English calls Morgan’s “lipstick on a pig” comment “outside acceptable boundaries of political criticism – Really?


Bill English calls Morgan’s “lipstick on a pig” comment “outside acceptable boundaries of political criticism.



What about this comment Mr English, the one below that you were championing when you led climate denier Farmers up against Helen Clark?

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“The Mad Cow Shouldn’t Have Signed” – the reference being Helen Clark was the mad cow.

It’s amazing how there is one rule for Bill English and another for everyone else.

When he got busted paling $900 a week for a housing credit he manipulated it was just an oversight.

When he got busted for lying to protect Todd Barclay it was an oversight.

When he got busted sending the staff member at the centre of the scandal 450 texts from a ministerial phone and then deleted them all, that was just business as usual.

And when basic decency over took Bill’s far right Catholicism that saw him vote for viciously anti-gay and aggressively anti-abortion legislation, he just shrugged those old beliefs away.

Bill English gets away with this because he puts that glum look on his face, shrugs, and goes back to dismantling the social welfare with privatisation as if nothing has happened.

Imagine if the media held English to account the way they did Metiria?


  1. Bill English is a liar and sadly dirty & toxic, just like the water around his & his mates farms!!!!!

    English has no environmental credibility whatsoever like is mate Nick it seems now.

    So we need dirty farming and this toxic Government banished & gone on 23rd September pronto!!!!!

    English = speaker of lies.

  2. Much published reaction to Morgan’s comment was faux outrage, probably, but political electoral campaigns are as much theatre as substance.

    You might find as many “political-correct-o-phobe” voters swinging to Morgan from Nats resentful of how Jacinda is sucking up as much or more of the oxygen once inhaled by John Key, as there are infuriated feminists confirming orders for their Jacinda-or-bust tee-shirts.

    A campaign is not a moral inquisition. It is a red in tooth and claw struggle for survival.

    So the outrage will continue and doubtless Morgan will look around for more double-entendre catch-phrases to dog-whistle the Right.

    There are no voters-you-don’t-want.

    There are just voters.

  3. Bill English is a strong man. He acts especially and only against women. What a man – this changing nothingness! Whose spirit child is this lout? His bad behavior and his naughtiness suggest a bad education. Send him home to his father Goldman Sachs. He is as others in his party: a real Dorian Grey (read Oscar Wild)

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