GUEST BLOG: Willie Jackson – If Māori back Labour – Labour will back Māori

By   /   August 30, 2017  /   9 Comments

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Apathy is easy to feed when we have been so disappointed by the political leadership of the last 9 years, but Jacinda alongside Kelvin is the best hope for all New Zealanders to see a country that actually lives up to our expectations rather than lowers them.

Many Māori MPs are sick of seeing our community going backwards. That’s why I’m in Labour and that’s why I am working so hard to get every Party vote for Labour and win every Māori electorate.

If Māori back Labour, then Labour will back Māori.

Māori TVs latest political poll showed that Labour had an overall vote on the Maori Roll of 46.5%, when you compare that to the Maori Roll support for Labour last election, Jacinda has made our support jump up 6 points.

That kind of support on election day will see a historically unprecedented number of Māori enter Parliament under the Labour banner and begin working immediately to see our communities get the support they desperately require.

Our housing policy will see over 20 000 Māori housed in new housing, our health policy will ensure our people don’t pay more than $8 to see the doctor and only $2 for teenagers and our employment policy will see community organisations able to tap into the talent of their local young people for jobs.

We refuse to pretend that Māori don’t have a say in our water and we commit to building 100 000 affordable houses.

Apathy is easy to feed when we have been so disappointed by the political leadership of the last 9 years, but Jacinda alongside Kelvin is the best hope for all New Zealanders to see a country that actually lives up to our expectations rather than lowers them.

The election is next month.

#hoaketātou #letsdothis

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Maori Party have the best way forward now to return to Labour as the present partnership with the national Party have damaged the Maori cause and with the prospect of another national victory will see more “radical ” selloffs and labour laws are reduced when National force NZ into TPPA and other corporate straight jackets.

    National will totally destroy maori recovery of their inherent rights to manage their resources if the National party are returned to Government in September.

    National have several key assets all lined up ‘secretly’ to sell next after this election also that will further alienate Maori against any partnership the Maori Party partnership may have with this despicable sellout plans of the National Party without consulting with tangata whenua.

  2. Michelle says:

    I see our whanaunga in the Maori party Willie have put Marama the fox in the number one spot. A strategic move. Now not being nasty or anything but what happens if Tamati ends up the only one standing. Ah! never mind I’m sure he will have plenty of whanau to awhi him aye Willie.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Good news here for Labour.

      So far in this poll Jacinda has moved 10% Natz voters over to labour.


      Ardern drives vote switch: nett 10% leave National for Labour
      30 Aug 17

      Ardern gathering votes from National, Green and NZ First
      Labour’s leadership change has potentially shifted 11% of the 2014 National Party vote to Labour, while 2% of Labour’s 2014 voters are switching to National.

      The choice of Jacinda Ardern as Labour leader has had its biggest effect on the Green Party, with more 2014 Green Party voters now saying they will vote for Labour than say they will vote again for the Green Party.

      An August 11-15 Vote Switching poll by Horizon Research finds, among those who are both registered to vote and 100% likely to vote:

      11% of 2014 National Party voters – around 127,600 people – indicating a move to Labour for the next election.  2% of Labour’s 2014 voters – around 10,100 people – indicated they would vote National this election, which gives National a nett loss to Labour of around 117,400 voters.

      59% of 2014 Green Party voters are now saying they will be voting for other parties in the 2017 general election.  And nearly 8 in 10 of that group say they will now be voting for the Labour Party, with just over 3 in 10 saying that because of the recent benefit disclosures by Metiria Turei and her subsequent resignation as co-leader they were less likely to vote Green and nearly 7 in 10 indicating the change in Labour leadership has made them more likely to vote Labour. 

      Loyalty among New Zealand First 2014 voters has dropped 10% to 72% between May and August Horizon polls. Labour’s leadership change is driving the change. However, New Zealand First potential gains from other parties are larger than the potential losses and this has strengthened the overall New Zealand First position.

      Voter numbers projected in this report are based on the Electoral Commission’s Official Count Results for the 2014 New Zealand general election.  The poll is of 959 adults nationwide representing the New Zealand 18+ population at the most recent census. At a 95% confidence level the maximum margin of error on the overall result is +/- 3.2%.  The analysis shown in this release is based on a sub-sample of 860 respondents who said they were both registered to vote and 100% likely to vote.

      The survey complies with Research Association New Zealand political polling code.

      Horizon will be publishing results from this survey for preferred coalition partnerships and Prime Minister.

      Party vote share polls are being conducted before the September 23 general election.

      An election with significant Party Vote change from smaller parties?

      Party vote switching patterns show that, among those who are registered to vote and say they are 100% likely to vote, 81% of people who voted for the Labour, National, and ACT New Zealand parties – around 1,415,000 voters – are likely to vote for the same party again in 2017.  72% of those who voted for New Zealand First in 2014 are likely to do so again.

      Among those who voted for any other party, however, only around 25% expect to be voting for the same party again.

      Around 79% of those who voted for parties in the current Government said will vote for those parties again.  But on current switching intentions, parties in the current government coalition are likely to lose around 211,600 voters and gain 60,300 – a nett loss of 151,300 votes.  

      67% of those who voted for the Labour or Green parties in 2014 said they will vote for those parties again.  However, there is a potential movement of 15% of the 2014 voters for these parties between the parties – 119,500 from Green to Labour and 25,500 from Labour to Green – a nett benefit for Labour from switching between these parties of around 94,000 voters.

      Voter loyalty

      Results for voting questions asked by Horizon in November 2016, March 2017 and May 2017 have been used to calculate voter loyalty to the party they voted for in 2014 for comparison with the results of the August 2017 survey.  The results indicate that vote switching is affecting all parties – positively or negatively – but with a particularly negative impact on the Green Party and a strong positive impact on the Labour Party vote. 

    • Louis says:

      Yes by putting Marama Fox at the top is a reaction to the current polling which would knock her out should those numbers come to pass on election night.

  3. Michal says:

    What complete nonsense that headline is. Maori have been backing Labour forever and a day and what have they got… increased Maori prison populations, the foreshore and seabed debacle.. more homeless Maori… more poor Maori – I could go on.

    Not that I think they didn’t also get this from the Natz, but then when the Natz are in power we all know they are racist mysognisitic morons and we know what we are up against.

    The gap between the two parties is a cigarette paper nothing more.

    • Louis says:

      What about the last 9 years under National and their partner the Maori Party and its version Marine and Coastal Area bill that was equally criticized and the Maori party were called traitors?

  4. Michelle says:

    Yes Michal we got the foreshore & seabed from a labour led government but what have the Maori party done about this, nothing. And now we have the opportunity to get 12 Maori in parliament. I have been studying the up and coming Maori candidates especially women like Kiri Allen & Willow Jean Prime they are bright and articulate just what we need future Maori leaders. And then as a bonus we have Willie Jackson to oversee the Maori caucus. Then we also have deputy leader Kelvin Davis who needs some work but his heart is in the right place and he has an education background an area our people need a lot of help in. I usually vote for Hone but I shouldn’t need to this election our people need to be politically savvy and vote strategically that way we will get more Maori in parliament. Lastly at least the labs have a better social agenda and this is what has been lacking with for those at the bottom of the heap (where Maori, PI and some of our poor Pakeha whanau are over represented) as the safety net has big holes in it and if gnats remain in power there will be no safety net it will be every man for himself.

    • Louis says:

      Excellent comment Michelle, and should the Maori Labour mps win their seats that will bring in more Maori candidates off the list as its Labour’s aim to have the largest representation of Maori in parliament and if they can achieve that it will be historic!