Malcolm Evans – On TOP of the Pigs back

By   /   August 23, 2017  /   2 Comments

About the author

Malcolm Evans

Political Cartoonist

Malcolm Evans is one of NZs best political cartoonists who was sacked from the NZ Herald for daring to suggest Israel was the new apartheid state.


  1. John W says:

    Morgan would have no idea of what struggle to exist means.

  2. John W says:

    Principle and struggle against those who enslave the population, destroy the environment and create waste, never comes from the rich.

    Her is a living example of a Leader who has principle and empathy for other deserving of better.

    Marketeers like Morgan will not help the masses and will default to business as usual regardless of what they say.

    We need a much bigger change than the small details Morgan proposes.