Malcolm Evans – Look who’s back, back again. Winston’s back. Tell a friend.



  1. Fuck winston peters. And not in that good way.
    Fuck his hair, fuck his grin, fuck his pinstripes, fuck his lawyering, fuck the shrivelled, narcissistic little bully. Just fuck him. And when my dad wrote to him for help when the manager of the Timaru branch of the BNZ lied to us and swindled dad out of his farm, winston never replied back. So fuck him for that too.

    • Easy now!.
      One thing about one-man-band parties is that when the one man goes the party quickly folds up like a paper bag.
      Think Social Credit/Democrats, NZ Party, Progressive Party, United Future (anticipating a little here).
      I have the feeling that this will be Winston’s last throw of the dice – if he doesn’t make it this time he won’t contest another election.
      You won’t be shedding any tears, CB, I’m sure.
      Not sure if I will much either.

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