GUEST BLOG: Willie Jackson – Joyce’s disgraceful dirty politics


The dirty politics tactics of Steven Joyce who has lied about Labour’s budget is a disgrace to the credibility of the Finance Minister, the National Party and to the entire country.

Lying about a Political Party instead of selling the strength of your own ideas and vision is the exact sort of politics that Kiwi’s hate. There is no $11 billion-dollar hole in the Labour Party budget, yet Steven Joyce continues to make that claim.

Not one credible economist in the entire country agrees with Steven Joyce, indeed on the Radio NZ interview yesterday morning with Guyon Espiner, Steven couldn’t name one person in New Zealand who agrees with him that our budget has an $11billion hole in it.

Not! One! Person!

Yet Steven Joyce and the National Party continue to lie about our budget.


Why does Steven and the National Party continue to make such a barefaced lie to the people of New Zealand?

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Because they are frightened. They are frightened of the way kiwis from across the spectrum are rushing to embrace Jacinda and her message of values and hope. They are frightened that they can’t compete with their fake cardboard cut-out vision that rewards the rich while leaving the rest behind. They are frightened that they will soon be kicked out of Government.

If you are disgusted by the dirty politics being thrown by National, then make sure you and your entire whanau votes them out.

Early voting begins next week – make sure National stay frightened.

#hoaketātou #letsdothis


    • Yes Joyce stuffed up as he has a fatal flaw as all dictators do.

      try our experience Willie,

      My blog. Today –

      ‘Garner on National’s death rattle’

      Yes Steven Joyce has always had his own destructive style TS.

      I brokered a meeting between our Community Environmental group and Steven Joyce at Napier’s National MP’s electoral office of Chris Tremain in March 2011.

      Joyce was there to open a new bridge on state road 2, and our committee needed to discuss with Joyce about our awful truck gridlocked road problems.

      During the half hour meeting with Steven Joyce our committee members all were taken back by the ‘dismissive’ manner in which Joyce refused to hear our solutions offered to solve our truck gridlock road issue, perhaps he thought simply that coming to open a new bridge on the highway was gong to solve the problem.

      Joyce was given a whole folder of our evidence to prove that the use of rail to lower the truck volumes was the right decision and we even included a recent report from the Government’s own Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment study we request reproduce for our region and he too in his summary proposed-the use of rail would be effective mitigation to lower the truck volumes in HB.

      Joyce took the folder of evidence that day and later in 2012 closed the rail link north of Napier and now we have an average of 2400 trucks every day according to monitoring with our own cameras.

      Steven Joyce was given that day a golden opportunity to act good for or HB community but as you point out he dug a hole after then and did the wrong thing by ignoring working with the community as Minister of Transport or collaboratively working with other politicians.

      So Joyce does have a fatal flaw and we know it only to well as we are now paying for his flaw with worse truck gridlock than before.

  1. It just shows how the National b..s machine is not working so well without the champion b…s artist John Key!
    Three years ago the MSM would have swallowed it all and believed every single word.
    Now they are openly contemptuous of our finance minister who can’t do the sums.
    How times have changed.

  2. They got nothin’ to offer but fear and smear.
    All they’ve have to show for a decade of unchallenged power is some pissing-in-the-shower radio appearances, some poisoned rivers, the deaths of innocent victims, and a few tattered selfies with Richie McCaw blowing in the wind.
    Go die in your $11 billion hole National.
    Nobody will cry at your passing.

  3. $48 million/Media works … ?
    He, and National will lose. He will, however, walk away with a fancy retirement package. He’s currently receiving $-six figures plus entitlements of our money.
    If you see him, express your concerns.

  4. The Herald is now in full stealth mode on behalf of National. Fran O’National targeting Jacinda and CGT and some editor selling Bullshit Bill as a strong leader.

    Think Bill, think lies and deceit. If anyone gets a chance, ask Dildo Joyce about Barclay and those texts and how many “HOLES” in Bullshit Bills story.

    • Fran O’National

      Dildo Joyce

      The Big Dipper


      Simon ‘ Bridges’ Bridges

      Nick ‘Squat over the glass’ Smith

      Gerry ‘Security Door’ Brownlee

      Judith ‘Kauri Logs’ Collins

      Chris ‘ Stitch em Up ‘ Finlayson

      Anne ‘ Off her Trolley ‘ Tolley

      Todd ‘GSCB’ Barclay

  5. So who do you think you are kidding Mr Dildo
    if you think New Zealand’s done ?
    We are the folk who will stop your little game
    We are the folk who will make you ,… think again

    Mr Brown goes off to town
    On the eight twenty one
    But he comes home each evening
    knowing his vote will put you on the run !

    So watch out Mr Dildo
    You have met your match in us
    If you think you can crush us
    We’re afraid you’ve missed the bus
    ‘Cause who do you think you are kidding Mr Dildo
    If you think New Zealands done?

    So who do you think your are kidding Mr Dildo
    If you think New Zealands done !

  6. I’m impressed by the effort that Labour and the Greens have gone to to get their policies costed, and their own figures double-checked by independent experts. Maybe this means they will actually carry out the moderate reforms they propose, rather than promising an immediate return to public-funded everything during the election, then carrying on roughly where National left off? That would be a nice change from public political debate being completely disconnected from what government actually does once in power, wouldn’t it?

  7. If he had any balls he could test the voter’s confidence in his abilities and stand for an electorate seat instead of the copout back door list , bet he’d be out on his arse.
    Makes me laugh reading his Wikipedia blurb,hardly a scholarly fellow,doesn’t seem to have any expertise in economics or mathematics. Bsc in Zoology is commendable though. Not

  8. NZ, Let them SCRAP _ Give BOTH VOTES to ** NZ First ** __ Give WINSTON and TEAM the POWER to MODERATE ** Moral-LESS-National _&_ jacinda’s helenGrad**

  9. People are being so oo oo mean to Bill English over this when we know that Bill has empathy with those who are suffering and dispossessed because Bill had teenage acne, and he thought that everyone was looking at him, which they may or may not have been, but they certainly are looking at him now.

    Joyce has always laughed everything off anyway, the funny joker, but if we want the narrative which we need as a community, then it has always come from the Greens, and it is embedded in the Maori genome.

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