Political Caption Competition

By   /   September 3, 2017  /   10 Comments

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Trump shows he is prepared to help clean up after Hurricane Harvey


  1. kejomu says:

    Oh, the sick unreality of this family

  2. Doc says:

    A golden opportunity to dig dirt on the dirt diggers. “Look out!!!!.

  3. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    “I know what a spade is…”

  4. mikesh says:

    We´ll be so good for workers when I´m president that our ditch diggers will be using gold shovels.

  5. kejomu says:

    “Now,how do you hold one of these spade things?”

  6. Margaret says:

    Trump calling a spade … a strumpet!

  7. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    “…and whoever can dig through the earth to Pyongyang will win the hand of my daughter…”

  8. simonm says:

    “That’s funny, I seem to remember Melania had one of these things too!”

  9. mosa says:

    While i am digging my own grave you gotta do it in style.