Greenpeace tells farming leadership – show us the substance


Greenpeace is welcoming the farming leadership’s acknowledgement that the problem with our waterways is greater than previously admitted.

“It is great that farming leaders are beginning to appreciate just how much New Zealanders care about their rivers,” says agricultural campaigner Gen Toop.

“But this pledge, without a plan to back it up, could be seen as fairly meaningless. A cynical greenwash, a statement designed to allay the public’s concern without actually doing anything.”

“If the farming leadership is serious, then luckily there is a plan all ready to go.”

It’s called the Freshwater Rescue Plan and it’s been signed up to by sixteen organisations and experts from across New Zealand society.

The plan calls for a cut in cow numbers, an end to the $480 million crown irrigation fund, using that money instead to encourage and support regenerative agriculture. A sustainable way of farming that protects our land and waterways.

“The truth is, there are too many cows in New Zealand and it’s contaminating our rivers. Things are set to get worse with proposals to build massive, publically-funded irrigation schemes that will drive more intensive dairying.”

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“We would be heartened to see the farming leadership back up their pledge by signing up to the Freshwater Rescue Plan and actually taking some substantive measures to reduce the effects of intensive dairying on our rivers.”


  1. I find this action to be 9 years too late, another smokescreen to look like they are doing something and just before elections. How come our media haven’t asked the hard questions. How come this group haven’t been treated with the same contempt as the opposition parties when being interviewed. I said this before and I will say it again. I smell a rat and that rat is called bill.

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