New Zealand should not follow Trump into Afghanistan – Green Party


The Green Party would oppose any deployment of combat troops to Afghanistan, following President Trump’s announcement on Tuesday that he would immediately beef up the United States’ military presence there. The Government has indicated today that they will make a decision on sending some NZDF personnel before the election on September 23.

“We are calling on the Government to rule out sending any more Kiwi troops into danger in Afghanistan,” said Green Party Co-leader James Shaw.

“This war has already gone on for 16 years. President Trump’s latest ‘surge’ has no clear objectives or timeframes, and would likely suck New Zealand troops into a dangerous and lengthy deployment with no clear end in sight.

“New Zealand has a strong track record on peacekeeping and we support our involvement in UN-mandated missions where we can help establish peace and stability.

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“The people of Afghanistan deserve more support, but there is little evidence to suggest that sending more troops will help to resolve the longstanding and complicated conflict in that country,” said Mr Shaw.


  1. Where the evidence of “reconstruction” in Afghanistan.

    What other lies are e being told.

    My discussion with an ex NZ soldier who did a tour there outlined a picture of directly supporting US offensives.

    The soldier was utterly disgusted and felt deep sympathy for the locals suffering under occupation. Families torn apart and US forces striking randomly with human carnage totally undeserved.

    He would not go back and has nightmares still.

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