Today’s political double standards in NZ politics

By   /   August 27, 2017  /   8 Comments

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…can you imagine how the media would have reacted if Jacinda missed a crucial detail like this at a policy launch?

There is a constant enormous double standard at play in NZ politics.

The Left always get crucified for behaviour that National always seems to get away with.

The last example was this…

…todays example is this…

…can you imagine how the media would have reacted if Jacinda missed a crucial detail like this at a policy launch?

If Labour had failed as miserably as these two above had, the mainstream media  headlines would have read “Smiley tooth girl meltdowns”, “Pretty airhead deflates”, or  “Is Jacinda having her period?”.

When we replace the Government in September, we need a better media as well.



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  1. mary_a says:

    Bingles not on top of his game obviously.

    The body language of Bingles and Kaye in the pics above tell a story. Faces like smacked bums, they aren’t happy about how this election campaign is going!

    Writing is on the wall.

    Natz putrid pond life about to be sucked down into the murky swamp it has created over the past nine years. Bring it on.

  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    “Pretty airhead deflates”

    Well pretty she is , but an ‘ airhead’ she certainly is not.

    She has a near perfect combination of warmth , good humour, firmness, charitable mindedness , ability to think fast on her feet , has demonstrated an aptitude in foreign relations ( already ) and a resolute unwillingness to suffer media fools seeking sensationalism .

    We are very , very fortunate to have her as the next Prime Minister.

    Oh , … and yes… this :

    … ” When we replace the Government in September, we need a better media as well ” …

    The current crop of National party arse licker’s in the media need to be made replaced and made redundant. I think we’ve all had more than enough out of them and their National party propaganda and influencing our elected officials for the last 9 years by now.

    Happy days.

    * And I’m sure that last two word sentence brings to mind the first to go when the media gets replaced….

  3. In Vino says:

    The Primary system simply does not have foreign language teachers.
    Do these dumb-arse fools think it can be done online without teachers??

    Desperation combined with their usual educational ignorance.

  4. Helena says:

    Rather than a better media, a media free of control would be welcomed.
    Then we might get the red pill.

  5. mosa says:

    Another reason we need the Greens at the heart of the next government.

    Their broadcasting policy is worth consideration but more must be done as the MSM monster has become far too powerful and the whole industry needs checks and balances and that good old journalistic aim of searching for and getting to the TRUTH and exposing corruption.

    Any change must be IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST pure and simple.

  6. Marc says:

    “When we replace the Government in September, we need a better media as well.”

    Well, well, well, what is Labour’s broadcasting policy? Opaque?

  7. Neil says:

    The bloody Herald – who have pounced on any lack of detail in Labour’s policy announcements – have actively avoided questioning the details of National’s made up at the weekend “one hour per week” education “policy”.
    Let me be absolutely clear that I support teaching a second language in all schools; the idea has enormous merit, and I have long believed that te reo Maori should be taught to every Kiwi child at school.
    However, there is a gulf of difference between a genuine attempt to teach children a second language, and National’s desperately shambolic policy announcement.
    The Herald have been typically partisan and obtuse in not making a distinction, and calling in experts and editorial writers to champion the best case scenario of a weak, tokenistic, unplanned policy.
    The Herald haven’t once mentioned that this policy would equate to only one hour per week of learning. In fact, the National-aligned tabloid have gone out of their way to avoid the details of this desperate last ditch attempt to launch a pro-social education inititiative.
    While some other, less partisan media have asked questions and attempted to inform their readers about both the merits and enormous holes in this policy, National’s friends at the Herald have simply used it as a propaganda vehicle; something to make National look progressive and fresh in the headlines. It is of course, straight #Billshut.
    From a media outlet that have made a great song and dance about the slightest ambiguity in Jacinda Ardern’s policy releases, this once again stinks of anti-democratic ignorance cultivation from this grossly unethical and highly partisan media corporation.
    #nzheraldwherebalancejournalismgoestodie #nzheraldholdingtheoppositiontoaccountsince2008 #nzherald #nzh #propagandanotnews #WheresPaula?

  8. Lucy says:

    Actually you need to think about Nikki Kay six months on full pay for her cancer treatment – if she was in private enterprise or public servant there’s no way she would still have a job. Let alone the speed with which she got treatment.
    I just wish the guy in Dunedin got the same sort of treatment