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Remember Fatima on 22 August: Inquiry into Afghan Deaths Now!

At 12:30pm on Tuesday 22 August, the Hit and Run Inquiry Campaign will hold a commemoration protest at the Wellington Cenotaph to remember Afghan civilians killed seven years ago during a New Zealand SAS-led raid in Baghlan Province Afghanistan. Fatima was one of those killed, at only three years of age.

“We’re holding this commemoration protest to remind the New Zealand government that justice will not be done until an independent inquiry is conducted into the events of the 22 August 2010,” says Marianne Elliott from Hit and Run Inquiry Campaign.

On 22 August 2010, after an NZ SAS-led raid on two Afghan villages looking for the insurgents responsible for the death of a New Zealand soldier, six Afghan civilians, including a three-year-old girl named Fatima, were dead. Seven years later New Zealanders are still not clear what was done in their name.

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Earlier this year, the story was blown wide open by the release of Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson’s book Hit & Run, which investigated the raid – Operation Burnham.

“We know New Zealanders value honesty, giving everyone a fair go and owning up to our mistakes. That’s why we’re asking our government to launch an investigation into the allegations against New Zealand Defence Forces, particularly the SAS. If we want to uphold New Zealand’s good international reputation, it is the right thing to do,” states Marianne Elliott.

Join the Hit and Run Inquiry Campaign at the Wellington Cenotaph Tuesday, 22 August 2017 at 12.30 pm to mark the seventh anniversary of Operation Burnham and to make our collective voice heard.

Speakers on the day:

  • Nicky Hager
  • Marianne Elliott (ActionStation)
  • Barry Coates (the Green Party)
  • Peace Action Wellington

To know more about the Hit & Run Inquiry Campaign please visit our Facebook page:

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A people’s campaign for an inquiry into allegations of the NZSAS killings of civilians in Afghanistan