have the same effect, there’s a few things you need to check in their policy. For example, NZ First say they will…

    “Not allow our roads to be privatised or corporatised”

    …but what they will do is…

    “Introduce road pricing measures over time, especially for motorways and major arterials, while phasing out fuel taxes where possible, so that the economic viability of the Land Transport Fund is maintained at an adequate level in the long term.”

    The Greens have no plans to privatise or corporatise the road network either. But instead of making people pay per journey to travel the roads, they will fund public transport in ways that make it easier and more attractive to use, thus drawing commuters and travellers away from private car use on the road, and reducing gridlock, and wear and tear:

  13. WILD KATIPO says:

    Well , as I’ve said mirthfully a fair few times here , I was going party vote Labour , and , at that time it was to shore up the Labour vote , however , being around the Adern neck of the woods , she gets the electorate vote and Greens now get my party vote.

    I’m estimating Labour are almost out of the woods , now ,… and its heave to for the Greens now. They need reinforcements.

    And the objective for me ?… dismantle the National / ACT grip on power and then work towards the ultimate,.. dismantling as much neo liberal policy’s as possible where ever they rear their heads. The latter being the under-girding motive.

    Ideally , … I would want a social democracy with a Keynes based economy. Keynesianism , – what we used to have before we were all made poor as a country by Roger Douglas and his neo liberalism . And so we would modernize some aspects of Keynesianism ,… but we do it. And we look to Scandinavia as examples of the wealthiest nations on earth with incredible welfare states to swat aside the critics.

    Unlike the right wing nut job trolls who always like to bring up Venezuela. We don’t listen to their crude scaremongering. Their opinions are less than worthless. Even the International Momentary Fund has now discredited neo liberalism as a failure.

    I also like my politicians kick arse, – but nice . I reckon Gareth Hughes was brilliant in his speech denigrating ( and telling the bald faced truth ) John Key , I reckon Marama Davidson showed guts and steel when she was on that protest boat in the Middle East. And Metiria was a bloody hero. And they all did it without the gutter tactics that unfortunately we have all seen far too often with National.

    But Adern has been no soft soap either, … and has shown she has the mongrel enough to put certain loud mouthed rude bastard media talking heads in their place in no uncertain terms.

    And the same goes for taking crap from Bill English in the third debate.

    Or a loud mouthed Aussie Foreign minister and her party.

    And Adern isn’t even in govt yet. I also like she isn’t going to take any Aussie garbage about holding out their hands for Kiwi taxes in Australia , – then treating Kiwis as second class with no rights whatsoever regarding student loans, allowances, citizenship , health care , unemployment benefits and sickness benefits. There are 600,000 Kiwis living in Aussie and that’s a lot of cash going into the Aussie govt coffers in tax dollars. And ex pat New Zealanders get jack bloody shit out of all that tax.

    Screw ’em. No more bludging off the Kiwi’s.

    The free rides over.

    Aderns proven that if people want to play hard ball , – shes more than capable of dishing it right back , – with interest. And still do it smiling. Even though she would prefer not to have to be that way. What a great Prime Minister for New Zealand !!!

    So I’m not coming down hard on Labour, I have always maintained that Labour , Greens and NZ First would be the go for New Zealand , and speaking of NZ First and Winston,… unlike a number of folk who are down on Peters for their own reasons, I happen to like many of his stances and policy’s, – not all , – but many of them.

    I like people and political party’s that put this place first.

    It aint Algeria , its not Bolivia, its not England , or Aussie , or America, – its NEW ZEALAND !!!

    And if you come around here spouting off about globalization , free trade deals , unregulated free markets, den-unionization , small government, TTPA , signing contracts when your a P.A.Y.E earner and not an actual contractor, want to privatize health , education , state housing , prisons, army’s police forces , all SOE’s …. then you better hit the road fast Jack , – and don’t bother coming back.

    You aint welcome in these parts.

  14. HC says:

    Jacinda will win over more women who may under Key have voted Nats. Some young people, especially students, of whom some may not have voted before, may also vote Labour under her.

    And if enough former Greens voters and some new Greens voters can be motivated to party vote that party (again), the needed majority will be there. All else is up for negotiation afterwards. If need be, Maori Party will be happy to join.

  15. Pat O'Dea says:

    Winston Peters gives his clearest indication yet, that he will not support a Labour led government.

    This latest ultimatum from Peters, (as well as being a direct copy and paste of National’s attack line), is in line Peters “non-negotiable” demand that the next government that he supports, must hold a divisive referendum to get rid of the Maori electorates.

    The Labour and the Green Parties have rejected this outrageous ultimatum outright. Leaving only the National Party to contemplate agreeing to it.

    Peters demand for a referendum to abolish the Maori electorates is to pander to the redneck xenophobic Pakeha political base that Peters has opportunistically made a career out of pandering to. This redneck Pakeha base that Peters has made his own, have been emboldened by the openly racist Hobson’s Pledge movement.

    National are more likely to agree to Peters demand for a divisive referendum abolishing the Maori electorates, if the Labour Party are successful in Labour’s stated aim to drive the Maori Party from parliament.

    On current polling, a National New Zealand First coalition will still beat a Labour Green coalition.

    The support of the Maori Party will be needed to form the next government.

    And the Maori Party (if they are still in parliament after this election) will not go with a National New Zealand First coalition that wants to hold a referendum to abolish them.

    Under our current MMP rules, if Labour to take all the Maori seats it will not increase their share of the votes in parliament. But it will remove the Maori Party as a potential coalition partner whose seats would be needed to give a Labour led coalition the extra votes in parliament to govern.

    The question is;

    Who does Labour want as the King Maker?

    New Zealand First, or the Maori Party?

    Jacinda Ardern said in the second Leaders Debate that she regretted the Foreshore and Seabed legislation to take away Maori rights to take legal action to challenge the exploitation of the seabed and foreshore. And that she would have done things differently.

    But words are cheap. Actions speak louder.

    Labour need to bridge the rift with Maori created by the passing of the Seabed and Foreshore legislation.

    The first thing Ardern needs to do, is drop her party’s sectarian war with the Maori Party, and put all Labour’s Maori electorate MPs back on the Labour Party list. To signal to Labour supporters in the Maori electorates that they will need to vote strategically to get a Labour led government.

    (They should never have been selectively left off Labour’s list in the first place).

  16. Marc says:

    The Newshub Reid Poll out 12 Sept. 2017 says it all, but instead of shifting party votes between Labour and Greens, get friends and family involved, and try to convince them to vote for change:

    Non voters need to be targeted, and motivated!