First Leaders Debate – TDB live commentary

By   /   August 31, 2017  /   12 Comments

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TDB will be providing live twitter commentary for tonights first Leaders debate between Jacinda Ardern and Bill English.

TDB will be providing live twitter commentary for tonights first Leaders debate between Jacinda Ardern and Bill English.

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  1. Richard Christie says:

    Can’t bring myself to watch these sideshows.

    Hosking and Gower just make my stomach heave.

  2. Marc says:

    Al Jazeera reports to the world how fucked up our rivers and lakes are:

    Bill English et al, do you realise the loss of reputation, and economic benefits, with this going on?

  3. Marc says:

    All I get is that enough now mistrust the government, are frustrated and thinking of change, and that Jacinda has the charm and intellect, and the gift of the gab, to turn things around for Labour.

    Whether there will actually be any real solutions and significant change is another question, but people do not always, I argue not mostly, act rationally. So a change of government is upon us, with tweaks at the edges, but little else, as that will harm business and the settings most are stuck in, so more of the same, with a softer touch and new lingo, to make it a feel better government.

    I learned nothing new, and nothing I heard or saw changes my vote, anyway.

    Poll today:

  4. Marc says:

    The poll that matters, party vote Greens, the only one in the bunch likely to raise concerns of beneficiaries, sincerely that is, if at all:

  5. CLEANGREEN says:

    I was pissed off after the second time Hoskings over talked Jacinda to cut her off.

    Then after multiple times just let English rant on and on and on and ……
    You get the picture.

    In the US elections they actually counted how many minutes each candidate got time to speak.

    I bet if they checked this debate, Jacinda only got 30% time and English got 60% and the rest went to Hoskings.

    Hope someone can verify this.

    • mosa says:

      Yeah C.G that is how i saw it and frankly i was not surprised with English getting additional air time it goes on every night on the corporate news where English gets more quality coverage pretty much every night.

      Corrin Dann and the rest of these so called ” political commentators ” are so terrified of upsetting the National party mafia that they don’t dare give any negative analysis and go out of their way to charm their political masters.

      The National party and its friends have had a stranglehold on the media but that is going to change and it has to as it has become so dangerously unbalanced.

      Strong new legislation is required and the authority to implement it to force change.

      When you have people like Jessica Much responding to criticism from a opposition MP against members of the government by saying ” in the defence of the National party ” those comments are a ” bit strong ” then we have a problem and i have yet to hear back from TVNZ about the complaint i lodged with regard to these comments made on Q+A a few weeks ago.
      The silence is deafening.

      • CLEANGREEN says:

        1000% MOSA,

        It is so right what you are saying here.
        By the way our complaint to NZTV Q+A came back after Lisa Owens also strangely over spoke Winston so he couldn’t get his points out after their NZF AGM meeting.

        Their response was to complain to the BSA instead!!!!!


  6. Marc says:

    Is Jacinda going to nationalise the Australian owned banks here then? Or did I miss something, that would really change things?