The Liberal Agenda – Two-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee David Swanson joins 4th Internet Party #AntiSpyBill Panel TONIGHT!


How many people do you know who will be kayaking the Potomac River to the Pentagon in a flotilla to protest the monolithic oil consumption of the war industry? That’s how our friends roll. Well, glide to be precise.

Tonight at 8pm, one of the greatest anti-war activists of all time is joining the panel of the Internet Party’s 4th consecutive #AntiSpyBill event. World renowned author, radio show host, activist and Charlottesville, Virginia resident David Swanson, who is also the Campaign Coordinator for Roots Action, and a Director of World Beyond War, will talk about the importance of taking a stand against war, armaments, nuclear weapons, the fossil fuel industry and other major threats to our peoples and planet.

David Swanson’s accomplishments are many. From running Communications for Dennis Kucinich’s Presidential Campaign, to testifying before Congress, to travelling to Russia as an international observer, David is one of the most prolific activists we know. A glance through Roots Action’s website as well as that of World Beyond War reveals a dazzling list of current campaigns and initiatives, and that’s only part of what he is up to these days, on all of our behalf. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear his story, and to better examine and discuss with him the significance of the existential crises humanity is facing in these dark times.

So it is with great pride that we confirm that this unique series of events continues, as again tonight, some of the world’s brightest citizen heroes come together to shine a spotlight on the crimes of the military industrial complex.

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Our first #AntiSpyBill event featured Barrett Brown, Lauri Love, and Lee Camp. Then CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou, followed by US drone program whistleblower Cian Westmoreland. Tonight David Swanson joins Kim Dotcom, myself and others. We will again discuss everything that our government and their collaborators do not want us to talk to you about. Everything that the media will never say.

It is we, the eye-witnesses, who write the true history of this generation. We again implore you to listen, to absorb and to share the information. Then to participate in building the solutions.
Haere mai, Aotearoa. See you at 8pm tonight.

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Suzie Dawson is the Leader of the Internet Party of New Zealand. She is an activist and investigative journalist who specialises in writing about whistleblowers, intelligence agencies and technology. Read more at her official website: https://



  1. Hero’s all of them & we take our hats off to them whom are fighting for our liberty.

    “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”

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